Phoenix Dynasty 2 Gift Key Giveaway

MMOBomb and Ntroy are teaming to get our readers a free gift key for Phoenix Dynasty 2. Each key contains one “Blue-Ice Wolf” mount (3 days).

To unlock your gift key instantly you just need to complete all the steps on the top. Grab your key now and get into the action!

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How to use your Key:

1. Complete all steps to unlock your key!
2. Install Phoenix Dynasty 2 via Steam here.
3. Create at least one character with your account.
4. Redeem your key in the market menu, follow the instructions here.

This key contains the following:

⦁ Blue-Ice Wolf (3 days)


1. Each code can be redeem just once and each person cannot redeem more than one of these codes.
2. To receive a promotion code, you must have created at least one character with your account.
3. This offer ends on 08.07.2018 2018 GMT.


Phoenix Dynasty 2, suits the one’s fancy who are seeking for old school MMORPG with its rich content rather than its graphical features…

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  1. Lucas on June 11, 2018

    não e steam

  2. MARBRO on June 11, 2018


  3. willy on June 11, 2018

    b5668e35-fd2a-4126-b3c3-7314548967dc hola este codigo esta malo no funciona

  4. Lislie on June 10, 2018


  5. cona on June 10, 2018


  6. LooX16 on June 10, 2018


  7. Codesfreee on June 10, 2018


  8. Curst on June 9, 2018

    They proudly list ” free Auto-Bot” as one of the features. I wouldn’t consider that old school. A feature like that is probably as anti-old school as it gets.

    • Weilan on June 11, 2018

      I was trying to give the game a chance, but after I discovered the bot, I uninstalled it immediately.