and global publisher Leadhope are pleased to present our users with an invite to the Kingdom Under Fire 2 closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is an action oriented MMO with RTS elements. Players fight for one of three factions while commanding huge armies of troops in large-scale battles.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. The official registration page for the closed beta is not yet up. Soon players will be able to register their keys on the official site here.
4. Download the client directly here, or by using the official torrent here.
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6. Have Fun!


The Close Beta Test of KUF2 PH is slated to launch on April 25 – Friday. One of the most common questions is whether NA/EU players will be able to play and the answer is yes.
Here’s a rundown of the CBT Schedule:
1.) April 24 – Servers will be open for a few hours so players can create their characters. This will also help us test our log-in servers.
2.) April 25 – Servers will open at 9:00am to 9:00pm
3.) April 27 – End of CBT. Servers will close at 23:59

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  1. how could you to say that into the ph players..dont be so bullshit! are just jealous that ph players can access the game fucking pathetic guy

  2. you people get mad at this? the lag and ping are damn horrible unless you’re so desperate to play this game and rubberbanding like sht be my guest

  3. well this was a total waste of time, and no u cant use vpn or any other IP changing prgrams to change it to PH region, this event was made for PH only so (DIE PH players !!!!!)

  4. Well thats money well spent i mean this server is as good as dead. Server for a single country most retarded move ever 😀

  5. They say that it’s available for NA and EU, but when I try loading the game up, they tell me it’s unavailable for my region.. FML.. False advertisement.

  6. I copied my code and closed the tab. I accidently copied something else afterwards. Is there a way to re-achieve my code?

  7. so what with Asia Kingdom under fire 2 is it work ? when i downloaded it it worked fine updated all stuff but when i feel me password and username i press log in nothing happens ? any idea ?

  8. from their facebook: “We are licensed to publish in Malaysia and Singapore. Out of these 2 regions may or may not be able to access to the game” seems like they want the smallest playerbase possible pretty fking retarded lol.

  9. Stats4GiveAway
    Posted 2 days ago
    Multiple Countries blocked
    Gamer’s get frustrated

    This game is going to have a huge player base..
    expect multiple servers

  10. I wish someone bought their company and kick their ass’s and give them an IP Block Want to see those Yellow people get like we did 😀

  11. wow, low blow by the company, saying crap like “this game will be global” only to do a good rug pull right under us when the beta finally came, and the PR bullshit makes it feel like it’s seriously not worth the effort

  12. Well, this CBT seems to be a Pain in the A**, First of all the Download servers are the worst i have seen in my entire life, i have a 150k Connection with a Peak download speed of 30-40 MBit/s and the servers allow me to download with 50kbit/s ? Torrent is almost impossible becoz there are literally no Seeder. And after i Finally got everything Downloaded it Tells me that my Country is not a supported country ?

    Okay, that aside it is there right to do this, but it is False Advertise to tell MMOBomb or rather Spunkify who stated that the Beta is accessible from anywhere. I do not Blame MMOBomb nor Spunkify for this i blame the Dick Move of the Marketing behind KUF 2.

    And i know i could just use a VPN, it would just take me 10 minutes to connect to a Premium VPN on the Philippines, but no game is worth the effort even thought it is a small effort.

  13. Wow this is disappointing for them to cut off Eu and NA Ips at the last minute without saying anything >x> was really looking forward to this game

  14. They even won’t allow the VPN that I used :D.. Forget this game guys, I mean forget that server its only open in 2 days anyways..

  15. I’m sorry but thats typical Asian bull. They say one thing but then its another (I’m married to an Oriental and she agreed LMFAO).

  16. WTF at begining when i got the key it said it will be NO IP BLOCK and GUARANTEED place in CBT.

    Now i can’t play i’m from europe as well. If this is just another scam to get more people registered on their site, they gonna have bad rep.

  17. Canada is a country not available….. So you make a game, invite people from North America, and then not even allow people in north America access to the game? Fricken geniuses

    This is what I did; I bought a cheap 3 day trial VPN for $2, and disconnected from the VPN after the launcher started patching my game. It’s still downloading the patch even with my new (actual) non-PH IP, at a higher speed than the VPN allowed.

    • Getting the same here ‘THIS IP IS NOT SERVICE ARE IP’. starting to think this whole beta key thing was B.S. from the start, just designed for page-views.

      • I patched game and pressed start , game lounched. When i was registering my key it said that nick will be username and key password(key was right), but i can’t write last letter or key when i tried to log in game , no space…

    • okay, that’s annoying, the download speed lowered to 0.1Mb so i decided to close and relaunch the launcher. which is now not working again. ” This IP is not service area IP”…

  19. “The technical team is still working on the International Gateway access at our data center. International IP for NA and EU might not work today April 25 but we are optimistic it will work tomorrow.”
    Flawless CBT.

  20. @essey

    But in official Forum the Moderator said:”All foreign players will be able to access the servers tomorrow when the International access is finally open.” 😉

  21. Q: Is this locally published?
    A: Yes, this will be an exclusive version for the Philippines. <- DONT TRY TO PLAY IT , it wont work!

  22. been checking on and off all night d and it seems as of 10:00am in UK ‘failed in connecting with server’ is the norm. Can’t play 🙂

  23. Big News guys Those Asains upgrade thier web to wonderful but still you cannot download it normal or play it xD i knew that all along WE SHOULD ALL HOPE THAT IN 9:00 Today This will work
    or There just Hate EU and NA and there BETA TEST SUX really bad too bad they trolling us or somthing else but they made i think milions of fans of this game that wanted to play this game so hard i feel so angry on them and i love how the Rasict is in this world i mean if you not from there you cannot play i’m talking about EU i’m talking about U.S 2 many want to play and those trolls already broke 2 promise’s 1:24 april Character customize amd 2:25 April you can download the
    P.S “One of the most common questions is whether NA/EU players will be able to play and the answer is yes”.Yeah Righ…

  24. Direct download on won’t work, sign in button on is disabled. 2 websites neither works. What the hell?

  25. Anyone from EU can play yet? cuz its past 9 am in PH but I still cant connect. Unless there’s a delay on launch =/

  26. The game can be installed but when it comes to run it it’s pop up message that say’s Failed in Connecting With Server any 1 got any idea how to fix it or we need to wait till tomarrow 25 april

  27. mmm guys i got to say i started to download it from the torrent i and will update you if it works or not but for now there is alot of seeders in that torrent gonna cheak it out and tell you back it the game itself works or even playable 😀

  28. really bummed i missed this. if ANYONE has a key please message me. or if you perfer to do some steam trading please add my steam.


  29. Apparently EU can’t seem to be able to download the Torrent nor the Direct Download, pretty sad, but maybe it works in a few days.

    • That’s weird, because I’m from Europe and downloaded the torrent just fine ;). The direct download page has been down for days though.
      Sure there’s a lot more leechers than seeders on the torrent, but over time it’ll download just fine.

      • Most Europeans can’t download it , including me, i once again tried to download any of the 2 choices and still both don’t work at all. Already took a look at my Ports but no problem there, firewall ain’t blocking as well.

        • Ikr its pretty irritating why? because you’re like wow awesome got a key lalalala and then try to download it….. what it doesnt work?! THEN YOU’RE LIKE WHY IS THIS HAPPENING (CRYING) 🙂 me too cant download it neither. Btw does a new page open too by you? 😀

  30. -1 for game that don’t have a traditional closed beta, Its very lame and in bad taste to have weekend only beta’s.

  31. I registered and it said I have guaranteed access to closed beta…and I will be able to log in a day before……it didnt even ask for the key even though I specified as EU resident and it also asked for my local area….Anyway cool….

      • it isnt global… mods told me its only for ph i downloaded the game and when i try to start it says “cannot connect to server” and thats because it has ip block so gj on giving those beta keys…

        • It’s been confirmed that there will be no IP Block during this beta, and you can’t connect because the beta starts 25th of April.

          • Theres IP block they sent Angry Joe a personal email stating its IP block. That really sucks, wanted to try out this game for some time now.

  32. Is anyone aware about the size of the download…..and why is this game so underrated even though it looks so sick in the gameplay videos on youtube?

  33. Hey spunkify,

    Currently there are 2 versions of KUF2. One would be the PH version(Leadhope) and another by a SEA company.

    From what i heard the PH CBT is 25th April while the SEA is 6 may to 9 may.
    Could you confirm with us ASAP thanks.

  34. okay guys found this “KUF2PH can only be played within the Philippines -Mod Jeecie” taken from their facebook.

    • Apparently reading is a hard concept for you to understand. So I’ll make it more obvious for you.

      3. The official registration page for the closed beta —is not yet up—. Soon players will be able to register their keys on the official site here.

      • And trying to be a decent/nice person is nearly impossible for you. No need to be an a-hole towards someone who asked a very simple question, and you just respond with an insult.

        • Though he could of gone about it a nicer way what Zombie said was within reason. All the information ThreeShooter needed was already there in front of him it was he’s fault for not taking the four seconds to glance at the text and read what it had to say. Asking a question to an answer that’s already there is pretty idiotic but that’s imo.

          • i read it as “official registration page ~~~~~~~~~ click here” and i too was confused.

            sorry that this is the only beta key page in months that linked to the “sign up for a key after we gave you one” as opposed to “you got the key above use it here” the other 90% of these pages on this site have.

    • hey guys ip shouldn´t be a problem… you can change it easy ;D for example: AOL (easy programe to change ip) you guys should search at google before surrendering. Wish you understand my words. God bless Obama and Schwrzenigga

        • To be honest I would say was kind of bad to even set this as a giveaway unless your lucky to be in one of the not blocked IP areas downloading it from all the download sites will tell you once it’s installed that US people can’t play and bad on the company for making it full english and not letting any english speakers play hope that changes though.


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