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MechWarrior Tactics is a free to play turn-based strategy game with tactical gameplay, deep collectability, and unique online features.

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MechWarrior Tactics Alpha Gameplay Teaser:


  1. Invalid or expired, from getting it 2 min ago? and now i can’t get another key.
    From the comments and this happening, I don;t think i’ll be playing a game that can’t sort out beta keys properly

  2. played with it, feels like a really sloppy representation of the IP, especially compared to MWO’s ultra hard edges and functional looking mechanics, everything in Tactics looks ridiculously chunky, clumsy and the addition of glowy bits on weapons is a real departure of how Mechwarrior and Battletech has held itself in the past.

    The idea of representing ‘Mechs, weapons and components as ‘cards’ is just baffling but speaks to the developers aims of getting people to buy random booster decks like a CCG, pay to have the better team but it’s random so you better pay a lot.

    Overall the game just makes me distinctly uncomfortable when trying to put it into the battletech framework, the art style is obsessed with chroming and smoothing things over, or just making the proportions really awkward. In sense it reminds me of how a lot of games on the iOS platforms, which if it’s meant to be played on iPhone and iPad makes some sense I suppose if they’re just following convention, but I still don’t think it’s strictly speaking necessary.

    The game play is… okay in that it feels like there’s still a lot of polish needed, but I hope that polish is coming because it feels a bit clunky still when I’m trying to figure out moving and shooting, and ‘Mech design? maintenance? I’m not sure I get this. It looks like armor components wear out after a match and need to be replaced so we have upkeep costs, but what happens if we end up in upkeep hell and can’t earn enough soft currency to get our ‘Mechs able to roll, I nee to play with this more before I really include it as a down point but it induces a Bad Feeling About This.

    In short, not sure if want, needs more time before a final decision is made but I’m about 70% negative on this so far.

    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha oh gosh !!!!!

      120$ for founder pack for this non finished browser game that not even have a tutorial….


    • If you haven’t played it your assessment is void,much like your opinion. and if you expect perfection from a game in closed beta (not even close to finished) you should just give up now. every game you ever played started out as a crap beta that just got better and better and better. when this one is finished you will eat them words.

  3. I can’t see what my parts say in the mechlab. The words are really dark in front of a dark background and they’re really small words, at that. I think this game might be for people that have widescreen monitors. I’m at 1024×768 and a good bit of the game hangs off the side of my screen. I tried holding control and scrolling down on my mouse wheel to zoom out, but that only made the unreadable words even harder to read.

    I don’t think this game is made for poor people with square monitors at all. If i can’t read what is happening in the mechlab I can’t build a proper mech and thus can’t play the game.

      • I am using Firefox. I read around on the forums and a few other people have trouble reading it too. I don’t want to file a support ticket, I hate dealing with support. I’m just a take it or leave it kind of person, so, since I can’t read their tiny, dark text in front of a dark background I’ll leave it.

        • what part of the word BETA do you not understand??? If this was gold then I would understand your comment on”take it or leave it” but the purpose of BETA is to flesh out the game for the developers while playing FOR FREE…not taking a free ride then posting your comments on WHY I DON’T LIKE IT on other sites..this does not fix the issue(if in fact it is a issue with game) and does nothing but put a bad spin on a game that may be awesome when complete..why do you beta a game anyway?? For the free ride I suspect.

        • Don’t feel bad, guy, I can’t play either. The developers made the UI with a tiny, tiny font and sometimes the text is a similar color to the panel behind it.

          I tried talking with the site staff in the first stage of the closed beta. They basically laughed at me for having a 4:3 monitor. They told me to buy a bigger monitor or zoom in if I couldn’t read the text. I filed a support ticket and they only said they’d relay my feedback to the developers.

          Then, I got an email from Mechwarrior Tactics that they’d updated the game and moved into the second stage of the closed beta. In the release notes they said they made some text easier to read. I gave the game another shot. and they didn’t enlarge any text at all.. nor is any of it any easier to read. I still can’t play.

          So, I went back to the forums and asked for the text to be enlarged again. I was told to run the game in a higher resolution or upgrade my monitor again. I filed another support ticked stating my case again. My feedback was completely ignored again. In this process I was also told, pretty bluntly, that the development team wouldn’t likely increase any of the fonts and that they worked hard designing the user interface.

          So, guy, have fun NOT playing this game. Apparently the development team doesn’t care that people that are using 4:3 monitors can’t read the text. They don’t want our kind to play their game. They designed it to run only on widescreen flat panel monitors at a high resolution. If your monitor is a CRT or if you run at 1024×768 or 1152×864 or 1200×900, then they don’t want you to play their game. They spent a lot of time designing the game for people that aren’t us and they aren’t willing to change it.

  4. I click get key and it says “You can only get one key for each game.”
    Huh. How can I fix this? Cleared cache and cookies, did not help.

      • This game IS pay to win because we played the game. It’s a pay to win card game at its core. You buy random packs of cards that sometimes have mechs and sometimes have weapons and sometimes have heat sinks and pilots and armor and upgrades. You have to have all kinds of parts to build one complete bot and you need like four to go battle with them. They aren’t going to sell bots in the store section, just random packs of cards. They’re using the Japanese Gachapon business model of a random lottery that is 100% pay to win.


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