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Heroes & Generals is a unique 3D free to play WWII first-person shooter with strategic elements developed by the independent studio Reto-Moto.

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  1. my point is that living in the past is self-defeating
    make something relevant to today’s situations
    in fact, pushing the envelop would be even better, making future tech, like planetside
    but i’d be satisfied with an imagining of what might be real now, in terms of black tech being used by special ops in Mali, for example
    but, for a wwII game, it looks good, and maybe could be innovating in terms of game tech, who knows… i won’t be playing it though; reliving wwII is not my idea of fun

    • There’s CoD and BF3 so what’s the problem ?
      Go play it.
      All those modern games doesn’t do any inovation only pushing the same shit.
      And this game is based on strategy and resources, if your faction has awfull generals you gonna lose the war.

    • Well you see. Some people are not into futuristic stuff. Like me.
      Nothing wrong with remembering history, as long as we do not repeat it.

      I can’t stand futuristic shooters or futuristic games of any genre. So I’m glad a game like this exists.
      I’m enjoying it, sorry you’re not, but hey, to each his own, right?

  2. I already tried this game. It has lots of vehicles to choose from, decent graphics, the map is huge, and game play is great.

    The only problems with the game is server lag, lag in general, other miscellaneous things. (But the game is still in beta)

  3. wish people would just get over wwII
    we are in wwIII here, people, why not make a game with some balls? try imagining the frakking final batle or something?

    • There is nothing wrong with H&G being a ww2 game. If you look for them i’m sure you will find some ww3 games. Although i don’t see how future wars would have more balls. If you think about it all the armies gonna do is press buttons. Most of the future soldiers will probably have no contact with the grotesque that ww2 soldiers had to go through.

  4. This game looks nice but from the comments above that i read its too complicated to for me i might wait and play it wherever it goes live though and i am not sure how they will balance(or balanced)this thing that u can be “anything” worries me a lot but all i can do is wait and see

  5. If you guys are wondering what this game is about, well it’s pretty awesome. You can be a lot things in this game for example, a commander like in RTS where you can deploy more soldiers in battle, you can go in Battle, by being either a tank, solider, or even an air pilot, and it’s cool too because the game does take effect if you lose or win a battle. And you can basically right anything. PLUS A BIKE… and who doesn’t love Suicide Bombing themselves while riding a bike.

  6. How can I download the game? I signed up and copy my beta key to the Beta key field, and verifyed my account. And the page said me that I’ll got a key to my e-mail adress… What beta key?

    • Yes you have a few types of armed and unarmed vehicles. You can even get to the point you can make squads and reinforces allies in ongoing battles. Cool mix of rts and fps. I only wish it wasn’t a browser game.


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