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Salem is a 3D free-to-play sandbox MMORPG with core permadeath rules and open PvP combat.

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  1. Game seems to have moved into open beta, no need to wait for more keys being issued 🙂

    Have played a few days and for what it’s worth, here’s my thoughts…

    After the initial hurdle of having to frequently refer to the wiki to compensate for the lack of in-game help/tutorial, things start to make sense 🙂

    Graphics are poor when compared to 99% of well-known current releases, but this does not prevent the game being fun to play.

    Game is grindy, but you could say the same about most games and mmo’s in particular – how much of a problem this is will depend on how you feel about foraging / resource gathering as a gaming activity. Personally I found it a lot more fun than grinding mats in WoW or other big mmo.

    Re: perma-death – I haven’t encountered this yet, since only PvP can cause this – and the world is vast with low population at this stage. It does give the game a bit of a twist, one not entirely unwelcome against a backdrop of the thousands of other games out there with little to no-consequence for character death. I can see how it might be a deal-breaker for many, but at the end of the day I would say this:

    I have played mmos where I’ve built characters up through hundreds and in a few cases thousands of hours. Yes I was at times proud of what my collection of pixels had achieved / become, but in the end life moves on, servers & games close, interest wanes and the value of the whole thing just boils down to the fun you had on the way. Not just mmos – I enjoy games of many types – 20/30hr story based? FPS or other action for a few hours? Strategy / RPG / campaign over several months? All eventually end. “Perma-death” might add another reason to stop playing to a hundred others that might eventually be the cause, but does add a little incentive to trying to stay alive.

    As the free to play graphically challenged low population alpha/beta crafting grind it currently is… with a kernel of mostly half-baked good ideas and potential coupled with a whole raft of bugs and missing features, a small dev team and no real roadmap for its development that I have yet found… it’s been an absolute blast. Way more fun than I expected 🙂 Extremely unlikely to attract and keep a large active player base without an overhaul that Foos himself would be amazed by, yet strangely gratifying.

    Best wishes to the devs and community on this one 🙂

  2. To be honest, some new games like Guild War II, EVE, City of Heroes are great. Also, Age of Wushu offers unique fighting skills. It’s really appealing to me.

  3. I’ll keep this real simple, this game will most likely fail because the developers are extremely stubborn. They do not care what the entire player base wants, therefore it becomes community based game, where only a very few players have a say. The problem with community based games is that there is a hierarchy meaning that most newcomers are unwelcomed and are treated rather harshly while having absolutely no say. With permadeath in the mix, you start losing a massive amount of players and that means money. The game will start to kill itself from the inside out until it shuts down or becomes equalized, where only fans play and contribute enough cash to just keep the game running and this is something that no company wants.

  4. This game sucks.It has no general direction,controls are crap.It’s a half-assed crafting game.You will get bored so quick that you will just find yourself going around killing other players to keep from going brain dead.If your looking for a crafting game try anything else.the pvp feels like it was just tacked on in hopes to draw in kids with no real taste in online gaming.Don’t waste your time with this soon to be dead game.there is way better stuff,that is also free.

  5. The developer working on this project is a real dirtbag. On the Haven & Hearth forums, not only is he a troll but I believe he has given out my password and had someone try to login to my facebook with the information that was given. Whether he personally did it or his scumbag forum moderators did, I don’t really care. He’s highly unreliable and far from professional. To be honest, Salem is a FAR worse game than Haven & Hearth anyway. I also heard it was failing which is why so many beta keys are being given away.

    There are far better MMO crafting games out there. The only reason Haven & Hearth and Salem get some recognition is because they’re the only free ones that offer unlimited gameplay. If another game comes around, this will be thrown in the garbage along with the developers attitude and behavior.

    • +1000 This game is sketchy and actually has failed durring mid alpha. The company refused to fix and update (which is ahy you see a cheesy ass game being beta invited way late). They had obligations by FB pressures and you end up with a hell of a mess. There are better sand boxes and social games. HEll there ar eeven better browser games. This game just needs to die or be shipped to asia in a revenge move to troll them with a shit product since they saturate our market

  6. At this point, the only thing I’m finding more interesting about this game is the feedback on this page alone. But oh dear, if I say something negative about the game, I might be labeled a child D:

    Ah to hell with it, I’ll just speak my mind anyway because I honestly could care less:

    The game is at best in early Alpha stages. Calling this a beta of any sort is just giving it too much credit. Lots of work is needed in game first.

    Yeah, this game was a neat concept but right now, it just feels so dull. The features are there but the execution of said features so weak. Unintuitive controls, dull UI, LONG and uninteresting tutorial, and of course the sheer emptiness of the world makes this game just too weak to implement in my cycle of games. If they don’t fix this fast, I do not see a future in this title.

    For those who hate reading and only speak in what elitists call “Childish remarks”: IT SUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!1!

  7. I’ve been looking forward to trying this game for a long time. Finally downloaded the beta today and…wow. Don’t care about the graphics at all but the movement is not good. You can click to move or use WASD but the movement feels so choppy. If you walk into anything, you just stop and (for the most part) have to walk back a bit and navigate around the obstacle to get going again. That doesn’t sound all that bad on here but if you try it, you will know what I mean. My homestead is in a forest so if I continue to play this game, I will go bald from tearing my hair out.

    The controls in general are not intuitive and frustrating. To pick up an item you right-click it then select an action from a popup and it doesn’t work well imo. I play Gnomoria which also has a popup menu and I quite like it, but in Salem it just feels like a hassle.

    The only thing that really matters to me in a game like this is the movement and other controls. If it’s frustrating just to move around, I’m going to hate exploring. A sandbox that makes me not want to explore is not the game for me.

  8. id play it if it wasnt permadeath…fk am i gonna put all that effort into a toon to have it die on me…eff that mess….. if i was a chance taker like that i wouldnt play GAMES! id throw on some period clothes and go live in the fkn woods ….*smh* sorry..permadeath rage

  9. Skyrim is crap. How I see it is if you are not able to handle open world pvp and permadeath. Go play a game that is more your speed like a single player console game. I read here and other places, all these people saying. We want a challenging game , the games are made and then all of you whine it is to hard , the classes are unbalanced, and to make you all happy the dev’s buckle comprimise everything and destroy a game. To the guy who claims he is a real gamer. I think you have failed friend. How could you say you are a real gamer, because you play skyrim. Real gamer’s play games where they are pitted against other plays not some care bear game you play alone.

    • Skyrim is an amazing single player RPG. I think your PC can not run it so you rage on it like a pudding brains that you are. Skyrim cannot be compared to this game and should not even be mentioned here. I mean, you can try and compare all this to Tetris in your land of pudding brain logic.

      • Skyrim is a good game but it is a care bear game. Mereck couldn’t have said it better and I am in total agreement with him. For one people complain to hard about how games are “shit” or “unbalanced” yet they are balanced and then dev’s actually do somewhat ruin the game by implementing good equipment to CASH SHOP only! Take Combat Arms for example or Allods Online but they both are balanced and fair games yet people think they are both unbalanced and think that people who implement cash in game would dominate. Wrong those games require skill and thats why there are many people playing the games, still besides I play those games to this day ever since OBT quite still enjoy it but its community for Combat Arms is terrible whereas Allods has a lovely community willingly to help out other newcomers to the game.

  10. I think it looks like Haven & Hearth, but in 3D and paired with some horrible physics, a really confusing game system that is not even near half-explained and a weird UI. H&H works well because it’s intuitive, information is pretty inmediate and it’s got quite tight controls. I really hope they polish it a bit, because it’s not a very good game in its present state.

    Also, the combat sounds are quite similar to H&H’s. Just sayin’.

  11. Well,if this game is COOL what some could say,I admit opposite of cool.Bad Graphics,the view of world sucks,and i did not download it.If players want to spend hours of playing stupid games,do it,but real gamers what enjoy challenge,won’t play stupid MMO games,I would say,download Skyrim,start playing and Enjoy!Game has Amazing Graphics,Incredible story and good world full of monsters and wonders.

  12. game dried up and didnt give the beat like similiar game that Heaven and Heart i tried before , yeah loads of craftable thing.

    shit controls though on camera and character
    character improvement was kind wierd and didnt feel good
    yes i accept hard core permanent death but should have some sort of safetime before some grieffer comes and kills you.

  13. I tried this game out of curiosity because I LOVE crafting games. Sadly this game has bad controls, no real direction, open PvP and permadeath if your character dies. According to the forums they RECOMMEND you make alts to level simply for gathering skills in case they get killed.

    I don’t know about you guys but that’s a big loss of appeal. If we can’t enjoy the crafting skills without risk of another bored player killing us off forever what’s the point in playing the game? I could understand and even embrace it if it was like WURM in that you lose a certain amount depending on the skill levels, but you lose the character. Forever, and there is no drawbacks to player killing.

    • What idiot would have a small developer team for a massive online game? Seatribe has been an embarrassment for paradox interactive. Won’t be surprised to see this game get shut down.

        • One must elaborate before tempting to making an intelligent argument. I have no idea what you’re trying to say. I have no knowledge of Seatribe? Yes I do, I played all their crappy games. Are you saying Salem isn’t a massive online game? Yes it is, it’s a MMO (massively multiplayer online). It isn’t stupid to have a small development team for a massively multiplayer online game? Of course it is, anyone who can think logically knows that.

  14. I waited a year for this…..? Seriously….? Paradox Interactive, You’re really starting to let me down lately… If I knew this was going to be some Runescape looking crap, I would have stopped reading about it a long time ago.. Pfft, I’m cheesed.

  15. I played the game and…it’s worse then runescape( yea, I know that’s hard). It looks bad, it’s 2d, booooring gameplay, crafting is bad implemented…..and thats about it.

  16. This game is good. But it have some bugs. It is quite hard at first moment but after you get it, It is pretty easy to handle. To handle this game you need: 1,Brain 2,Balls 3,Skills with games.
    Rating: 8/10

  17. just tried the game and i have to say only this about it,the game play it’s self was so and so graphics could of been better, controls seemed rather sloppy and camera moved opposite from the mouse made it rather hard to look where you were going,lost all interest in only a matter of seconds.

  18. so i dl this game,and create my char and then the game prompts to ‘learn childish things’ with no direction on how todo so..i hit all the obvious skill tree keys and nothing..then i click on ‘studying’ icon aaaand it crashes..all the time..without fail..


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