GUNNAR Optiks Gaming Eyewear Giveaway and GUNNAR Optiks have teamed up to bring you a diferent giveaway. 10 Lucky fans will win a pair of GUNNARS (US & Canada residents only). GUNNAR Optiks engineers Advanced Gaming Eyewear for gamers who spend long hours in front of the computer monitor! To win you just need to follow the link below.

This giveaway is over!

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How to get a pair of GUNNARS:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Visit the giveaway page HERE, register and follow the instructions.
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GUNNAR Optiks will randomly select 10 winners (US & Canada residents only).


  1. the light still comes from the edges and while your eye things it’s dark and the pupil opens to receive light .. the light from the side of the glasses enters the eye which then damages the eye..

    but your eyes not mine 🙂 go blind if you like

    • Hey. If light is going in your eye… well… your eye doesn’t think it’s dark. Think about it for a second. (ps. I am light sensitive due to optic trauma, I live in sunglasses and can feel every freakin photon that permeates my eyes. I think I know what I am talking about here).

  2. What makes them gaming glasses? are they 3D? also It would not be wise to wear tinted glasses while gaming … unless your goal is to go blind.

  3. These are novelty junk. I live on the computer like a basement dwelling loser. Both my parents need glasses. I’m 26. I can still see never had a problem, lol. Thats ignoring the fact i heard about these years ago and had a lot of spending money and my retarded manchild like ass almost bought some of these pieces of crap before i realized how pathetic i was. enjoy your lame 13 year old kids.

    • Because your still young numbnut.Keep spending long hours in front of the tv or monitor and watch by 30 your eyes are gonna be complete shite.Easy for a young troll like you to talk crap from your mom’s basement.But truth is your talking out your arse.You obviously don’t know much about the human eye.If you did you would understand the amount of strain staring at the screen does to your eyes over the years.What i would bet money on is you can’t afford the glasses and in typical loser fashion you go online remaining anonymous and trash talk out of pure jealousy.And you go on calling people that are interested in the glasses a bunch of 13 yr olds.I used to lie about my age when i was 13 too.Take my advice stop trying to tell people your older then you really are you end looking like a total fool in the end.Unless that is the way you want to be viewed,personally most people don’t like to be seen as fools.

    • Untrue,

      It is a third party website that is being used by Gunnar to track the giveaway entries. Lots of sites use website services like these when giving away stuff that isn’t beta keys.

  4. Let me tell you that i own a pair of these gunnar glasses, steelseries model, and it was the best buy i ever made relative to games accessories. and i own a Razer Mamba. It really works, keeps you much less tired.

  5. Exciting! Real thing giveaway but i’m Thai. So I cant get it. I want Steam keys giveaway! There are only one Steam key giveaway on this site. I dont mind it is full game key or closed beta key.

  6. they’re awesome! though the Rx version is limited to around +/-2… i’m at -8 when I tried getting the Rx and couldn’t since they notified me that it wasn’t possible yet XD. so I have to use them with contacts.

    • They make ones for -8 try looking at the Gunnar Phenoms for Rx, they are what i wear and use, I’m at -3.5 and on their site it says the Phenoms go to -8. Hope this helps ^_^!!!


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