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MMOBomb and have teamed up to give our users 20 exclusive codes for the Skyforge Collector’s Edition, Warden’s of the Wasteland ($59.99 each). That’s more than $1199 worth of goods! To get a exclusive key code, you just need to follow the instructions below:

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We’ll select the 20 lucky MMOBombers on July, 28 (2015), we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

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Coming soon on July, 28 (2015)

– dropsteve
– Shizaku Yashaku
– AlphaTurtle
– harakiwi
– magicrikus
– Mimik
– Aries Krios
– Emanuel
– Inferno
– Keiki

– netan kolte
– WulK3
– Tobias
– isaac
– XPhiler
– Amandine
– bumperspoon
– Nia
– Alain
– Yemmiz


Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway.


Skyforge is a free-to-play Sci-Fi MMORPG featuring exciting dynamic combat, where players could become mighty Gods.

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    • i lvoe skyforge because its a sci-fi and mythology mmorpg game, And the animation moves one can pull of look so good.Can remind me of God of war in some aspects just not as brutal.

  1. I love Skyforge because of how different each class can be you could have 2 lightbenders but in their skill tree one could be focused on dmg while the other is focused on health. The possibilities are endless and its not just some plain cookie cutter type of skill build. In my 3 days of playing so far that is what i have picked up i can’t really add anything else at this time 😀

  2. I love Skyforge because it is a game I actually see myself playing for quit awhile, though I was unable to log hours and hours in the beta weeks due to school, with that wrapping up I am now free to enjoy the game after its official release. I am super excited to begin my reign as an all powerful god and bring forth destruction or good fortune around me!

  3. I love Skyforge because the combat is nonstop action meaning it is not boring and the great thing is that you can change between different classes while on missions! I can’t believe I am able to play different classes all at once with all sorts of unique skills! each one has differences of leveling up. The world is mostly in depth and is in a new time era that is unknown, I wish to seek more from the different game style they will be adding in. The most unique part why I love skyforge is the speed of the game, it is what I am looking for which has All in one: quick combat system, MMORPG , has a bit of scifi, and also the graphics is phenomenal! You can have a lowclass computer that is able to even play it! I have always followed skyforge since it was released from closed beta to open beta! Never will I leave this game ever! I believe that this game will rise to change gaming online to a new generation of gaming !

  4. I love Skyforge because it is an extremely fun and engaging game. His form of evolution is totally unlike anything ever seen other MMORPG games.

  5. I love Skyforge because, its an great game. Its like vindictus or C9 in better because you have Parts with an “openworld”. Anyway its big Skilltree reminds me a bit on the tree of PoE. Not so complicated but realy nice anyway.
    Nothing more to say.

  6. I love Skyforge because, it breaks the meta of current MMORPG’s. There is actually something to do constantly. From grinding out your caps for the week, to building your empire of followers, there is a class and activity for everyone. Just wait till PvP comes out, this game will be insane.

  7. I love Skyforge because of the class system wich is really good, and all of them are beautifull and amazing to play.

  8. I love Skyforge because class are powerful than other MMO, i love a balanced features, nice performance optimization, graphic is beautiful, Gods protect world of Skyforge!

  9. I love Skyforge because it is something new and the combat system is something i haven’t seen yet in mmo’s and the graphics are amazingly done.

    • I love Skyforge because the concept looks amazing and it is just so different than all of the other MMOs and I want to be a part of it.

  10. I love Skyforge because it is a MMORPG completely different than anything we’ve seen in online games, the its gameplay is different and captivating and engaging.
    You really become a character in the play.

  11. I love Skyforge because it looks amazing and has a Tera kind of feel and also has an interesting player class changing system. great cinematic and gameplay amazing to say the least. and its free to play!!!

  12. I love Skyforge because of the combat and the atlas. The combat makes every fight interesting and stunning while the Atlas/skills/talents make everything to make your class unique.

  13. I Love Skyforge because its a well made MMO action RPG that is true to the words Free2Play and u can enjoy not only by yourself but with friends and even thouh it has a weekly limit on resources it lets me get other resources i have neglected easily to help my order or my patheon

  14. I love Skyforge because we can change our classes without creating a new character, we can start quests and leave in the middle, there are a great number of visuals and equipments.

  15. I love Skyforge because… Bacon…. Bacon is always the answer! Oh and the game play looks amazing too but the answer is still bacon.

  16. I love Skyforge because it’s an unique game of its kind. I mean, the way you can level up the classes in one character.

    Leveling up to unlock other classes and stuff, also de PvP is awesome, and the PvE is amazing, hell of fun. You can’t get bored with this game.

  17. I love skyforge because I neve saw any game like it. As you can tell from the last lines of your article, is a Sc-Fi MMORPG with gods. So, gods (as someone who play Smite I can tell I am super excited to win) are a better way to put supranatural beings in a game. Sc-fi is a fantastic theme for a game because you don’t see spaceships and robots in every game.

  18. I love Skyforge for its Content even in Early Access or in OBT. The Combat is good not far advanced but its totally ok (love the visual effects of some classes). SF is awesome aswell for its Story im not that far yet but its rich in Story (wont spoiler)! The weekly cap is 50/50 u love it for those who cant afford playing 24/7 and u will get mad sometimes (for those who love to play 24/7)! The classes they have in SF are really nice every class is very unique in its own playstyle. The graphics are very well made eventho sometimes i wish it would be really really open world(ish) so i can explore those beautiful regions. I really like this game because i was a player of Allods Online aswell (the game from Allods team before they had SF) and i like what they did with SF due to the expirience with Allods Online (Si-Fi/fantasy mmorpg) they improved alot. And my last thing would be the Style Room :3! i really love to change dresses and accessoires! HOPE u will like or love it just like i do! 😀

  19. I love Skyforge because… I’m about to get the Warden pack giveaway from the beautiful people of MMOBOMB so that I can enjoy the game even more now!!

  20. I love Skyforge because it is a new MMO for to play that is actually keeping my interest. Combat system is nice and the leveling system is very unique.

  21. I love Skyforge because it’s balanced, all classes have important roles, and you actually don’t have to pay real life cash to get argents.

  22. I love Skyforge because it’s a good time killer …. blah blah blah blah ………………. etc etc etc ….. Just give me the code already.

  23. I love Skyforge for various reasons, this game is cool because it is a new game mechanic is very attractive the company is excellent also the graphics, I fell in love in the game , I was always MMO fan and this game looks incredibly amazing 🙂 please MMOBOMB 🙂 I really want this package

  24. I love Skyforge because the developers make us enjoy the game without having to sacrifice our daily life to it through its cap system.

  25. I love Skyforge because i’m a hardcore MMO soloplayer and i’v played scince beta 4 and i have enjoyed the game up to this point and i would like to use the contents of the pack to help my friends level up. (I am a guild afiliated solo)

    • I love Skyforge because i love to play RPG’s like this. i love how you can become a God and destroy everything in your path. the graphics and story line are amazing, and cant wait to play

  26. I love Skyforge because i never played it. but now maybe i can get my hands on it and we could be together for an awesome time. 😛

  27. I love Skyforge becouse it’s a game that i like playing and for an MMO that is in beta it is really cool and i love it.I love fighting in this game.I love costumization too.Its well made.

  28. I love Skyforge because it’s the first game that let me have a normal day activity without worrying much about catching up with other players.

  29. I love Skyforge because the Ascension Atlas system is just awesome, the fast action combat is so much fun and the character designs are just great!

    • I love Skyforge because it has a great sense of bringing fantasy and sci fi together and making it a mmo game not only this but it just captivates everything I have ever loved .

  30. I love Skyforge because… diverse-ness? its fascinating with its class change whenever you want and not have to carry the extra weapons in your bag.

  31. I love Skyforge because its got a different take on mmos then other games and its fun i can’t stop playing it. The combat is really good I like how it bridges between open world and instance content.But my favorite part of the game is having followers to send on missions and the Necro class did i say Necro lol

  32. I love Skyforge because it’s probably the first MMORPG which I ever played.
    Looking forward, and Thanks for reading ^^

  33. I love Skyforge because you are immortal …. no matter how many times you will die you will always raise again and contine playing until you will die again :))

    • I love Skyforge because it remind me the first day i discovered Vanilla WoW . I was totally amazed by the story line and the background of the game .Same thing is happening now with Skyforge.

      Really this game bring us ( hardcore player ) fresh air and im grateful for that 🙂 .

      I wish you all good luck for the next wave of winners 😉 .

  34. i love skyforge because the level system i actually sick, you dont have just a normal limit of leveling you can get as much prestige as you want, and becoming a god ?
    it’s just like a dream come true……

  35. I love Skyforge because it’s a new concept that attract me , when i play other games , i delete all the times the person thaat i play with because of limit of places to create person , but now we have a new concept to feel good , to don’t be bored , we have the chance to change class , playing all class it’s so cool. Graphic that i consider as the one of the best !

    I love Skyforge because the customization is really something else, although something like it has been done before, I think Guild Wars 2 did, I’ve never personally played around with anything like this and enjoyed it.

  36. I love Skyforge because of how player-friendly the game is compared to the games published nowadays and for the sake of it I have high hopes it stays this way.

  37. I love Skyforge because it combines Sci-fi, fantasy, and mythology elements into its universe and has a great skill progression system.

  38. I love Skyforge because its free and new ground breaking mmo but the free part is a big part as i cant pay for any games cuz of the finances.I am delighted that i can play such great game for free that can compare with guild wars or big name games like that.

  39. I love SkyForge not only because is different from other MMO but this one in particular shows you how hard they worked in this game , I am here experiencing a new generation of MMOs , Like come on who wouldn’t want to be a god and being worshiped as a godly entity . The class system the graphics , the weapons , combos you name it !! skyforge will be my game for the years to come !!

  40. I love Skyforge because… it’s action RPG that i can kill many monsters at once and i freaking love killing mass amount of monsters! Mwahahah…

  41. I love Sky forge because the day this game go announced I was hyped for it And wanted to play right away A couple of months past and The open beta came I was at school the day Was Released i was so Ready to jump onto this game play with my friends Farm , Craft , Destroy , and unlocking the new classes and Prestige and helping the New players. i even made a Clock on when the server was up and it would shout SKY FORGE TIME I sat there waiting the clock went off and i logged on to it Straight away. the Reason i want this so much is because this would help me out loads with Progressing further and unlocking a Exclusive mount and 2 Classes . This game is the mmo Changer of my life i used to play games such as WOW , LOTRO , SWTOR , D&D never winter and D&D . This mmo is so different in every way the graphics are amazing i was standing there Staring at the Texture and the sea For about 20 mins Because this game was so Amazing . I hope i do get pick and good luck to all that have entered

  42. I love Skyforge beacause its been 2 years i havent played a new game since my only game at the time was smite but skyforge its about gods and godddesses and i love it alot iv played in closed beta and it was something amazing like somethings u cant find in the site they got, so u got to find own ur own and i find this amuzing cause i love to explore the game whitout any tips would be to easy.and the class sistem to cause i can work my way to it.

  43. I love Skyforge because… it provides a new, innovative approach to playing an Action MMO. The class system is great and always leaves something to work towards.

  44. love Skyforge because: Its something original, it has the pvp aspect of never winter witch everyone loves but thrown into a sort of Hack and slash view. its graphics are amazing, its voice acting blew me away, and the game play is just Out of this world. I am hoping to see on this game turns out in the future since it has so much potential .

  45. I Love skyforge because of the ascension atlas classes gameplay and eventually the ability to become a god also i love the order system even tho it seems like a facebook game i like it i like its concept its great privinces temples chapels skyforge has good combat good classes although it needs some polishing also the concept is a breath of fresh air its not often you see an mmo with a sci fi fantasy concept when you can become and converse with gods also the costume equipment system i like you no longer look stupid cause a certain set of armor gives better stats this game is buggy laggy glitchy at times but it has vast potential and i want to be with it all the way till it reaches it and then some more

  46. I love Skyforge for its combat. It is one of the first MMO’s that has action combat yet didn’t tie the entire combat system to a hot bar. It feels more fluid and mobile than most other action combat MMO’s. It just seems to scratch that itch.

  47. I love Skyforge because this is a new game , i can play with my friends .
    – Game have skill tress , can change class

  48. I Love Skyforge because its one of the new Mmorpg of the year and F2P, i have almost 40hours ingame time play in less week, he got strong system class and Astral tree for play for cople of moonth and enjoy your time in, the character design is kind of good to!

  49. I love Skyforge because… It’s a beautiful game, the story has been very interesting so far and it really brings something fresh to the free to play realm. Plus my BF and I are able to play it together that’s always a plus.

  50. I love Skyforge because i want to have you there babies.

    to be serieus, I love the fact that they went for an fantasy/scifi genre. An combination done before but I think that there is room for improvement in this sector.

    I also played quite a lot Tera Online and it is starting to get boring since the pvp in Tera inst that great. That is why i Love this game and have my hopes put upon this to make for an nice way to get out of tera and into another game.

  51. I love Skyforge because I can finally play a god that I have created myself, especially that there are no healer classes so no one can say “Why didn’t you heal me?”

  52. I love skyforge because I like new MMO’s and this one seems interesting with the scifi based fantasy, and a lot of old features like raids

  53. I love Skyforge because it’s the 1st mmorpg that makes sense and in a way it reminds me of path of exile, they have done well with capping so everyone can catch up and having so many classes to play and even when your at cap there is still much more to do ^_^

  54. I love Skyforge because it brings something different to the MMORPG table, for example. You are not limited to a single set of class that you choose at the start of your MMORPG career, if you choose the wrong class from the start, you are extraordinarily limited on what to do on the later stages. Or the late game you would say, but with Skyforge, you can instantly change classes free of charge, and you can do it as you are in a middle of a quest.

    For example: If you have a three man party full of tanks, you can switch to another class while on the quest. You could either stay as a tank or become a healer or become a DPS. The combinations within Skyforge is limitless.

    There are many different classes within the game which fill up basic roles, the tank, DPS, and healer. One of the specified classes that I like is the Gunner class, its really useful in situations where you need sustained DPS.

    The character creation is amazing, I have no words how much you can customize your character. Not as much as GW2 though, but its still amazing on F2P standards. Plus Skyforge actually has physics! Like hair and clothing physics, which is a really nice feature. So the character creation is amazing, nothingness.

    Another thing I would like to say is the ‘level’ system, instead of your standard MMORPG where you have “EXP” so level up. You have prestige, prestige measures how powerful your gear is as well how far you made it up in the Ascension Atlas tree. Moving on with the Ascension Atlas tree, you have three (Main) “Sparks”. The Spark of destruction, the Spark of Transgression, and the Spark of Creation, with these sparks you can either

    A) Progress in your class tree , (Paladin, Cyromancer, gunner, etc.)
    B) Progress in the Ascension Atlas tree, where you can unlock other classes as you progress within the game.

    Adding on, questing in Skyforge is something ‘different’ in MMORPGs. You could do your everyday standard questing on pre-made maps that force you to follow through to complete it. Or you could go to the “Regions” which I would like to add, the artwork on the environment and characters are extremely detailed. Sometimes it makes me wonder why isn’t Skyforge a subscription based game? Nothing less, I hope Skyforge stay F2P.

    Another thing that caught my eye was the premium currency, the one that you use actually money to get. You can use the in-game currency to trade currency for premium currency, though I would say its expensive to trade in-game currency for premium ones. Its still a nice system they added, removing the aspect of P2P and move it toward the F2P aspect like all F2Ps are supposed to have.

    My last point I would like to add is the characters monologues, they are actually voiced acted! Which really surprised me, the only other MMORPG that had this sort’ve thing was SWTOR, though you don’t have the option of choosing certain speech dialogues. Its still nice that they voiced acted it, can’t wish for everything ya know?

    So in my case, Skyforge is a 10/10 F2P game and I have high hopes for the game in the future. Hoping it would last for an extreme long time. I know this was a long ‘I love Skyforge because..” but I knew everything I said about this game is amazing.

    Thank you for taking your time in reading this. Have a nice day.

  55. I love skyforge because of how you don’t have to logout and switch to different characters, their is an interface for selling stuff and the broker without going to a merchant, its simple, and the combat system is quick.

  56. I love Skyforge because it is a great game so far, the fact that you are stuck with one character and that you can unlock all the classes on that one character. The grind is not hard as I expect it to be compare to the other mmorpg. Skyforge’s atlas system reminds me of the Path of Exile skill tree which is the best skill tree system I have encountered ever since I played mmorpgs. The combat is amazing since its not the computer that is attacking for you but rather you clicking for your character to attack. The graphics are amazing including the cut scenes. I like how you can switch your target when you are attacking it reminds me of the Batman Arkham games where you just dash to your next target as you attack. You would only notice this similarity if you switch target when attack another one, which causes your character to dash to the next one, or if you change your mind you can dash back and continue your attack. I hope more classes are added to the game and hope they add more to the ascension atlas. The character design is very well done and also the costumes are very nice to look at. So far this is the best free to play game I have encountered and hope that it does not die out. I also hope that they add weapons that look different and even more costumes that you can unlock.

  57. I love Skyforge because Skyforge have really Awesome Skill System, great Phanteon War, Playstyle, much interessting Classes, One Server Per Region, Weekly Cap and Perfect for Casual Gamer.

    Skyforge it’s Awesome Free To Play Game i ever seen.

  58. I love Skyforge because ,i gave up gaming cuz of my gf.I gave up everything for her tbh…And now she left me whitout any money for gaming…So honestly lol…thats why i love skyforge.No but really,I tried the game and i love it.I havent played any games in a loong while.But i doubt any other game would of left such an impact on me.I love everything about this game.

  59. I love Skyforge because it gaves feeling of amazing story shown in amazing graphics, also it does have really cool combat system.

  60. I love Skyforge because MMOBOMB give me a collector edition. And I played beta and it was AWSOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE now I’m done.

  61. I love Skyforge because it’s a game that takes some of the best aspects of other games and mashes it all into one amazing experience. You have the smooth and flowing battle of Tera, the daunting yet fun web of progression like Path of Exile, both of which are at the top of my list of innovative systems in games.

  62. I love Skyforge because of its unique progression system. Skyforge is most likely the only mmo I have played that does not have a level system. Instead players have to raise their “prestige.” This includes a giant grid that has a similar identity to the Final Fantasy X sphere grid and the Path of Exile talent tree. That it just one of the many different ways you can become stronger. There is also a temple feature that helps you become stronger too, in which you gain adepts that follow you because you are a god. There are many other reasons as to why I love Skyforge, but its uniqueness in how you advance your character is my favorite one.

  63. I love Skyforge because it has beautiful graphics, interesting story, and a dynamic combat system. I have played several different MMO’s and this one had me a the start up. I find something new every time I play. I have been watching this game for a while, and happy it’s finally in open beta. I’m on a fixed budget and couldn’t get afford any founder’s pack. Keep up the good work guys I look forward to seeing what else the game has to offer

  64. I love Skyforge because of the myriad of options and opportunities that it gives me to differentiate my character from other characters, and play my character how I want to play it.

  65. I love Skyforge because is a new MMORPG Unique Sci-Fi+Fantasy environment. And skyforge raids ill be awesome because the game don’t has healers ill be hard to the tanks and the others players.

  66. I love Skyforge because it brings a new feeling to todays copy pasterino mmos. i love the atlas feature. makes you feel like the progression is real. the classes are well built and the combat is fluent and impactful. and course the graphics are nice.

  67. First i need to say i am not a fan of mmorpg games but there was three games was hit me and the first one was one i played long time was skyrim it was not a mmorpg but a rpg game . The other one was Vindictus i played Vindictus really long time and i can say its now at the moment the best mmorpg/Hack and slash game. The last one was i played long time start 2012 May was Smite and i can say its a really good Moba game . And now i tell you why i love Skyforge because its a combinate of Skyrim, Vindictus and Smite. Why Skyrim because of the Atlas i love games with huge passive Combinated skills . Why Vindictus its easy to say Vindictus you can run with 4-16 people to a mission or solo and you can play with your friends. Its a little bit like Monster Hunter who now it. And in Vindictus there is only one problem No Open World and now only 9 charkter to play the 10th charkterer Relased already it korea but need time to come NA/EU. And now i tell you why Smite, Smite was my Moba Game was i played with First-third-person camera and the skills in Smite its like the skills in Skyforge. Sry for my bad english and for read this long text 🙂 but i need this Key plz <3 thx Mmobomb for this wonderful giveaway

  68. I love Skyforge because… this game appeard just on the right time, like a shooting star
    I was looking for a new mmo after years without playing one and bam! this fell right in front of me and…addiction was assured

  69. I love Skyforge because combat system is really awesome ( a mix between tab target and action combat system). I also love the fact that Skyforge doesn’t really have level system but everything is based on prestige and they also have capped prestige per week. It help to reduce gap between super hardcore players and regular players a lots.

  70. I love Skyforge because it puts a new spin on lvling with prestige and not set lvls and xp also all the classes look cool and fun.

  71. I love Skyforge because that is an cool looking MMO RPG. I would like to play an MMO RPG and i found this game. Graphics are great,it’s fast…it has everything! Dudeeee,i wanna play this! ^_^

  72. I love Skyforge because I don’t have to make multiple characters to try out the different classes. If they release more classes, I’m not stuck on character creation thinking of a good name that isn’t taken or doesn’t sound lame.

  73. I love Skyforge because…Its the mmo i have been looking for, for many years. Been play mmos for as long I had a computer and could never reach the level cap because it was just fun in the moment but wasn’t that mmo i was longing for but now I know this will the mmo for me and love playing it, just wish there wasn’t a cap so i could get the classes faster lol.

  74. I love Skyforge because it’s the game that cames along with so new features and exclusive ones, like the entire idea of you being a God and you have your order, adepts, temples, even your own statue! It’s simply amazing, the combat system is rich and not complex so anyone can get used to it and enjoy at maximum! I wish i’m lucky for once in my lifetime and get this collector editor, cuz i can’t afford any of it here in my country. I’m loving skyforge and i’ll be there waiting for you guys! – Aang Windrunner (Archer – On the way to Monk)

  75. I love Skyforge because she is an amazing game i wast a lot of time on this game and i have much fun on this game so i hope i can win collector’s Edition thank you so much <3

  76. I love Skyforge because i’m a big consumer of MMORPG, i mean i’m playing this kind of game since i was a kid and i stopped these last years because it’s kinda the routine with the MMORPG lately they are pretty all the same but this beast well it’s something else… the gameplay, the classes, the graphic it’s kinda evolutionary for this type of game so i really wish i could get one of your keys and play this new baby and thanks for giving us this chance : D !!!

  77. I love skyforge…because well im a God and its totally not what it lives up to be. But once I got my hands on skyforge I can be the bad ass god I always wanted to be! Besides who doesnt like Riding a Alien rhino In briefs while electrocuting Lizards monsters!
    ps. will not be answering prayers. too busy playing skyforge.

  78. I love Skyforge because… you can give yourself huge boos/buttocks! #BubbleButtPlays
    For real though: it has amazing graphics and one of a kind animations/cutscenes and the class system is very special and makes you hunger for more sparks!

  79. I love Skyforge because I like how easy it is to switch classes and for someone who likes changing their mind a lot this means I can play Cryomancer one week and switch to Paladin the next. I also love the F2P model the game uses, being able to buy Argents with in-game currency is an added bonus in my opinion.

  80. I love Skyforge because… It’s a new F2P game and it’s the least P2W game out there. Also the pvp is totally enjoyable.
    Thanks for another amazing giveaway aaand..Good luck to everyone!

  81. I love Skyforge because… It’s a new F2P game and it’s the least P2W game out there. Also the pvp is totally enjoyable.
    Thanks for another amazing giveaway aaand..Good luck to everyone!

  82. I love Skyforge because it does alot of things right like having a premiem you can get ingame and having such a fun and beautiful game to play.

  83. I Love Skyforge because, its one of the most innovative games to date, its as if tera and rift had a baby together with its own traits and abilities. The mechanics of the game are awesome and the graphics are out of this world.. This game sure will be MMO of the year for F2P.

  84. I love Skyforge because its the first game that i think near to sword art online story in anime and its graphic and leave the player to decide there own style play and its really lovely

  85. I love Skyforge because it’s a game that’s very unique! You can play many classes such as the knight, monk, archer, etc. It’s crazy! You can easily play any class you want and not make a new character. You can also change how your character looks anytime! Skyforge is one of today’s best f2p mmo’s thus far.

  86. I love Skyforge because there’s no other game quite like it. Its unique and holds my attention well. The boss battles and dungeons are actually challenging! Now that i have my slayer unlocked i’m in heaven and couldn’t be happier. I get to play the role of an actual flipping ninja!! what more could i ask for? win or lose here doesn’t matter i still win there 🙂 good day

  87. I love skyforge because it is, simply put the game I have been waiting for, for years. It has every single thing I want in an mmo and I just can’t find fault in it no matter how hard I try and that is huge praise coming from someone like me who has been disillusioned with mmos for a very long time now. The action, the classes, the story.. I just adore it all and have been with them since CBT (I got a lucky code) and I plan to stay with them for years to come.

    Because of this I would really appreciate the winning of one of these codes just because due to my every day life, I would almost 100% never be able to afford it by myself. I have two kids and a wife at home, a low paying job and I just don’t have the extra funds. So to win something like this for a game I adore so much would simply be a blessing. Thank you for this chance and thank you for the consideration. I really do appreciate it.

  88. I love Skyforge because I love the feeling of being all powerful. I’m still early in the game, but I like the idea that you are an upcoming god against mortal creatures (not including PvP). This may be a feeling because I’m not a confident or strong person irl, but the reason I play video games is to go places and be people I can’t be in my daily life (probably why I always pick assassin like classes when I clearly look like someone who should be a football player).

  89. I love Skyforge because, well…I don’t it’s just something to tie me over because Age of Wushu is p2w and Black Desert Online isn’t out yet. I’d like to win this, but don’t really care.

  90. I love Skyforge because of the really awesome Sci-fi Fantasy setting. The action combat, nice graphics, and sphere-grid style talent tree are pretty big bonuses, too.

  91. I love skyforge because the game is such an good mmo and looks damn beautifull 🙂 . I hope the owner of the collectors edition will be a happy man or woman

  92. I love skyforge because of its awesome mix of tab targeting and action based combat through the combo system. Also as a die hard PoE fan the ascension atlas is an absolute treat!

  93. I love Skyforge because it ignores all the filler quest / content, and focus on instances and some pvp. It’s grindy, true, but i don’t mind playing some well executed dungeons and fun boss fights. Plus, the soft-action combat that skyforge offers allows me to play normally even if i live in argentina. (It’s not the case with, for example, Tera, which the lag renders me useless in pvp, and has some notorious lag in pve).

  94. I love Skyforge because it’s a very fun and different game. Not a standard copy paste from WoW.. I been spending a lot of hours on this game all ready, but a CE would be amazing!

  95. I love Skyforge because its unique,vast selection of classes and the ability to change them on the go,that mix of magic and technology is just right,better graphics than ANY mmorpg(if you cant find any other i would be very surprised) and that menu music is so good i use it as my ringtone.

  96. I love Skyforge because of how much freedom you have to change and customize your character and class. Games that do this are few and far between. Not the mention how it’s not just another “Click on enemy, autoattack while occasionally pressing 1 and 2” mmo.

  97. I love Skyforge because its the best MMO in years, except the weekly limit, but it is forgivable 😀 Maybe my fault that I reached the limit in 3 days xD

  98. I love Skyforge because… I can just swap class on the spot, so if my party needs a tank or healer and no one wants to join, then we can just switch and we can find dps easy 🙂

  99. I love Skyforge because the chances to enjoy a beatiful sci-fi mmorpg with the amazing oppurtunity to switch class on the spot is amazingly appealing. This collectors edition would be an great pleasure to me as both knight and alchemist are classes I really look forward to play! 🙂

  100. I love skyforge because its a fun sci-fi action mmo with a great story behind the game. The fast pace hack and slash gameplay gets you really into it. Never a dull momment in the game. Plenty of quest and dungeons to do. The community in the game is just phenomenal. Everyone is nice and willing to help each other out wither it is a party quest or simple question. I really would like the collector edition and hope i get a chance to get it. Thank you mmobomb for the awesome giveaways you guys do 😀

  101. I love skyforge because it’s unique in differentb than other mmo’s yet offering a lot of familiar dungeoning style gameplay. offering different perspective of playing an mmo.

  102. I love Skyforge because it’s a completly free game, you can have the full experience without spending a single money. and i think that makes the game very wanted , by me atleast 😀

  103. Hi MMOBOMB, this promotion is very good this… I love Skyforge, because it is a very good game, with beautiful graphics, very good fight system and many classes. It is very good mmorpg, cause skyforge has a good gameplay experience, and I am very satisfied with him…..:)

  104. I love skyforge because ive been following it from the very beginning when it was in Russia early access and i love it so much, i was starting to lose my interest in mmos but skyforge lit a fire in me to keep on going that why i want to win.

  105. I love Skyforge because,is the only game you can change your class any time,awesome + dynamic combat system,great pvp system 10 vs 10 + pantheon wars 50 vs 50,and is all about skills is not just spams 1,2,3 and done. JUST DO IT! xD

  106. I love Skyforge because of how fun it is. Rather than leveling you are gaining sparks to constantly progress through the massive Ascension Atlas, so even after playing Skyforge for ages rather than hitting a limit (Like a level cap in regular games) you will continue to become stronger. It also has a bunch of other great features like the Order system, which is pretty cool.

  107. I love Skyforge because it has some awesome concepts of new mmo gaming that are coming to life with those two awesome developers.

  108. I love Skyforge because… its the best free MMO to come out in while and i currently have no life playing it XD, this will be the perfect things to help me with the game im LOVING!!!

  109. I love Skyforge because of how different it is. The game is much more challenging so far than other mmo games. The fact that you can pick any class whenever you want is awsome and the way you progress through the game in the ascension atlas is also great. The game has really impressed me so far.

  110. I love Skyforge because in a world of unnecessarily complex MMOs, Skyforge decided to simplify everything for the better. It’s a much easier game to get into and eases you into the more complex areas of the game. The ascension atlas, reminiscent of FFX’s sphere grid system, is a blast to work through, and unlocking new classes is a goal that drives everyone forward. The progression system, similar to Destiny, delivers a different leveling experience, to make you feel like you’re always getting more and more powerful through the prestige system.The combat is fluent, the skill effects great, the lightning and environments stunning, and the controls essentially reaching perfection. Although it wasn’t the kind of MMORPG I had expected, Skyforge’s emphasis on completing instances cooperatively with friends is more rewarding and satisfying then I ever thought possible.

  111. I love Skyforge because its something new and the same there arent many mmo’s these days eather most really booring most fun one’s are subscription based and that is not for my pocket i just want to play something i can without spending money and just have a good time :).

  112. I love Skyforge because this game is something new in the genre of RPG, it gives a lot of opportunities not found in other Projects, it is at its beautiful and she is the only one of its kind, anything like that yet was not there. I loved Skyforge

  113. I love Skyforge because i’m expecting, and looking forward on something new/refreshing, and above everything else a fun experience in a game.
    I literally tried every MMO out there, being free-to-play, or buy-to-play just name it. I hope Skyforge has something new, and exciting waiting for us.

  114. I love Skyforge because it has good graphics and a deacent storie something surprisingly not common in mmo’s even now

  115. I love Skyforge because it is an action based game where you can be any class at anytime….and you can become a god whats not to like.

  116. I Love Sky Forge because it’s game a new revolution!
    PvP, Mmorp! Good Skill, Good War and a Good Technology!
    Beautiful design, Amazing!

  117. I love Skyforge cause i can kill everything, it has decent amount of content for me to pass my free time at and it has really nice graphics.

  118. I love Skyforge because it is something new, different from the rest mmo’s, with good graphics, gameplay and combat, its optimized and everything will be improved even more in the future and the game will become one of the best f2p mmorpg’s

  119. I love Skyforge because its the best mmo new look new system all is good i pay 25$ for beta and i still playing this game and i can’t go back to other mmo this game is awesome!!

  120. I love Skyforge because of the art style and it’s different approach to gameplay and character progression which i find rather interesting and in a sense fun to try out, also the enviroment doesn’t seem to dull which makes it’s look like a relaxing mmo to play 🙂

  121. You people are full of it. This game is so repetitive and boring. War Frame is better. Hell anything is else better then this game. None of these people truly like this game. They just want the give away for the hell of it. It’s funny because this is about the only time I see comments. Like a bunch of beggars that come for food out of the back of a truck.

    • How can you insist you know what someone likes? Just because you hate the game doesnt mean the next person does. World doesnt revolve around u buddy. Now please stop insulting people interested in the giveaway/game and commenting for such reasons.

      Personally I dont play this and could care less about the giveaway but scrolled down to see what people had to say about the game.

  122. I love Skyforge because, I love MMO genre, and this one is pretty nice. Was able to try it in the Alpha stage and I’ve really liked it. It isn’t something new, but a fresh look always makes a nice game. Really hoping for this!

  123. I love Skyforge because, its a very fun game and in my opinion fun is the most important thing of video games . And the long time Motivation is great you have to play alot to unlock new classes,god mode and new features.

  124. I love Skyforge because…it’s easily the most fun I’ve had playing an MMO in a long time. I love the sci-fi/fantasy mash up world and even when I’m grinding the same areas to earn sparks, I’m still having fun and it doesn’t feel like a grind.

  125. I love skyforge because it alows me to unleash the power of the gods them selfs and garner the devoties i so richly deserve.

  126. I love Skyforge because I like games where you have to grind to progress further into the game. I also love the art style of the game, from the graphics to the UI. The PvP is also awesome.

  127. I love Skyforge because there is so much to do. The combat system is nice and there is a lot of content to do. I really like where the game is going and i hope it continues this way.

  128. I love Skyforge because i play this game, because is best mmo of the year in my opinion, and because i never win giveaway…. Ty! Gl!

  129. I love skyforge because it is a mmorpg I’ve always been looking for, he is everything that I was buscnado in an MMORPG of this style.
    It has distitnas classes to unlock as you progress.
    It has a great pvp system.
    Another aspect that has caught much attention being and what I loved most is the sitema atlas, it is a wonder.
    It is a game that will dedicate many hours already that I’m enjoying it in every way I’ve seen so far

  130. I love Skyforge because it really a unique game for me. it has a features like atlas. we need to unlock node to get a new classes. i also like the pantheon function. the system also easy to use. i would recommended this to you. Thank you 🙂

  131. I love Skyforge because it is something new, especially the action oriented combat system is what I really like in this game, its something different as known of other MMORPG’s. Also the Graphics are nice and the characters + their movements are nicely designed.

    Kind regards

  132. I love Skyforge because it creates a unique world where you take on the role of a powerful immortal, that can ascend to that of a god and it also provides a very wide range of classes, each of which can be customized to your choice for great personal involvement and enjoyment.

  133. I love Skyforge because of the amount of awesome stuff there is to do. Despite being in open beta there is still so much to work towards and there is always something to do. Sure the game is a bit grindy but i think i will really enjoy the game.

  134. I love skyforge because its and action mmo and it some thing different to me. and it give me and my bro some thing to play

  135. I love Skyforge because it has great combat system , nice lookin maps , unqiue and interesting atlas system , multi class , Not p2w , prestige much better than normal leveling , quests are much better than the other mmos

  136. I love Skyforge because for several reasons:
    *Because it is an innovative game with 3D graphics.
    *Allows you to be a god, that’s new.
    *The ease of having multiple classes into one account.
    *The dieferentes types of PVP does not get bored quickly.
    *And very soon put “Invasions” that looks very interesting.

  137. I love skyforge cause its pve is pretty well done, instances are fun and entertaining, something i have not seen in a while in mmos.

  138. I love Skyforge because:
    -“Galaxy” skill tree, it’s in some game of China and PoE, i like it from that, now i event like more when we have 2 tab of that.
    -The “Change Class” system is popular, but it contain all built-stat, that make Gamer too strong like God.
    -The Premium System is Balance, it’s not that you got Premium and u train faster, because limit system. Sometime i hate it, now i must wait to Wed to make my “God” more powerful.
    -The game have the system that make gamer focus to play some Map, they x2 or x3 the reward, that is good, really good. I open the game and check the map per hour for that.
    -The Adept System is best, like we playing game while we offline to watch Anime.
    -Unlock Class is good, with some player who watched the Class-Clip in the website, they want to try it, but they will meet the hard way to that Class.

    I start the game from 16th, it’s all i remember.

  139. I love Skyforge because… It changed my life. And I MEAN it SkyForge changed my life. I am a very poor and finally got a laptop on my birthday. I instantly downloaded SkyForge on the 16th and LOVED it. I don’t have many friends so I met some awesome people online. SkyForge is a amazing game, the Graphics are amazing, Game Experience is amazing, voice overs are good and it’s just awesome. I really want to win this specific giveaway since I really want the Chemist Class and the AWESOME looking mount, I REALLY REALLY REALLY wan’t this. It would make me the most happy human being EVER. 🙂 I love since they are nice enough to give others and not take from others <3 that really makes me happy. I just wan't to say: If I could win this giveaway that I will be so happy. #SkyForge #Giveaway

  140. I love Skyforge because it´s probably one of the first MMORPGs which were made in the west and did not fall on its nose on launch.

    • I love skyforge because skyforge is the one game that I am happy that can play ever day with out getting bored. That one game that I will be happy to give feedback about it and I am honored to play this game .THANK YOU


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