has teamed up with DRAGO entertainment to giveaway beta keys for their upcoming sci-fi MMORPG, Otherland. To get your code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out!

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Otherland is a MMORPG based on the highly acclaimed novels of Tad Williams. Embark on exiting adventures in a virtual multiverse of worlds ranging from fantasy to sci-fi and beyond.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Click on the big yelow button at the top, and copy your key. The key will be temporarily saved for you, so you can go back to this page later and get your key back.
3. Register HERE.
4. Click on the authentification link in the registration mail
5. Fill out the informations and add your beta key on the bottom
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7. Enjoy the game! Have Fun!



  1. I got a key from this giveaway. I made my account and applied the key. I was told I would receive an e-mail. I didn’t get the e-mail for a few days so I went to their FB page and was told I would receive an e-mail in two days. It’s been two weeks and I’ve yet to receive an e-mail to allow me to download the client to the beta I’m already approved to participate in. I submitted a ticket and I have heard nothing back for a few days now. This game is not worth playing if it is so hard to even play.

  2. this is like the worst game i ever try to download so many issues even with just the launcher every time the % of the download just resets randomly and it is not my internet you cant even pass the download phase and if you do pass the download you have to work for patching without any issue and not just that if you delete the game from your pc you can get delete all your /C disk… and thats just a start everyone can read the forums and see for yourselfs even for beta this should not happen

  3. dont waste your time i got invited to the beta and started to download the client reached about 50% 4 times then it reset

  4. we must wait for invite, they come out in waves per @mail …. !
    hope the download ( client ) is not so slowly …. !?!
    GL and dont forgett, its a ” closed-beta ” ….

  5. Well got my key, go to the site and tried signing in and forgot I had already signed up before for a beta and never got in. So I start looking for a login and well……can’t find a login any where on the site. So made a new account to get the beta and after signing up…….no email to validate the sign up or even to activate the key. Hmmm not a good way to have a site set up, there should be a login and a registration on the site.

  6. yeah so I signed up for their beta page, says they sent me an activation email… 20 minutes later still waiting for it.

  7. For some reason i cant create an account for this game i keep using diferent emails and still cant even with beta key i got when i get to the game i keep getting Account Authentication Failed even after i validated my account with the email confirmation link i got from them. after i clicked in the email confirmation link i took me to another page where i entered my Rig specs and at the end my Close beta key, after i completed it i got Thank you for your registration. Please wait for account activation. I thought i activated with the email link So can i do Help!

  8. Just because you get a key does not mean you will get in. If you do not have the proper specs they will deny your application. The key just pushes your application further up.. thats it.

    But combat is a bit rusty as it seems server lag comes into play. Everything seems pretty beautiful for how old it already is. It has great promise but is far from ready.

  9. Hey guys, you must have some patience with this one if you want to play.
    According to their forums, the authentication of the accepted beta keys are going out in waves every couple of days, so you might have to wait 24 or 48 hours until you get the final authentication email. Also, their download links and patches are getting hammered, so it might be slow for a while.


  10. Combat is garbage, soundtrack is shit, animation is horrid. Not what I wanted and expected from the trailer, trailer made it look like gold.

  11. Don’t get this game, laggy piece of s**t 400-1000 Ping average. Never had such a horrible ping problem in my life. Play this if you live in f**g Germany.

    • I played with a lot of People and even I live in Germany and had an annoying ping of 170 but that’s mostly because the server can’t keep up anymore did you try downloading it during the alpha? 30kbps Nuff said but still the game is decent if you can get it to play with a ping of less then 200

  12. after i redeem the code says waiting for account acceptation something like that but nothing happens… nice “beta” you cant even redeem the codes without have email issues i bet the game will be the same

  13. The forums indicate that the CBT emails/keys had a hiccup. They asked me to register on a forum (IP based, no domain) and send a PM to fix this issue. Ive downloaded (direct) the 13 or so GB client.. waited bout 4 hours for the damn thing to patch.. but now I have no login/pwd.

    I am sorry, if you can’t be bothered to actually set up a proper beta, i am not going to waste my time playtesting your game for free. I suggest to wait until the developers give enough of a shit to actually make playtesting possible.

  14. Ok so I registered for mmobomb, got my key, went to their website, filled out their info with my key – but I never got the activation link they said they were going to send to my email. Anyone having the same issue? Do I need to wait a little longer?

    • Yea, I never got mine either. It’s been two weeks since I signed up. A week and a half ago I asked their FB page rep. when I would get the e-mail and they told me two days. Well, that never happened and when I submitted a ticket I find it has been completely ignored. This game isn’t worth playing if it’s this hard to even access.

  15. I was invited to the beta a week or so ago and spent two entire days downloading, installing, patching the game over and over trying to get it to work. 3 full downloads of their complete install failed. They all were out of date clients, so had to go through their automatic patching launcher, which kepy trying to download at under 10Kbps (I download from steam at 100Mbps and up routinely). The patcher would get to like 0.07% over the course of like 3 hours, then reset to 0. Their general responses on their support forums were “that’s weird, it shouldn’t do that” or “oh it’s because your hard drive is too slow” to people with SSDs.

    These people are complete idiots. Don’t waste your time with their garbage game.

    • Im sorry but how is this game garbage… You idiot EVEN try out the game and you say its garbage… You sir are an IMBECILE! Get lost GARBAGE.

    • Idiot… Its a BETA… Meaning its not finished… Its actually alpha beta Imo… They have so many issues… But the game itself is awesome… But then again Idiots like you who dont even understand the meaning of beta… Shouldnt even play this great game

  16. Guys if your excited for the game and wana play do not take the key
    if you exited and want to help develop take a key and have a blast


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