MMOBomb and Warner Bros Entertainment have teamed up to giveaway Autumn Queen Poison Ivy, a rare seasonal skin for Infinite Crisis that cannot be purchased in-game!. To get your code key you just need to click on the button below. Get your key now while supplies last!

Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play MOBA featuring a deep roster of DC Comic characters. Registger now and Unlock 7 FREE DC Legends and the rare Autumn Queen Poison Ivy seasonal costume!

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Click on the big yelow button at the top, and copy your key. The key will be temporarily saved for you, so you can go back to this page later and get your key back.
3. After receiving your code, log onto with your WBID account. If you do not have a WBID, you can register a new account HERE.
4. To redeem your code, visit your account page HERE.
5. Enter your code and select the region that you play on. Make sure that you select the right region, as your code will be applied to that region server.
6. After your code is accepted, simply log in and play Infinite Crisis to enjoy your reward!
7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
8. That’s it, enjoy!

To redeem a code while in the game:

1. Click on ‘Shop’
2. Click on ‘Redeem Code’
3. Enter your code and click ‘Redeem’

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  1. Tsu on January 9, 2015

    I get the key but i dont want play the game ZYDXAL4P3PCAZAEE9WW3YFFND

  2. Андрей on January 9, 2015


  3. Victor on January 8, 2015


    Not work!

  4. nesmanza on December 29, 2014

    the key dosent work


  5. Bradley on December 28, 2014


  6. Kracso on December 14, 2014

    Dont want this so.

  7. Reymal on December 13, 2014


  8. Sir Anonymous on December 11, 2014

    Who want can get one here: TR2XRQZWEXQLCFAE7WMPPZ2YL

  9. Bhumpazo on December 11, 2014



  10. DeluxeBeats on December 6, 2014


  11. theroso on December 5, 2014

    TD4DEMQK24XP3XHDEWPNDPDJL take it if u want buds!

  12. ThatBAMF on November 27, 2014

    Thanks, MMO-Bomb! It worked, as stated. I don’t get how people can’t just sign up and enter a code, correctly; lol. Will enjoy my new skin and a game that I, otherwise, wouldn’t have tried. Poison Ivy is one of my favorites.

    “Key Code Redemption
    Your code has successfully been redeemed and the following has been added to your account:

    ‘Autumn Queen’ Poison Ivy Promotional Key
    This bundle includes the following items:

    Poison Ivy
    ‘Autumn Queen’ Poison Ivy”

  13. ada on November 27, 2014

    please do more skin giveaways of IC

  14. GMALONZO on November 26, 2014


  15. Tyberries on November 24, 2014

    my code doesn’t work. went to the crisis main page and got and error trying to use it. =[

  16. '' on November 24, 2014


  17. Angel on November 19, 2014

    My code worked just fine.. THANK YOU!! 😉

  18. mdBot on November 19, 2014

    Code didnt work whats the deal?

    • mdBot on November 19, 2014

      Tons of people whos codes didnt work but no response…..

    • Meguhime on November 19, 2014

      Mine is also no good 🙁
      Which is really sad as I like Poison Ivy a lot!
      Why so many codes doesn’t work? This should be fixed, and we should recieve a new code…that actually works!

  19. JurassicRex on November 17, 2014

    Mine doesn’t work either…

    • morynaldo on November 19, 2014

      this doesnt work dont use it this is just dumb i did it all and what does it say dubble CHECK YOU CODE wtf i got it all right

  20. TJ on November 17, 2014

    It didnt work, after following all of the directions.

  21. San_Of_Friday on November 16, 2014

    mine cant be used…

  22. FlutterButter on November 14, 2014

    mine doesnt work….

  23. DudliDuu on November 14, 2014


  24. Arch on November 14, 2014

    Not working…

  25. lulu on November 14, 2014


  26. Marcio on November 12, 2014


  27. Homunculo on November 11, 2014

    Key Code Redemption

    Your code has successfully been redeemed and the following has been added to your account:
    ‘Autumn Queen’ Poison Ivy Promotional Key

    This bundle includes the following items:

    Poison Ivy
    ‘Autumn Queen’ Poison Ivy

    • jackie on November 24, 2014

      How? my code didnt work how it worked for u

  28. Callmebad on November 11, 2014

    Good luck

  29. RavorsMalody on November 10, 2014

    Ha. this game still around ?

  30. jaja on November 10, 2014


  31. doren on November 10, 2014

    how activeited this code?

  32. VVVVVV on November 9, 2014


  33. pi on November 9, 2014


  34. alphagamingwolf on November 9, 2014


  35. sorry on November 9, 2014

    sorry didn’t remember what game it was

    • Maldivh on November 9, 2014

      lol, love the code, starts with EAT T HYPE, Hype is good for you, it’s health food 😛
      anyway, this code is taken

  36. some1 on November 9, 2014


  37. mentoo on November 9, 2014


  38. 143 on November 9, 2014

    take who wants DWT3J7YL4NZZHADWTRMYEPCW9

  39. we on November 9, 2014


  40. ViciousInc on November 9, 2014


  41. Andrew on November 8, 2014

    Your code has successfully been redeemed and the following has been added to your account:

    ‘Autumn Queen’ Poison Ivy Promotional Key
    This bundle includes the following items:

    Poison Ivy
    ‘Autumn Queen’ Poison Ivy

  42. HideyoshiRyuu on November 8, 2014

    I am trying to get a code but it wont let me get one

  43. John on November 8, 2014

    Thank you! I also unlocked poison ivy, not just the skin.

  44. Guilherme on November 8, 2014


  45. juan xD on November 8, 2014


  46. dildo_swagginz on November 8, 2014

    i never played this game before but i love DC and this game looks cool soo WHY NOT!

  47. xxx on November 8, 2014


  48. NEVERMOB on November 8, 2014


  49. karmalegend on November 8, 2014


    You are not currently eligible to register for an account.

    is what i get to see after i register

  50. zakena on November 8, 2014

    thanks =D