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MMOBomb, The Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment, and My.com have all teamed up to give Skyforge players a chance to win their very own Holiday Artillery Pack full of goodies! Enter below for your chance to win!

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3. Complete the following sentence: “I love Skyforge because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 30 lucky MMOBombers on December 29th 2015, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

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This code contains the following items:

● Gunner Class Unlock
● Crusader Armor Costume
● Red Heavy Power Armor Costume
● New Year Ghal Mount
● Legendary Gunner Weapon & Epic Offhand
● 30000 Argents
● 7500 Spark Replicators
● 5000 Etheral Cores


Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway.


Skyforge is a free-to-play Sci-Fi MMORPG featuring exciting dynamic combat, where players could become mighty Gods.

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Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. I love skyforge because it is a Where game there is no actual level. I Got The Feeling that it is a Real community. Three is so many tings to do. I Can play. The storyline is great. You only need one toon, that Can change in to all classes. There also comeback new content and it is a game Where you need to be in a community to actual do The endgame.

  2. I Love Skyforge because game almost everything about helping mortal-immortal i guess.You’re an immortal and you’re just helping and of course have an amazing fights 😀 trying to protect your homeworld against invaders and game have an amazing graphics atmosphere,you can change your class any time you want with open class of course you have to open the other ones first any way still it’s cool I guess because there isn’t some games that option and there is a non-target system and nice skills. I Love Skyforge…

  3. I love skyforge because, its a fresh breathe of air in a crowded and repetitive free to play mmo market. Its has so many unique features that set it appart from the pack, from the prestige system ( where you feel like you are always progressing ) to the awesome storytelling and the “all class in one system”. This game packs a huge punch and its here to stay for the long run, whether you are a hardcore player or a casual, there is content for you.

  4. I love Skyforge because it looks like a bad ass game that i want to try help me spend countless hours to help improve the game for you!

  5. I love Skyforge because its got an amazing and original class system in which changing class is as easy as clicking a button (quiet literally). Of course you must unlock this classes by working on you ascension atlas but that gives you the freedom to choose the class you want to play the most, and while you work on that class, at the same time you’re working for another class.
    Also, you get extensive character customization by choosing your skills and the talents that make those skills stronger.
    Its a really great game with extraordinary graphics and scenery, and with one of the best developer teams I’ve encountered in MMO games.
    These are most of the reasons of why I love Skyforge, The Best MMORPG Of 2015. (I think)

    I really want that pack, PLEASE!! 🙂

  6. I love Skyforge because beacue its great … and one of the best sci-fi MMORPG’s …I like MMOBOMB and I hope I win one of the keys ^^ …. good luck everyone

  7. I LOVE SKYFORGE BECAUSE : God Mode is awesome and who needs another character? It was easily one of the most talked about new MMO in quite a few circles. And those who play it love it.

  8. To ask why do I love skyforge, would be like asking why Blizzard doesn’t add content in months-it is in my nature 😀 I love skyforge because it has the best goddamn graphics amongst all mmos and is well balanced, for a f2p game.

  9. I love skyforge because its is truely proving to be something more than any MMO i have ever played may it be tera or wildstar or aion, the amount of details in-game is excellent i m truely intrigued by the work of the developers also updates seem to be comin in very often which is excellent also i havent found any glitches in the last few months since beta so all in all its an amazing game and many of my buddies are already up and running around with me :P.
    Thank you MMOBOMB for introducing me to SKyforge and more over letting me know about this amazing giveaway u guys rock 🙂 !!

  10. I Love Skyforge because it is probably the only MMO till date beyond tera,aion or rift which able to keep me wanting more and more unlike anything before the amount of detail provided for users is un-imaginable. The game exceeded my expectations as of the FTP genre but it seems truely to be FTP i m happy to say many of my freinds have also joined up after my first run through the game.
    Thankyou for the giveaway MMObomb you guys were the one who actually introduced me to skyforge anyways 😛 !!

  11. “I love Skyforge because it’s a really fun game (and it can take tones of hours from my free time , which is good since i want to do something)

  12. I love Skyforge because of the class and character customization options. It’s fun to level up and its pretty decent paced enough to keep your attention but not enough to overwhelm you.

  13. I love Skyforge because it is simply one of the best games out there. Including free to play games, buy to play games, and even subscription based games. One of the greatest and most polished games I’ve played to date.

  14. I love SkyForge because the game has infinite progression, a really great storyline for a free MMO, it’s FREE and actually good, it is not an Asian MMO that is rehashing the same mechanics and game play that the other games the company has put out use, the group and higher content can actually be difficult if played with a group that is all near the same level and can be difficult if the group does not think and react tactically.

  15. I love Skyforge because, I don’t have a mount yet and love to have one.
    I love Skyforge because, Merry X-mas and Happy New Year!
    I love Skyforge because, I LUV MMOBOMB!

  16. I love Skyforge because it is a very good game and rather decent to boot. The world is pretty, the quests are direct, and the system is reward. Auto-level sync and the game is fast, no lag, no disconnects ever that I’ve had an issue with. It had a rocky start, but honestly, I feel the game is one of the better free to play titles out there. I never wait long for dungeons, and even out in the random world, other players seem to help me because the community is still rich and actually positive.

  17. I love Skyforge because, against all odds, it’s really THE best mmo(rpg) f2p skinner-grindbox of pain out there in vast nothingness of web.

  18. I love Skyforge because this game reminded me of my little brother when i was a kid. Me and my little brother always liked to play actions games together and it was good fun old times. But after graduating high school and moving across continent isn’t easy for both of us and i really miss playing with him. When we heard the game Skyforge for the first time, i contacted my little brother and we decided to play together. Next week is my little brother’s birthday (27 December) and i wanted to give him this pack because he always wanted to play as an Archer. I really hope that i could win this giveaway since i can’t really afford to buy it for my little brother and i the last thing i wanted to say is GOOD LUCK to all of the participant in this giveaway, thank you for reading this…

  19. I love Skyforge because this game reminded me of my little brother when i was a kid. Me and my little brother always liked to play actions games together and it was good fun old times. But after graduating high school and moving across continent isn’t easy for both of us and i really miss playing with him. When we heard the game Skyforge for the first time, i contacted my little brother and we decided to play together. Next week is my little brother’s birthday (27 December) and i wanted to give him this pack because he always wanted to play as an Archer. I really hope that i could win this giveaway since i can’t really afford to buy it for my little brother and i the last thing i wanted to say is GOOD LUCK to all of the participant in this giveaway, thank you.

  20. I love Skyforge because, I have to grind for 500 hours to unlock a class I don’t want in order to unlock one later on that I do want. 🙂

  21. I love Skyforge because it brings something new to the table. It is 100% free, you never have to spend penny on the game unless you choose to. I have played it since Beta and never stopped, I’m totally hooked. Class development is amazing; It lets you learn the class step by step and always leaves you wanting to unlock more and more and become more powerful. Mechanics are smooth – you can jump, dodge, run around anytime, even if you’re in the middle of an attack. And have I mentioned how beautiful the game itself looks??

  22. I love Skyforge because this game just grab me so much that I want to stay and play it as much as I can I love the graphics, the class system, the lore and story line and the most importat (unique) thing is that I can be a GOD.

  23. I love Skyforge because is so different from the other mmos. So many classes, so many goals not only the goal how to get the best armor like in other games. And you can play with your friends even if they just started the game. In other games is all lvl related. A lvl 60 can do instance with lvl 20 unless is cleaning the dungeon for him. Like I have said so different game from other mmos.

  24. I love Skyforge because it’s a p2w, there is nothing to do but farming and doing over and over the same missions, with the sames for crappy random stats items.

  25. I love Skyforge because of 2 reason
    1 : i enjoy the action and the prestige thing instead of levelling system. The story was cool and i like the fact that there are always something to do ^_^
    2 : im probably the only dude from Malaysia who know about this game……..maybe………feel like it T_T

    P . S sorry for the bad english :3

  26. I love Skyforge because, it has fast combat system easy to play fun to play learning it is easy events and game content makes it enjoyable and more fun to play as time goes on. Its a lovely game story line is unique to your play style. loads of hours to play and gear up and master your class’s or class achievements earned in game are rewarding at times.

  27. I love Skyforge because it is just so amazingly easy to get into and get used to. The game is grindy but has the most fun grind I’ve ever played. This is by far better than any other MMORPG I’ve played because who doesn’t wan’t to be god…

  28. I love Skyforge because when I get the God Spark as a Tank, I just use the Vortex, absorb everyone and then boom.

    Godly finish.

    Match won.

  29. I love Skyforge because it gives oportunite to the new mmorpg players to just join the team and play along the others.. The game’s world is unique..non like any other’s. The only pain in the a** is that you can’t play with your favourite class from the beggining but you can get along with it. 🙂

  30. I love Skyforge because it has a superior unique gameplay and tons of interesting classes to offer! Instances in an Action MMORPG has never been more fun and exciting 🙂

  31. I love Skyforge because it’s unique to other MMOrpgs that I’ve played.
    They have three main classes you can pick and then from there, you just play the game and keeping unlocking more and more!
    The outfits are nice. Character models are nice and the voice acting isn’t too bad either.
    Plus, a game where it forces me to stay on one character is nice. XD I can actually get stuff done.
    I can enjoy every class on one character which is even better.
    Best of all? From what I’ve played, the game doesn’t seem money hungry in the slightest.
    Sure, spending money would benefit you but even free players can enjoy the game without being stressed out at the constant offers to ‘Go buy this!’ or ‘Go buy that!’ or ‘You can’t do this till you spend money!’ so that’s always appreciated. 🙂 For anyone reading, I highly recommend trying the game out.

  32. i really love skyforge because is a futuristic game, since i was a boy i love futuristic and robotic stuffs, and about the game is so beautiful, more than a visual graphics i mean, the way that we explore the maps, and obviously the combat active more than others…

  33. I love Skyforge because, it has everything that i want.. gameplay, combat system, prestige system, graphics and the most important thing here… they care about us.. not like other gamer just about money.. its the most “free” to play big mmorpg .. but its the 1st game i spent money for..! because THEY CARE ABOUT US

  34. I love SkyForge because it revived my passion for online gaming. I stopped playing MMORPG when Lineage II was pulled out for good in South East Asia as I could not bear the devastation. I resorted to console games, but even that did not fill the emptiness I had. Now, I have a new reason to be alive in the MMORPG world!

  35. Skyforge is such a good MMO!!! The grind that I do to get a class feels worth it unlike a lot of other MMOs. And you get to be a GOD who wouldn’t like a game like that? xD

  36. Man this game is awesome because every time you play whatever content its challenging and keeps u on ur toes; And man you gotta give me this pack because I just started and I really need it to get a bit close to other players

  37. I love Skyforge because it is like chicken wings and chicken wings is like family…

    No seriously, Skyforge is a great game which I’ve been playing since Closed Beta.
    Nevertheless, it is quite expensive if you try to stay competetive. This Pack would really help, to improve my character for the upcoming Pantheon wars.

  38. I love Skyforge because it’s unique, it’s something new on the market and it’s an mmo that definitely suits me.
    Unlocking new classes, nodes and farming sparks is fun and not tiring in this game, pvp is really fun aswell!

  39. I love Skyforge because it’s a breath of fresh air. While it still has the feeling of an MMORPG, it’s clearly a somewhat original idea. Although there still are things left to polish, the game is above and beyond what one could expect from a free to play game. It has given me many hours of entertainment! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. I love Skyforge because it’s kinda unique in its own way, featuring stuff that most MMO’s out there don’t. And I enjoy playing it daily, LIKE A BOSS! 😉

  41. I love Syforge Because that game is full of possibilitys and the community is awesome 😀 what more can i say one of the best games i have played

  42. I love Skyforge because it introduced the idea of playing a God – you experience your new powers as you progress through the game, it also has a unique gameplay atmosphere and I love it. Also the idea of being able to ascend is just pure awesomeness. 😀

  43. “I love Skyforge because it is an awesome game and it is designed in such a way that we really feel like a god and the systems and the story is massively built and suits perfectly like that of gameplay. There are no words to express about the graphics of the game it is amazing and awesome and unbelievable and what can I say about places like lanber forest , Naori island………its Awesome !

  44. I love skyforge because it is such a unique game with awesome mechanics, a cool storyline, and the ability to become a god!

  45. I Love Skyforge because of the uniqueness on the battle system and the beautiful graphics on the open worlds while helping the villagers with their requests. The costumes are also very nice. Ice skating is also fun in the Park area. I also like the Skills on how they have Multi-functions :D.

  46. I love Skyforge because every day is a new experience. There are so many ways to play: lots of instances, 5-mans, classes, talents, you can play online with 3 other people, solo it, or get your friends together for an instance, and you can always just hang out in the park and participate in whatever holiday festivities are going on. I also love how fast-paced it is compared to other MMOs. I literally cant play it on my laptop, its so fast paced. I love the difficulty scaling as well. Pros can play alongside noons and everyone has fun. Its not too easy or too hard for anybody, unless you solo, which makes sense.

  47. I Love Skyforge because of the amazing graphics, unique game fight style, and the combination of being able to play all the classes as you unlock them. You’re a god in Skyforge, and can never die, and its always great playing with friends!

  48. I love Skyforge because it takes what a lot of MMO’s have done, and almalgamates the fantastic features together. The class system of FFXIV, the action combat of Tera, the sci-fi and hud feel of Destiny. All of that, and it does it right, the story is engaging and of course in an industry full of games that don’t deliver it’s the right price, and it delivers!

    Happy Holidays and best of luck to all!

  49. I love SkyForge because it’s unlimited gameplay value. I’ve played millions of MMO’s and a lot of other kinds of games like this even paid ones but this one is the best one I’ve ever played. I hope I win.

  50. I Love Skyforge because it is beautiful and very good , they managed to make a beautiful game , good and still run on any PC … I started playing this week and I am amazed with the game, with all those abilities , effects, classes … Even if not gain can be sure that I will play for long. Congratulations created by the beautiful game .
    If they want to give me a ‘ ‘m very grateful.
    Sorry for the English , I ‘m Brazilian .

  51. I love Skyforge because i just love it. easy as that. a game where you can progress and progress. grow your character stronger and stronger. the community is great and not to mention the graphic and unique game play style. Best mmorpg ever!

  52. I love Skyforge because i just love it. 🙂 you always progress and build your character stronger and stronger. its a very unique mmorpg and the community is great!

  53. I love Skyforge because… It is a very enertaining game to play. Everything from the combat to the interaction with the world is smooth. Not to mention the community in this game is actually very active and friendly. I really enjoy meeting people throughout my travels in game and experiencing the game with them, it adds another level of interest and fun.

  54. !!!! I love Skyforge because because being a god is OP but being a destroyer god with big guns (ehem Jinx ehem…) its much more OP ¡¡¡¡¡

  55. I love Skyforge because .. I have to pay attention, learn my mechanics, learn the enemy mechanics, and actually play this videogame-ass-videogame, and I can go from getting facerolled to losing zero health on the same boss fight with no gear change

  56. I love skyforge because the feel of how it flows with your movements, the environment is so vibrant and the over play of the game is great it always makes me want more

  57. I Love Skyforge because this game so mobile, farming all class with 1 character its awesome also being GOD… There is no discription, you have to feel that taste….it’s have very unique gameplay that i want to play with my Friends,like gods system. I recommend this sci-fi mmorpg to everyone

  58. I love Skyforge because of the unique style of the game, combat system and how much choice I have got in the game and how much it could be.

  59. love Skyforge because i can be a god in this universe, i can be all the class, and i can be an inmortal
    and because i love the combat and graphycs style.

  60. I love Skyforge because no other game has given me the opportunity of being a beautiful short girl running around with claws that shoot slime at people. 10/10

  61. I love Skyforge and have loved it since the beginning of the OB, truely one of the best game out there atm with a unique new style, and ofcourse it i dont get bored of it since im still playing it.

    Good luck to everyone.

  62. I love Skyforge because gives players the opportunity to walk the hero’s path, is an action MMORPG set in a fantasy universe and you can become a god and save the Earth from destruction.

  63. I love Skyforge because when i get upset from the people in my real life world i just go in skyforge meet my pantheon Friends then i just forget about everything and be happy again ^^

  64. I love SkyForge because it´s an unique game with an unique experience and an unique gameplay. If you play this game you will never forget the feeling…

  65. I love Skyforge because it has fun gameplay, lots of content variety already and classes each with their own diverse styles of play.

  66. I love Skyforge because, it is a unique spin from the normal direction MMO’s take. MMO’s as of late have all gone the route of Levels, single character classes, and things of the like. Skyforge goes and changes that to allowing you to switch from one class to another on a dime, so long as you’ve unlocked it. It can be repetitive but it is a very good game with a lot of possibilities for the way it can be taken.

  67. I love Skyforge because have unique game play that i want to play it without boring, with my friends, and have all characters (13) in only one hit away and don’t need to get out of game to change class, even in dungeons.
    The most reason i love Skyforge is that its online game of Future mmorpgs and its not Pay to win to go end game.
    And thank you mmobomb for that opportunity to us that we don’t have to pay for packs to give us a chance to get one pack free.

  68. I love Skyforge because it’s a really fun MMO. It’s one of my favorite games and I think it’ll stay that way. Game is really pretty, combat is dynamic, not like most of MMOs where you just click on enemy and spam attack. Game has some good boss battles, which is suprising for me, because most other games I played had terrible bosses, this game handels that really well. It also helped me make some new friends and I’m grateful about that. I haven’t found a single flaw in the game. All of that is why I love Skyforge.

  69. I love Skyforge because the classes and the posibility to switch between them. Also its very easy to find many new friends because of the awesome community there.

  70. I love Skyforge because it’s exactly what I’m looking for in an MMO, it has that perfect level of grinding and teamwork, with a perfect amount of action and character customization.

  71. I love Skyforge because of the progression system as well as it’s gear when it comes to leveling up. Instead of getting gear that’s different stats it’s simply a game of numbers and RNG so sure the cosmetics for it aren’t unique but if you want a piece of gear with a specific effect you can just do a dungeon again and try to get it.

  72. I love Skyforge but, I really hate Skyforge because of these types of giveaways. “I love Skyforge because…”. Like come on, it’s not like Allods really reads these comments nor will maybe some pr employee will but that’s about it. MMOBomb, if they don’t tell you to do these types of giveaways(which I guess they do) then don’t do them, just stick to the same old. That’s what people like. I hope atleast that I speak for the majority of the community. But then again that is not certain.
    Happy Holidays MMOBomb


  73. I love Skyforge because, it’s an excellent MMO. The fact that you have so many clases to chose and regions to explore it’s one of it’s strongest suits. Another strong suit is the fact that the gameplay and graphics are really enjoyable.

    Thank you for the great giveaway MMOBOMB! I will tell all my friends about your giveaways.

  74. I Love skyforge because simply put it is the besst MMO to date. It has an expansive character tree with multiple class, making the need to have multiple characters obsolete. It has excellent gameplay mechanics, the battle system is top notch especially with how varied the classes are. Plus I love the myhos they went with for the base storyline.

  75. I love Skyforge because, it offers a new great game style, a unique way of unlock new classes and skills. I also like the play style but of coarse love to just blow enemies up, can’t go wrong with big weapons and or just using magic to kill.

  76. I love Skyforge because this game is one of the best mmorpg games i have ever played. I first started as WOW player but then i saw Skyforge and I thought about playing this game but it was on CBT so i was depressed. Then i got a key from a friend and I started playing the game. It is really a funny game I love it and if I can get a key it will help me so much. So this is it I hope for luck!

  77. I love Skyforge because, it’s something new to play and it’s a game. I give all games at least a few hours game play and this one appeals out to me. 🙂

  78. I love Skyfore because it just is the best game in 2015 for me . You can play all classes earlier test as it is. For me skyforge one has become my favorite games . Simply a top game with a nice graphics and good classes . ^^

  79. I love Skyforge because of a few games I have played they DO listen to players! the more I play the game the more I see how much they care about every single detail they try to make better for everyone. Last time I entered and said some words of how much I liked the game so I guess this time I just want to be a bit more thorough about the subject. To be honest I have read bad and good stuff about the game but in my opinion to all new players, go and try it out before listening to anything anyone has to day. The entire ideo of been immortal was a bit huge for me, but after you get used to an entire popultaion of them you start to feel normal so the game doesnt go over yor head lol. I feel important to the community thanks to the Pantheons (guilds). I enjoy very much the Necromancer and warlok class and wold also be nice to try the other two classes. I thank the MMO team for giving this oportunity to players and also My.Com games for gicing those keys to them. I said it once and I will say it again, really good job, and please keep it coming!!

  80. I love skyforge because it doens’t need a lot of farm but at the same time reaching high prestige levels you need to deeply know your class to reach needed dps to clear Dungeons/Raids etc.
    It is mostly focused on guild cooperation from donation needed to upgrade building to coordination to clear thing like Avatars and Distortion.
    And… let’s be honet who don’t like be a God?

  81. I love Skyforge because with holiday fast approaching, many people are thinking about ways to spend the time . Let’s the play begin SKYFORGE

  82. I love Skyforge because there are so many classes and it is one of the best mmo i play so far i adore playing it with my Friends/family and they love it to and the game look very good and plays good . Merry Christmas xoxoxo

  83. I love Skyforge because it is a great game love the people that i have met and i am in a great panthain and most of all i wish to stay with they game for a long time

  84. I love Skyforge because the game offers an experience that is fun and exciting to enjoy. This game is one of my favorites just for the fact that the classes that you have to choose from are fun and adapt to the play style you need based on what you put into the skill trees.

  85. I love Skyforge because….It doesn’t matter in what kind of way I describe my love here as it is futile and I’ll never get a key. So heads up, we are not alone!

  86. I love Skyforge because … well actually i dont like it, but I like to try it again with some other classes that are locked for me (Gunner)

  87. I love skyforge because , Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof
    Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
    Because I’m happy, Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
    Because I’m happy, Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do


  88. I love Skyforge because its not like every other mmorpg. It has better skills which are beautifuller animated, the world you play is much bigger and more authentic designed and also the caracter models are very cool. Actually i lover the sci-fi setting in the game. Much better than a setting of orks, elfes or demons.

    Mfg Dario alias Velo ciRaptor

  89. I love skyforge because of the sci-fi action based combat that you dont really see around today, games tend to go down the route of modern day things, but with this game you are set a far distant future which has robots! >:D

  90. I love Skyforge because, its different from most free to play it combines a game with a grinding game and have very unique gameplay that i want to play with my Friends,like gods system. I recommend this sci-fi mmo to everyone.

  91. I love Skyforge because, its artstyle its gameplay its incomparable gaming atmosphere, skyforge is by far my favorite game this year. Not only the game is awesome also the kind community, the players the support. I only had good experiences and fun with this game. It has lived up to my expectetions, thats why its my favourite game. Also its the only game that I love and will always love for the facinating experiences that i gathered. I love you Skyforge.

  92. I love Skyforge because it’s probably only one true free to play MMO (you really can buy anything in the shop without spending real money). And of course the combat system is really great (plus the possibility to play different classes). It has one big minus though – it’s highly addictive:)

  93. I love Skyforge because it gives me the chance to unlock and play all klasses. It also has a nice world and an unique story. The grafik ist very impressiv too. I totally love the combat system, it feels just good to fight in Skyforge.
    The option of gettin a god is a huge plus, you feel very strong and powerful at this moments.
    Phanteons are also a big plus in Skyforge. You can reach things al lot easier an faster then whitout a phanteon. And I’m really looking forward to the phanteon wars.
    Last but not least there is one wish I have for Skyforge in the future:
    Please allow immortals and gods to swim, I would love this so much.

  94. I love skyforge because it has nice graphics and I get to be a giant god like a boss and get to like squash everything mwahaha.

  95. I love Skyforge because it’s a game that takes time to accomplish things. Took me a while to get used to the way things worked but when I did I started racking up the points. Plus I just love the way the combat works. All the dodging and button mashing. All together a great game for solo or with friends.

  96. I Love Skyforge because this game so mobile, farming all class with 1 character its awesome also being GOD… There is no discription, you have to feel that taste….


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