Scarlet Blade Open Beta Item Keys Giveaway

MMOBomb and Aeria Games have teamed up to give our users free in-game items for Scarlet Blade open beta. This gift pack will help to make your journey of adventure as easy as possible! To get your code key you just need to click on the button below.

Scarlet Blade is a free to play 3D sci-fi MMORPG featuring eye-catching heroines, epic PvP action (50v50 or 80v80) and much more.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Download Scarlet Blade FIRST
4. Login to Scarlet Blade and create a character
5. Go HERE
6. Enter your Gift Code in the box, then enter the name of your character
7. Press ‘I’ in game, click the AP tab, and open your “Buy List”
8. Click “insert” or “take all” in the Buy List to move your items into your inventory
9. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook and Twitter!
10. Have Fun!

This package contains the following items:

With the Bloodbath Beauty Pack, your Arkana will be ready for action in the luscious world of Scarlet Blade.
Mother’s Miracle (NT)
1 Hour EXP Booster (NT) x1
EXP Booster (+50%) (NT) x1

Scarlet Blade First Impressions video:


  1. In my opinion Scarlet Blade does hold up my attention and not for the obvious reasons here. PvPing is fun of which you earn reputation points that you can use to purchase special items, you earn a lot of money if you do your quest, you can unlock special things in the menu which is like a puzzle game (the items you unlock are nice rewards that really help you in the game), and in general I just like the vibe of the game. The only thing I will warn anyone who’s new to game is that since this game is in open beta (obviously this game won’t be later on) once you start to reach the lvl cap the grinding becomes more noticeable although earlier on you’ll be lvling up like no tomorrow haha. So yes this game does have strong mature language and nudity (which I am not against ^^) this game is pretty fun and a nice time passer.

  2. By and far the biggest laughing stock of the online gaming world. They’re touting hotkeys and transformations as if it’s something new and unique.

    Please Scarlet Blade, tell me more about how your transformation system is unique and inspired compared to :

    Iris Online, Requiem : Memento Mori, Vindictus, HolyBeast Online, Legend of Martial Arts, Dragona, RaiderZ, Dragon Knights, Red Stone, Divina Online, Aion and the dozen other mmos that do it?

  3. I keep reading comments on games’ sites and I have to wonder how can people not know the difference between these words. I am limiting myself to three examples that I keep seeing.

    then instead of than
    of instead of have
    to instead of too

    How can people don’t know the difference between them. I am not trying to be a grammar nazy, but come on. These are basic English words. I guess tons of you don’t or didn’t pay attention in school or don’t read much. BTW, my mother tongue is not English and I know the difference.

  4. the key is good u just have to click the right option 😉 Bloodbath beauty pack =) and the game is actually not bad at all once u get to pvp. And im not a man 😛 not a perve 😛 just like the game and like to look sexy ( what i do in every game )

  5. this game is called queen’s blade online, they changed the name of it for some reason but its queen’s blade online

  6. guys I got the code and do not have time to type it and the computer accidentally turn the key and you can get a one time so that’s what I do?

  7. Game is pretty awful. It’s big “selling point” is the nudity, but unlike Age of Conan you can’t even access it from the start. You need to first be level 16, and then buy an item that lets you go topless (which costs 20 bucks or a boatload of in game money). But I could have lived with that, if the game itself weren’t so dull and have so many stupid (have to wait 1-2 hours for a CHANCE at getting into a pvp arena), greedy (they clearly want you to buy xp boosts to improve the snail’s pace your xp bar increases at), and lazy (every quest is the same. They even repeat the exact same objectives occasionally) design choices.

    I have 8 or 9 hours on one character and I was dreadfully bored with it even before i got that far in. Uninstalling it soon and not throwing a single dime at aeria. Sad part is I was looking forward to this game and really wanted to like it.

  8. Since i like to have own opinion rather than copy-paste labels from the forums, shortly participated in `closed`beta after Michel’s review
    Disregard of what people talk Its neither fantastic no bad title. It has its own flaws and its own charm
    Pros are post-apocalyptic environment, good animation, enjoyable art style and few features like piloting mechs and original pvp and interesting story (I really enjoy the game if can find something worth reading)
    cons are repetitive gameplay (Yes quests are deadly boring if u don’t bother reading) and graphical flaws (hope u get it that art style and graphics aren’t the same)
    Overall impressions more positive since I haven’t expected much (since its still beta)
    and what about all that x-rated content all are buzzing about? well I haven’t notice anything different from other popular mmos. the same body proportions, same armored underwear instead of full plate 4 woman. only difference I notice was genderlock (what a pity 4 those expecting to enjoy oversized male proportions) and fact that developer highly exploit this in promotion

  9. Pass, this game is a 3/10 for me because it was too boring and gameplay isn’t overall that good as other games out there. it would of been an 8/10 for sexyness, but that alone isn’t going to cut for a good game. Play it if you like and see it for yourself.

    • true- the game is tooo repetitive and it is basically a joke for a game. yes it is really sexy and all that but come on they need to start becoming more creative.

      • The game itself is not at all a joke and you’re incredibly ignorant for thinking otherwise.
        In Asian cultures, similar over-the-top provocative themes are a form of comedy (I believe this applies to a majority of Eastern cultures, but don’t quote me on that). And that doesn’t apply only to women. Have you ever seen any of the games from the Cho Aniki series? They think it’s funny. (And, frankly, it’s hilarious)
        Also, raunchy jokes are funny regardless of the location and anyone who disagrees needs to develop an actual sense of humor. That is just stone cold fact.

        Considering Aeria Games is only localizing the game, it would make sense that they have no real control over…well, anything but very minor details. Much like how Nexon mostly just translates from the Asian versions of Maplestory.

        Finally, every single Asian MMO is a grindfest. That’s what they are good at, it’s what they prefer to play, and they are unrivaled in their production (though many more local developers do try to copy the style…but it usually doesn’t work). They’re not wrong for that, and you don’t have to play them if you don’t want to. I would highly suggest finding out which MMOs are heavily influenced by (or are) Chinese, Japanese, or Korean-style MMOs and try to avoid them if you are really opposed to spending so much time grinding. I don’t mind it as much myself, but that’s just me.

        In conclusion (and if you are not prepared for me going fully ballistic here, feel free to stop reading), I am absolutely F***SICK of everyone saying it’s a terrible game and that it’s using the female body to attract players. I know that’s only to be expected when you bring it around North America because the only people here are completely ignorant f***wits who can’t take a f*** joke, let alone anything influenced by an outside culture, without being so offended they think it’s a cardinal f*** sin and just so conveniently happen to find a thousand or more people who are somehow more ignorant than them and convince them that it’s some kind of f***g crime to take ANYTHING lightheartedly *BREEEEAAAATH* BECAUSE GOD. F***. FORBID. ANYONE IN THIS F**G COUNTRY THINK FOR THEMSELVES AND MAY SOMEONE BE BURNT AT THE F*** STAKE FOR LETTING ANY OUTSIDE INFLUENCES INTO THIS GOD DAMN, POORLY RUN, BIAS CONTROLLED, MONEY DRIVEN ABOMINATION THAT THESE SAME F*** PEOPLE HAVE THE GALL TO CALL AMERICA!
        *deep inhale, sharp exhale*

        …I feel better now.
        Scarlet Blade is not a terrible game by any stretch of the imagination. There’s no arguing that, so don’t even try. It’s nothing spectacular, but if someone likes the heavy grinding style of similar Asian MMOs they will like Scarlet Blade just as much. At it’s absolute worst, it’s mediocre.

        • Not a bad rant. In fact, it was a very good rent. And if I was in any way able to be swayed to an opinion that Asians look at those massive tits and laugh innocently then proceed to pay real money in order to see the cheeky-fine-humor-filled nipples and naked crotch so they can giggle profoundly, then I probably even would be swayed. But I’m not. But good try.

        • I’m sorry buddys, but it is a horribly put together game in its current state, no matter how you slice it. Movement is okie, combat is really clunky and using your skill spams? uh… they do not want to work half of the time. I don’t mind grinding, in fact I prefer it, why play a game if you don’t want to invest time into it? Yea.. but this game… is just to much of a lose for words for me. Your max level is 29, after that there isn’t really anything to do. PVP battlegrounds, which you get quests for, is a lottery to join, I still haven’t gotten a chance to join one yet.

          So if you are an immature preteen, you might like this game. It is to bad it is rated M, steal your Mommy’s credit card and feed Aeria for useless garbage.

        • I agree with you T^T that was an awesome rant ^_^ and you are right about it all…. its the same over here in England >.>

    • Well many player (male player of course, and maybe girl too) are looking for the most sexy and skimpy outfit there is in video game. This game has the most skimpy and sexy outfit in video game, name me one game that dare go that far, beside TERA. I give the developer a thumb up for that.

      • The word “dare” implies bravery. But I’m sure you didn’t mean bravery, I’m sure you meant lack of shame. And when the game closes and people who developed the game loose their jobs, I’m sure the publishers will have their thumbs up, up their asses.

  10. In all honestly, once the “Omg almost naked women in an mmo” charm wears off, it’s a giant grind fest. There is no substance, and almost all the quests are “Kill x of this”. So yeah, I do not recommend.


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