and Hoplon Infotainment have teamed up to get you access to the closed beta for their vehicular combat game Heavy Metal Machines on Steam. To get your Steam key you just need to click on the button below. Get your key now while supplies last!

Kick it into high gear with Heavy Metal Machines, a free-to-play title that fuses racing and MOBA gameplay into a fast-paced, high-octane blend of strategy and mayhem! Following the apocalypse, crazed warriors play a dangerous game of chicken, tricking out their vehicles to deliver a bomb to their opponents’ base. You’ll need every dirty trick in the book to complete your objective without getting blasted to pieces in the process!

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb forum account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Click on the big yellow button at the top. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Log in to Steam and click the “Games” Menu
4. Click “Activate a Product on Steam” and enter your key
5. Follow the remaining on screen instructions
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
7. Enjoy the game! Have Fun!

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This code contains the following items:

⦁ Closed Beta Access

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1. Each code can be redeem just once and each person cannot redeem more than one of these codes.

Need Help?

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  1. For those complaining about “dead servers” remember this is an early beta version (ver. as of now), and the last version made the matchmaking terrible by finding 1 vs 1 matches, and filling everything else with bots, even if there are more players in queue.
    The best way to find players is by going to their official discord channel and finding players there. The discord channel link can be found at their official facebook page. ask for a group and you can get some 4 vs 4 matches in a breeze 🙂

  2. I like this game but there should be game mode like deathmatch and boss fights, existing one game mode is quick and not fun, you watching animations and loading screens more then playing, all these animations and start counter should be cut, i was so bored to wait so long to start game.

  3. I will give it a go, but I watched the video and…..anybody noticed BIG similarities to Rock’n’Roll Racing??? yea I know…old school..

  4. Yo this game’s hella legit, but the servers are dead… Only problems is that you have to farm coops until level 2 for real-time pvp, which im sure deters a couple ofpeople. Also, keep relaunching the game if the servers are offline.


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