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Infinite Crisis is an all-new MOBA game featuring a deep roster of DC Comics characters and a competitive player vs. player battle experience set in the legendary DC Multiverse.

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How to get and use your Key:

If you haven’t registered for the Infinite Crisis Beta:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Go to
4. Click on “Sign up for Beta.”
5. Fill out the Beta Application. Leave the Preferred Access Code field blank.
6. See the next steps below.

If you’ve registered for the Infinite Crisis Beta, but don’t have a WBID:

1. Make a WBID HERE using the same email address that you used to sign up for Beta.
2. Follow the instructions in the email you receive.
3. See the next steps below.

If you’ve registered for the Infinite Crisis Beta and have a WBID:

1. Go to
2. Input your Closed Beta key.
3. Accept the NDA, download the client, and play!
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5. Have Fun!

Infinite Crisis Gameplay Video:


  1. You are not eligible to register.
    You are not currently eligible to register for an account.

    GG warner Bros ! Cant register a stupid account XD

  2. I’d just like to point out that after playing about 10 games i’ve concluded the game is unbalanced shit right now.
    I saw the same characters -every single match-. If I didn’t see them, the team with less of these characters lost. Can’t remember the names, besides the vampire batman, but it was some of the bigger melee DPS. Hell any of the melee assassins really. The chick with the chainsaw too.
    For most of the game I managed to keep on level with the enemy, and yet vampire batbro and chainsaw chick 2-3shot me, while I built tank.
    It’s ridiculous. They put 0 thought into balance.

    • If you get 2-3 shot by nightmare bats or atomic wonder woman and you play either one of the tank (wonder woman prime of gaslight joker) Well you are very terrible, when I play Wonder woman tank, it takes 3 DD even 4 to kill me, Also you can never try to 1 vs 2-3 in this game you will just get face rolled, Always wait for your team to back you up, Yes a lot of people are noobs, but that is in any games so learn to play before saying it’s not balanced. Plus they have a big balance update coming up this October.

  3. I get Sick and Tired of you guys “mmobomb” sending me an EMAIL for your giveways every time ALL the BETA KEYS are givin away GONE…Every single DAMN TIME…
    Why bother sending me the EMAILS?

  4. Well actually only the maps are copy but extremely better. Design better, more balanced and more ”futuristic”. And you can buy much heroes with the starting crisis coins and merit 🙂

  5. Got mine. Seems like a LoL copy this far but will see what they manage to do.

    If you dont like batman give ur key to me pls :_D

  6. I usually give a chance to new MOBA games since i like the genre but at least i expect to see something different.When i got in this game and what i seen is that the map is just a copy from League of Legends dominion mod i was turned off instantly.
    I mean come on guys.You put so much work to make a game in a genre that so many games already exist and are so successful at least put some effort to introduce something new.Smite brought something new, Dawngate at least brings something new what new does this game has to offer?

  7. Great game I have already 1 key from august and the game is GREAT. I have a bonus code that gives you 3000 crisis coins and 9000 merit and I have ALMOST ALL HEROES!

  8. yeah the game is a lag fest but its less laggy now than it was a month ago on the lowest setting it mainly lags in teams fights with more than 3 players around for me atleast

  9. Before all the childish hate comments flow in, I’d like to mention that this isn’t a bad game at all. I’m usually skeptical about MOBAs, simply because they usually aren’t half as good as their predecessors. This one does it’s job very well, with the exception of some currently bad optimization and of course, as it is in beta, it is still buggy.

    • Except the game /is/ very bad, in both concept and execution, and only proves that slapping DC on everything won’t make it good.

      The way they changed the mechanics yet still compare themselves to the leading MOBAs entirely contradicts itself because it’s made in a way that defies tradition They need to stop saying they are like other MOBAs if they’re trying to make the game different in almost every way.

      As for the gameplay, it’s all clunky and slow. Kills have no satisfaction or significant reward to them, yet there is almost no reason to farm minions because items are nearly useless in the game.

      It’s a terrible game, arguably one of the worst things I’ve ever played. That doesn’t mean /you/ can’t like it, but it /does/ mean that the game is proven by evidence to be terrible.

    • laggy? since when? i keep hearing ppl complain about that… loosers and noobs mostly. i have 3 year old laptop, i run it in med setting on DX11 and i play from europe on the NA server. latency under 90…

    • Game runs fine, maxed settings.
      You running it on a potato? Don’t expect new games to run on shitty older computers.
      Game sucks anyway though.


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