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Sins of a Dark Age is a unique 3D free to play MOBA game. True to MOBA form, there are lanes, towers and plenty of minions to kill but in Sins of a Dark Age there are layers on top of this MOBA fundamental base that make for a completely new experience.

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  1. The game is a lot of fun when you get a game rolling with people but it needs a bigger players base atm. People should advertise the game as much as possible, with just a bit of work, it can become great.

  2. i don’t see what so bad about this game yes its in beta what do people expect that it’s gonna be like LOL it just need some fixes and stuff i like the game better then LOL

  3. I tried it and it sucks, LoL is far superior to this clone of these types of games I regret trying it out not a big fan of these types of games, but I have had fun on LOL when my friends and I have played together. but this one does not even meet sub-minimum expectations for this type of game. Beta or not it never should have left alpha testing yet.

  4. Who wants to play cowboys and indians outside with meh, better then this fail game. Gotta stop putting sub standard games on these forums. Wastes peoples time and internet usage.

    Game offers nothing that isn’t already out there, low playerbase is lower still.

  5. For clarification, they removed the commander feature from the game. For all of those bashing this game: Chill out, this game is in early closed beta and runs extremely smoothly. My only issue with the game is the lack of players. If everyone would give the game a chance instead on insta-bashing there might be more people giving it a go.

  6. The only way for a MOBA to compete with DOTA2 and LOL righ tnow, is if they upgrade riots idea of leveling accounts to another LEVEL, and give people options to personalize their spells in game, I can’t really explain but the idea is making a moba with mmorpg stuff like a union between them and a very extensive passive tree such like path of exile, otherwise anything “new” will fall.. this game and smite won’t live too much. D:
    This one actually looks pretty bad, the trailler is bad aswell perhaps it’s the problem.

  7. okay guys I have tried the game and its really not that disappointing as some of you say it is give it a shot its actually fun but there is one down side that there is usually not any rooms to play but when u do the 3D way of playing is preety fun.I say yall give it a shot before putting it down (:

    • sadly no, the removed this feature december 2012….instead they seem to have “realm quest”, where events spawn on the game map (boss-monster to defeat, merchant escort, etc. …i have beta but didn’t really try it)…i played ONE game until now but hat disconnected (bot-game don’t worry^^) because it has a much worse response time than dota 2 (they NEED to fix this!!!).

      just my 2 cents

  8. LoL broadly popularized MOBA
    DOTA/2 built a massive fanbase and was the first real, true and proper MOBA around
    Smite redefined how MOBAs were played, to modernize them

    The hell does this piece of crap actually bring to the table?
    Not enough to compete with these three I can guarantee that.

  9. played a game its fun, easy to understand and looks pretty solid my only complaint is that it is slugish as hell they need to work on that

  10. I agree with most of yall that this game looks preety bad but we can’t say nothing since the game is new and berly starting its journey into the f2p online gaming world.I suggest yall atleast give it a chance later on like with many other games

    • Your criticisms lately have been very rude, immature, and unnecessary. Don’t bother if its not something constructive or actual feedback with legitimate reasoning

    • I guess you’ve never played Smite, but no it isn’t anything like Smite.
      It uses the archaic point&click system from generic MOBA games, at least that’s how the trailer looks.

  11. they shouldve advertised it before hand to attract more players but they just popped on the radar like popcorn pops in the oven


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