PlanetSide 2 Beta Key Giveaway and Sony Online Entertainment are pleased to present our users with a invite to PlanetSide 2 closed beta test. We only have 50 Beta Keys to offer, they’re quite valuable and limited at the moment, but with a little luck maybe more will come in the future. So if you want to get one of these super rare beta keys just follow the instructions below.

Planetside 2 is free to play open world persistent MMOFPS published by Sony Entertainment Online. In Planetside 2 players fight in epic large scale battles across a variety of landscapes during the day and night.


How to get your Key:

So what you need to do to be a true MMOBomber and get a key? Easy just follow the instructions.

STEP 1. A true MMOBomber is registered in the site and follow us via Newsletter, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter (You are not obligated to follow us via social networks, it’s optional but you win extra chances). Also if you like this giveaway and want more keys, give us a help and Share or Like / Retweet our giveaway, that will convince the publishers to send more keys.

STEP 2. Send an email to with the subject line “I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play PlanetSide 2”. In the email please include your MMOBomb username, and your social usernames that you use to follow us on social networks.

We’ll select the lucky MMOBombers during the next weeks. We’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email.

PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Preview:


  1. well since we all have time lets start a more fruitful and insightful conversation what fraction are you going to join and why do you like about PlanetSide 2? Well personally I like it because of the idea of having large scale battles which many of you also must find appealing oh and vs all the way.

  2. guys i know you want a beta key but really you dont need to spam i am just saying dnt keep saying i want a beta key as anyone esle is not going to get you one so yea try someone diffenture like some people i am just trying to help out

  3. I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play PlanetSide 2! Please D:>
    I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play PlanetSide 2! Please D:>
    I am a true MMOBomber and I want to play PlanetSide 2! Please D:>
    Pleaseee 🙂

  4. Well to mention I am a Xbox fan, but when i stumbled across great MMO’s like Black Light Retribution and Tribes Ascend. I was hooked and i always thought pc games were never good enuff, if they were never on Xbox. but i was proven wrong and im happy i was because i like diversity in my life but in games iv had a few wishes and dreams that fitted under a small category (Reality war,Shooter/Sword-shield,Future survival story line) just like The Halo Story/game for Xbox and i was shocked to stumble across two MMO’S that were close to my Dreams and Wishes and that was HAWKEN and Planet side2 just to say the image of planet side2 and the graphics could be better for this game but its not going to change the fact your future war,all most free roam of all you can see to be one of the best ive seen for MMO’s but what caught my eye the most was the war parts in the planet side game play preview just above this forum and the way you basicly play. im very new at this beta thing and i would like this to be the first beta of my life and i would love to try and help make this universe as best as possible so the world can enjoy such fascinating worlds the pc sandbox of MMO’s has to offer.
    P.S i hope (MMOBOMB) will grant such a opportunity to participate in the beta

  5. sweet this games looks awsome i play the first one so i really hope to get into this beta so i can try it out and see whats its like gl people and cya on the game

  6. I AM A HUGE FAN OF MMOBOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. hey mmobomb i would really like a beta key for this awesome game , i was in many this like giveaways but i didnt win keys many times 🙂

  8. wow this is epic just seeing these people all fighting to play the best game ever good luck i tryed but i dont think i will win but that ok becasue at least i know i try

  9. i have 1 beta key that i get when ign was giveaway beta key well i take 2 betakey 1 i active but the i dont now who to gift because my computer dont soporte the game.sorry for my english

  10. Ive played planetside 1 for a long time and i have been waiting for PS2 to come out for so long and now its here and i cant get a beta code anywhere!!!! please mmobomb help me!

  11. username

    Please let me have a chance to play this new awsome game. i wish i
    could still play the 1st one but i lost my account info and couldnt
    remember what email i used to register i found my old cd key for
    planet side 1 recently and would love to play the game agahin ,this one
    looks even better thanks

  12. Yesterday when we defended our base with 60 infantry people, 50 people in the tanks and 30 people in the air while 70 TR and two full Galaxys from NC atacked i shot down one of the galaxys whith a flakturret but then it lagged so much cause of so much people at one place and my porcessor working at 100% cause of it. You really miss something.

    • but dont like to see that there alot of people wanting to play it kinda good becasue it not like one of these where it only one person in there but i dont think they would just take anymore that would take the one who is diffen from the others so try that and they may pick you 😀

  13. holy crap….. so much comments…..i don’t want a beta key cause my computer will probably explode from the graphics and gameplay

  14. Thanks for the contest. Have never wanted to play PvP until I saw videos for both Planetside and Guild Wars 2 with their World v World v World, so eager to see if Planetside is the first true PvP game I will enjoy in my gaming life.

  15. pls pls pick me i realy want it mmobomb is the best and i love your site and channel and i realy want a beta key for planetside 2 so pls pick me pick me pls

  16. pls pls pick me i realy want it mmobomb is the best and i love your site and channel and i realy want a beta key for planetside 2 so pls pick me

  17. the key to getting a key is to use a key for a keylock to get the key which will open a keylock from a key shaped box and inside it is another lock for a key to get another key for a key which will give you a happy time

  18. Is there going to be a EU only Planetside 2 key giveaway?I was realy looking forward to one,and im sure lots of other people are to.

  19. Yaaay, more of this “true MMOBomber” stuff. -.-
    I say just search a different site or wait for one of the different sites to get keys. That’s how I got into Smite and played that days before MMOBomb even gave a single key away.

  20. i want a key but if i dont win it would be ok too becasue i know that i try to get a beta key for the first time with out the whole click the button to get the beta key so this is new to me so good luck to you all i relly hope i get ne

  21. I have horrible news. I’ve just been informed from my doctor that i have a terminal illness.
    Its a life altering disease known as “Planetside2betakeyoritis”.

    Its caused by an emotional hole in the brain thats made by the absence of a sensation that only playing Planetside 2 can provide. Some symptoms of Planetside2betakeyoritis are calling people “New Conglomerate SCUM!!!” at work. Also, one with Planetside2betakeyoritis can often be seen ducking and standing over and over again behind their cubical at work screaming, “GRENADE!!!, and OMG TOMMY FROM ACCOUNTING IS DOWN!!! MEDIC!!!”.

    Luckily there is a cure. If i were to receive a a beta invite there is a high chance that the game could thwart off my Planetside2betakeyoritis!!!

    So dear MMObomb, We know you’re not like that other site! We know you wont let me die!

    I’ll be expecting my beta-key in my email by morning, thanks for saving my life MMObomb!!!
    You’re my hero.

  22. Do you need to be in the US to actually play Planetside 2, or is it just for the give away?
    I’ve seen many MMO’s before that have only allowed players in the US to actually play the game.

  23. And btw! , the game look awesome!!!!!!!!! , just awesome!!! variety ! , a lot of choices! a lot of gameplays ! , constant action!! just what everysingle gamer wants! :3

  24. Escuseme here , i ave a questgion , its this game going yo be ip blocked for other countrys ? , i mean is gonna stay like this , only fur USA? :3 , ill be glad to geta quick anweser ty

  25. This game looks awesome, I’ve seen tons and tons of gameplay it looks extremely fun, just hope my computer can handle it when it comes out!

  26. Us europian guys need some love to man 🙁

    Tho i doubt mmbomb is the part to look at for that problem.

    Hope to get a key soon, to bad my mail wil probebly be in vaine 🙁

  27. Comon MMOBOMB if your such a good web site with so many subs on youtube ect why do you have to do this kind of giveaway?i have keys but i will only give them to you if you like us in every single social website out there. doing this your putting apart your fans that dont have account on those websites and that just doesnt seam fair to me… but well thats just a my opinion
    P.S: i know you say “You are not obligated to follow us via social networks..” but then “…it’s optional but you win extra chances” so even if they dont follow you all the time but they have accounts on all those websites they will probably be the ones to get the keys insted of the other that been following you since the website first started.(and im realy sorry for my bad english but thats the best i can do :D.)

  28. Well, I don’t need a key, because I’m already in HAHAHAHAHA!

    But no seriously, if you want an easy way, just become an IGN Prime member, they have, or had tons of Beta keys.

    In my honest opinion, Planetside 2 isn’t worth the hype it got. I might just be saying that because I suck at it, or because it’s not my “Type” game. I’m more of the Close Quarter combat type of person, more like CoD, which I haven’t played since the second MW2, cause that game is just garbage now, and people keep feeding activision money to make the same game over and over, and keep making a profit off of it.

    But, Planetside 2 was definitely worth checking out if you enjoy games like Battlefield, (which I do enjoy more then CoD), but with around 10x the size of the map.

    Planetside 2 lacks what is most important in a shooter. Action. It might be just due to the fact not enough people are inside the game yet, but I find myself running around way more then I’d care to do, rather then gunning people down.

    I love how people say the “Max” suits can’t just run in as an army and take over an area, because that was clearly proven wrong yesterday, when about 50-100 Max suits came and took over our area LOL.

    Anyways, wasted account on my part, but the rest enjoy! =)

    • I thinks its just you man. And it really is nothing like cod so I can see where a game like this leaves you wondering where your kill streak is xD. But trust me there is PLENTY of action in this game, you just gotta know where to find it. Go to one of the biodomes for a close quarters battle, and of course theres always gonna be plenty of action in the air (for you BF3 jet lovers), but seriously, when the time is right I have yet to see a game with more epic battles to encounter. There are those times however when servers seem to be lacking players and gameplay is just completely dead 🙁

  29. mmobomb’s key giveaway sistem is poor, subscribe via newsletter, facebook, blah, blah, blah, send email i’m a true… blah blah blah OMG, make it EASIER.

  30. It’s kind of sick of Sony to only release 50 keys to MMOBomb. Why can’t they be like PWE and release +50,000!?

    I hope I get a key, this is a game I used to dream of playing back in high school…. BEFORE PLANETSIDE WAS A THOUGHT!

  31. OMG I REALLY LOVE MMOBOMB AND PLANETSIDE 2 A HUGE FAN CAN I GET A BETA KEY PLEASE sorry for caps cuz I was so exciting sorry for the wrong spellings

  32. i really badly want that beta key i’m a huge fan of your channel if i get a beta key it would be a very good day for me and i will be extremely happy thank you very much

  33. US only. Fine, I’ll just wait for release then :S Or for the end of the world. Whichever comes first. I bet at least one of them is going to be worldwide and not just “US only”, so I’m good in any case. 🙂

  34. I NEED this key!!!!
    I wanted to play Planet Side 2 ever since the first look and now all I need is a Beta Key!

  35. I still start smiling when i think back at all the great moments i had in PS1. I would love to join the fight ones more and im not willing to wait for its release 🙂

    • That it is my friend, that it is. I have the beta and it is as epic as people say it is. It truly is “Massive battle on an EPIC scale” xD

  36. nice i need this key because first time for me to play a MMO sci-fi i always played classic RPG and now will be nice to test alternative univere of mmo rpg ^^ ty

  37. hello pliss i need this key i am a true mmobomb fane i am not kidding i have been watching the planetside 2 video maybe 20 times. and once i got keys that i didn’t need so i gave it away and suggested mmobomb for the others that didn’t get any so pliss give two or even one would be perfect


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