Loadout Closed Beta Key Giveaway
MMOBomb.com and Edge of Reality are pleased to present our users with a invite to Loadout closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Loadout is a new third person shooter published by Edge of Reality. In Loadout players can completely customize their weapons for unique and often hilarious results.

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Loadout First Impressions Video


  1. me mandaram e-mail da chave mais não tinha botão para clicar alguem tem 1 chave sobrando por favor vai ser bom ter uma mulher no time ♥

  2. The weapon crafting and gameplay is great! Wish they could let us make our own character…It’s kinda boring all people looks the same..

  3. I really enjoy the process from designing a game to its birth. Just like Age of Wushu, its beautiful scenery and various Kongfu moves astonished me!

  4. Okay, so I tried this out for a short time, I can’t say i’m a fan of it. I seen heat seeking missles that just went straight to the enemy. That’s ridiculous. I’d rather play a game that takes skill, thanks for the key, but not worth playing in my opinion.

  5. Just played a continous 3 hours of this game, the graphics are good, I get no lag, weapon customization is awesome, for a closed-beta this is nuts!

  6. I have my key but I keep creating to offer to my brother he’s birthdays in 3 weeks, at which time the chavde activation will still work?

  7. I got my key last night when there was like 19,000 keys left, and now barely 10,000 keys is left.

    Why isn’t this on the most anticipated list?

  8. Seriously guys you sucks 😐 THERE IS MORE THAN 12k key .. and yet you are still asking for a key .. stupid humans 😐 register at mmobomb then get yourself a …. key 😐
    Damn .. 😐
    IT IS MENTIONED BY THE WAY If you need a key

  9. Game is terrible, just more mediocre trash thrown out in to the shooter market. Only good thing is the gun customization which is fun, but no place near as expansive as they act like it is, won’t be long before the “best” combination of parts come out due to the small pool. The actual gameplay just is bad, frankly. No reason to play this with a game like warface coming out soon. Even less so if you’re in its beta.

  10. Last time i checked there was only one server with one person staying in it. On the other hand, the game is still bad and i don’t see any big progress made, like 3 weapon combinations are viable, imo.

  11. MMOBOMB is given keys ,why are u peeps asking for them ,hope u arent taken more then 1 key ea . and sellin them or trying to get trades for like steam keys , hurts every1 on this site if u are taken 3 or 4 keys ea. hopeing some1 will ask for 1 and sell,trade something else for it ,if your not going to play ,becouse i know thats what happen to neverwinter ,logged in everyday to get something and the keys were all gone 2 or 3 hours after they posted ,i know there isnt that many peeps on here in 1 day., so im goin to ask ,but MMOBOMB how many neverwinter keys did u guys get 1st time around ,i got the 3rd weekend key ,but u guys got some be4 that ,i dodnt see coumnt ,i looged on mid afternoon and there were all gone then, (EST) BTW, i,d say 500+ , and we dont even have that many reg> peeps up here . so that means every1 that took keys have 3 or 4 accts up here ,(F) ing shame ,u guys are maken $ or tradeing for ,lets say steam game accts for good keys.

  12. i have been trying to get a beta key for over 4 weeks now and just don’t have any luck. could somebody give me a beta key 🙁

  13. CDP3M-ZK0N7-PT9BC

    here ya go I got the key from sapphire and I dont need it xD.
    congratz to anyone who will use the key first

  14. Magnificent site. Plenty of helpful info here. I am sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks on your effort!

  15. Another great shooter,so far i like this and hawken and i have never been a big fan of shooters. They keep getting better. I would call this similar to team fortress 2 with some innovative features that make it stand out. The customization is the name of the game and there is some crazy stuff to try out.

  16. I got a key, downloaded the game.. enter the europe lobby.. 5 players online.. oO
    Ok this is a closed beta but only 5 online during holidays? I think i’ll have to wait.. :/

  17. damn i late to check this news for 3 days, can someone please give me 1 key ? i wanna try this game so much, thank you.

  18. people just make multiple accounts and grab as many as they can. i’m not sure what they’re going to do with all of them but it does prevent a lot of people from participating.

  19. the game was fun but so low playerbase that you need to w8 so long for a game….. thats bad…

    the game it self looks good, i like the customize options with the guns that make the game so cool:D

    hope more people play the game in the future 🙂

  20. heres my steam account if any of yous dont have a beta key for loadout and want to play it.
    username: shafy9m
    password: ben10

  21. Does this only run on window 7? I’m using window xp , and Whenever I launch it from Steam , nothing comes up , my name just turn green and goes back to blue.

  22. Hi mmobomb i can’t get my Key it tells me ” You can only get one key for each game. ” & i never got one. okease u need help.

  23. Is the giveaway over? I can’t get a code nowhere, and it says that there are new codes available :$
    Help please….

  24. Amazing how all keys gone in a few hours…. and some people just get them to trade for others.

    Those who wanna tryout the game can’t because some stupid people get them when they just want other games

  25. Its a really great game for closed beta. They did a great job on Details as far as the gun customization went. and the fast paced action was terrific. Great game to check out 🙂

    Thank you Eo. Out

  26. What? does anyone have another key for this? i missed the last one too! O:< i am dissapointed, must have been like five keys for it to have gone by so fast. i'm sorely disappointed, MMOBomb.

    • How does one PM on this site? I can’t find it. Anyway, I’ll trade you a Loadout key for one of those Firefall keys.

  27. hello i trade 2 keys for planet side 2 1 is mecha warroir and second key is war of planes contact me asap to this email:michael122012@hotmail.com i will trade 2 keys for planet side 2

  28. well im just going to hold onto the key for now when your inbox isnt full just message me and i’ll send it over, dont want to be called a scammer

  29. I seriously hate that there are so many players willing to play this game and you scumbag rats took all the keys just to trade for other games. Shame on you

  30. Planetside 2, Firefall, and Dota 2 keys for Loadout key PM me in Steam name: BOT Troll I have a pitch black picture if you can’t find me also the one above is me.

  31. BOY i can´t wait for more keys. If anyone has one spare key, i beg of you 😀 pm me please. I´ve always gifted all my keys, so i hope karma is on my side this time.

    • wops, lol.. I am willing to trade a bunch of smite keys if someone give me a planetsiders 2 key, or a loadout key, or a Hawken key.

  32. kekekekekekekekekekekeke it’s going to take god knows how long, the company probably is not going to send more out until a big patch…

  33. Hey i have a key and if you have a planetside 2 key then ill gladly trade if interested then pm me on youtube my username is Blowkewl

  34. Finally i’ve found a nice F2P, it looks nice and fun, makes me remember something similiar to TF2 and other game maybe Monday Night Combat ahah 🙂

  35. lol where can i get a key? i cannot wait. had a bad day on league today sigh. need something new. Firefall isn’t too fun what with all the glitches right now either.

  36. I played for a couple of hours. And I have to say that this game is kickass. I like how the game play is…even if you plan to snipe you still have to play somewhat of a fast paced style. Butttttttt I choose to blow shit up. I can’t get over how you can make your own combination of weapons. The only bad thing about the game is….that there are actually only a few gun combinations that are worth playing with.

    Even though it’s just beta. I give it a score of:

  37. seems really cool the game might turn big 😀 looks really special aswell no game’s like it out there atm i guess cant wait for beta key’s

  38. hey MMoBomb i would love a beta key to this game ive recently got bored of every single shooter there is out there thats right ever single one ive been tracking em all down i had a love for blacklight becouse of the costumization and this!!! is like way more costumization gotta love it!

  39. To activate beta code you need Steam.
    Go to Activate a product on steam under the Games tab.
    Enter the code.
    Itll say Loadout Retail, just click activate and itll download it.


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