MechWarrior Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway
Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing are pleased to present our users with a invite to MechWarrior Online closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

MechWarrior Online puts you in command of the most powerful war machine ever, the mighty BattleMech. Pilot your Mech and customize it to suit your preferred battlefield role; upgrade weapons, systems, and armor with endless options giving you creative control over your battle strategy.

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2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. You must go at official MechWarrior Online website.
4. Log into the site, enter the key into the appropriate field, and follow the instructions.
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MechWarrior Online Gameplay Video:


  1. This game was extremely boring to me. The game play was very slow paced. Also about the realism factor…. WTF? A military jet with missiles would own these “Mechs”. Really pathetic. When people say Mech Warrior I thought of Gundams , Nightmares , ACs and the such. Not these down graded , slow , humanoid vehicles that a well placed C4 or grenade could tip over making them useless. Hawken’s mechs would be a real threat on a battle field vs normal military units.

  2. will trade for blacklight retribution beta key if any of u still hve tht and ya iknow it entered steam in aug so i need an unused beta key if any will trade pm me xxjoshxxlolxx mmo account

  3. Such disappointing. When i launched it, it was just like World Of Tanks. I mean c’mon what the hell? I might as well go play other game, because when i say big ass mech warrior i think of Lost Planet, Armored Core, Hawken, and not WoT or any other pegazus feel alike gmes. Instantly uninstalled it.

  4. i got the key, registered, now says waiting for approval? um? i was expecting to play after i registered at this site and mech site. but i have to wait? for what?

  5. i just um repost this…

    Terrible game only for hardcore mechwarrior fans who play in premade groups with teamspeak. go try it for 3 days and you will understand just how bad this game is its complete garbage and is no place for casual players, join game & under 5 minutes your whole team is dead all day everyday, no balance nothing, piss poor boring gameplay, pathetic excuse for mechs that aircraft and armored vehicles with the same tech would whoop these trash junk heaps. If you are really into trying to find a mech game just wait for hawken and exteel 2 which is under development atm. But all in all STAY AWAY FROM THIS RUBBISH GAME

  6. I play both Hawken and MWO, both are great games and shouldn’t be compared with each other!
    MWO is tactical based while Hawken is speed based, you can have a great time from both and especially when you play them without comparing them!

  7. Hahahahahaha!!!! The producers sent me a message that was supposed to be to the beta testers/players that bought the early beta key thing. So as an apology, they gave me a free beta key.

  8. I’ve said it before and no one listened, I’ll say it again in the vain hope someone gets it this time. In mechwarrior, mechs are divided up in to various weight classes, you want a faster mech? No problem, just hop into a light or mech, its not as big, cant take as many hits and doesn’t have as much firepower, but you can use your speed advantage to outflank the bigger guys. (It is quite common to see a very tiny mech outflank and peck a much larger one to death, so much so that many an Atlas pilot can have nightmares about jenners for weeks).

    If instead you want to be able to take a hit, and want a ton of firepower, a Heavy or assault is for you,quite slow, but also exceedingly powerful these are as true to the “tank” archetype as you will find, just mind you don’t get outflanked! the little guys ARE deadly to you.

    Medium mechs generally strike a balance between the two, although how much it leans towards one aspect or another depends on the individual chassis, generally speaking though, they tend to be a fit in between light and heavy, not exceedingly fast, but decent and with a fair amount of firepower, though nothing overwhelming. for those of you who wish both speed and firepower, this is as best a balance as you are likely to get.

    In short, if you want faster paced gameplay, hop in a jenner or other lighter mech. You want enough weapons to turn anything you can manage to hit into a smear on the ground, go with a heavy or an assault. Want something in between? A medium is more your speed.

    I have the distinct feeling all of you who call it slow merely hopped into the largest “most powerful” mech you saw. probably an Atlas or an Awesome, and indeed even by the games own standards they ARE ungodly slow, try some more mechs, lighter ones too and then pass your judgement. If you don’t I really don’t care, just know that you are missing out.

    • I think people find it slow not because ‘Mechs are moving slowly (as you said many of them are actually quite fast). In my opinion the reason for most of “daarn this game is too slow for me” is that ‘Mechs don’t come down as fast and easy as FPS crowd expects them to. Which also leads to more tactical (and slow?) and less frantic (button mash style) gameplay.

      In other words, MWO is not best suited for an average CoD fan (he might like Hawken alot more) because in MWO positioning, teamwork and knowledge of terrain is more important than quick reaction. Also aiming at the right spots is more important than aiming fast. In that respect MWO has alot more in common with World of Tanks than with typical FPS games like CoD/Warface/Blacklight Retribution. Unlike Hawken…

  9. Hmmm looking at the gameplay video I think Hawken is better but the best way to compare is to play it and see.Though I think Hawken is more realistic. Ok gotta try this

  10. lol been in the beta for free for a while, and gotta say i wish i had a better comp. great game, but hard to get immersed running on lowest graphics with 800 by 600 res.

  11. Yea its a good game. Im playing the alpha 2 for hawken and the beta for ps2 right now so mechwar is out of there for me but its not bad for longtime Mech lovers. Here is a key for ppl that are late.


  12. I prefer MechWarrior.

    Liked the previous games and their pace. I think it’s just unreal when machines weighing tons accelete to lighting speed on ground..

    Seriously I just find Hawken nothing more than a reskinned shooter. In any quality mecha simulator you had to be aware a lot more stuff that’s why they were called simulators in the first place. At least the old MechWarrior games been.

    Gonna check out this one but so far the videos were quite promising. Forcing you to manage your mechas heat levels and faulty equipments after a long fight and a few precise shots from the enemy on your weaponry or lethal mecha parts.

    I think it’s a lot more unique than just jumping into a new couple of pixels and do what you used to do in a hundred other FPS games… On my opinion at least.

    • Realism? Heat Levels? Its set in the future and your telling me they have the technology to produce these huge beasts and laser guns but they cant manage heat levels better? 2 quick shots and your out that doesnt seem even close to realistic if this ever could exist. Ill give it to you on weight but only barely considerering a panzer viii maus was almost double the weight of the heavy mechs at 188tons and could move at 14 kmh and that was in 1944. The game says the heavys are like 48kmh if so that would seem possibly acturate but the game doesnt feel that fast in my opinion. I mean when I think about it 48 mph is roughly 30 mph and the lites at 113kmh would be 70mph i dont feel im going that fast.

      However it does create for a more tactical gameplay which I would expect out of a mechwarrior game so it does have some positives. If you can actually get people to work togather that is.

      Im also disapointed with the lack of modifications you can’t really build them from ground up but it is only beta so ill let that pass.

  13. This is the….4th beta I’m in, I think?
    Thanks, MMOBomb…I guess? Now I have, like, 6 games I’m playing at once. Kinda difficult to balance my time.

  14. played hawken and this a bit time ago and can only say hawken is much better but it have a little problem no eu players or just there isn’t any servers dunno.

      • Hawken is basically just a generic first person shooter reskinned with mechs and dashing added.

        That’s not to say it’s a bad game because it’s not, it’s very good. The skill required for it however is comparable to any other fps. Anyone who has played a fps before will find Hawken far easier, as I did.


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