and SubaGames are pleased to present our users with an invite to Lucent Heart closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below.

Lucent Heart is a free-to-play social MMORPG with an emphasis on relationship building between players.

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10 Have Fun!

Closed Beta Period

Start Date: Thursday, December 12th, 2013 at 8:00 PM EST GMT -4/-5
End Date: On or about December 30th, 2013 (The end will be confirmed shortly after receiving this package)


  1. Depending on your PC, Lucent Heart should take 30m-1h to download. I would suggest saving the game first in a folder, then dragging it to your desktop, and then waiting for Lucent Heart to download. Once the game is downloaded, you may need to patch, and update (Doubt it though, as they haven’t realy, patched or updated the game.)

    (Please note this is only containing 2nd teir advancements and you will need to choose from mage, or warrier, to unlock these classes!) As Lucent Heart is switched on, you will need to create a zodiac character based on your birth. (Aries – March 21 – April 20,Taurus – April 21 – May 21,Gemini – May 22 – June 21,Cancer – June 22 – July 22
    Leo – July 23 -August 21,Virgo – August 22 – September 23,Libra – September 24 – October 23,Scorpio – October 24 – November 22,Sagittarius – November 23 – December 22,Capricorn – December 23 – January 20,Aquarius – January 21 – February 19,Pisces – February 20- March 20.)

    The first Tier is fighter, and mage. Both of these classes matter, as they determin your class in the 2nd teir. Say I wanted to be gunner, and knight, It would require fighter, but if I wanted Priest, or wizard, I would need Mage. In order to get 2nd tier advancements you need level 10.

    There are many class’s to choose from, in the 2nd teir, such as Gunner (My class, better than knight because it has a good far away attack, and you wont take much damage from using this class!) Knight, Priest, Wizard.

    3rd tier advancements, I don’t need to tell you about, because you have all the way to Level 36 to get to know about them.

    Gold is the currency for Lucent Heart, and your going to buy a lot of things with gold, such as Snacks like pretzels, in game healing-out-of-battle food, Clothes (Clothes are not required gold for until over level 70 at some stage, which means your going to have to start repairing, and buying extra supplies, which does tend to p*** you off at times. Potions, pets from pet tamer, at level 10 with 5-10k gold. k being 1000 gold for 1k.

    When Open beta comes out, December 30th I would suggest making an account for Lucent Heart.

    My opinion for the graphics in the game, is that the graphics may look crap to you, but I actuely enjoy them further through the game, 1-2h ahead. such as melody valley, turning day to night with the games Scripts, and engines. Monsters do start to look good at a certain level too. I would give this game a 8-10 because you cant get any better than Fusion Fall, which broke apart in 2012, and closed down about September – October 2013.

    Most of the game isn’t about graphics anyway, as once your over level 70, Its a chance to hang out, fight in battles in your clans. Get married and relax.

    I hope you people enjoy the game. I thank anyone who actualy gave this game a couple of hours, rather than a couple of minutes like these goons.

    Have fun playing, at Lucent Heart!

  2. download servers are slow 4 hours to download a game is not gone work for me

    skiping this game till thy get better download servers !!!!

  3. Yay! Does anyone still want real marriage, with crap like rising kids and paying taxes, if you can “LIVE OUT YOUR FANTASY” with carefree amazon, role-played by hot middle-aged man.

  4. This game is garbage,absolute garbage.Even by f2p standards it’s crap.I give it 6 months once it launches(if it makes it to that even)before it closes down.

    • I liked that one too but at this point they would need to revise the graphics and controls a bit to appeal to me with it, the biggest down point for it was that it was very small in scale compared to other games like it and the controls felt pretty clunky to me even for what it is. It had a really interesting art direction and was relaxed enough i didn’t feel like i had to spend ages on it. Games like that are nice. Not sure I can get into aura kingdom so far. It’s really flashy but it just doesn’t grab me much. I’m hoping ‘Tree of Savior’ will be done well. It looks appealing to me, was a huge fan of ragnarok for some time. – On the subject of anime mmos.

  5. the community that this game made was the best I have ever seen I am so glad the bought it back I was in love with it I hope they can rebuild the same old player base because the game was not the best part of it the community was never in all my gaming experiences have I ever seen such a loving community that welcomes players so much so if they can rebuild that I would definitely be a long time player.

    • Aye, kinda like FFXI was for me with the community, if you weren’t a social gamer you would have a really hard time enjoying it until pretty recently but because of that there were a bunch of close knit linkshells and stuff that made it a lot of fun. Gameplay wise I couldn’t enjoy it much otherwise.

    • Not really…There are those who have played Lucent Heart in the past that want to play it again. Plus even IF generic, it doesn’t harm the world at all.

    • All fps are the same. Same concept, same mechanics, same everything. Why doesn’t anyone call it generic? All ES games are the same thing with different stories. Why doesn’t anyone call it generic? All DAMN MOBAS are the same, why doesn’t anyone call it generic? When each mmorpg is completely different, different characters, stories, customization, why call it generic? Maybe your vocabulary is not wide enough. Go back to kindergarten please.

    • I’d say this game was good if it didn’t emphasize on trying to make people date. You wouldn’t know who your dating? So what’s the point. You could be dating your own goddam father for all they care.


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