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MMOBomb and Hi-Rez Studios have teamed up again to give our users 15 premium SMITE god codes. Each code will automatically grant Thor, Medusa or Vulcan, as well as their alternate color skin, when redeemed in game. To get a exclusive code, you just need to follow the instructions below:

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How to get a SMITE God Code:

1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and submit your email below to get free alerts on upcoming giveaways, we promise not to spam and, of course, you can always “unsubscribe” at any time! If you already follow MMOBomb giveaways via email you can skip step 1 and 2.


2. Check your email and locate the confirmation email. Click on the Confirmation Link in the Email to Complete Your Sign Up.

3. Choose one god and complete the following sentence: “I want to be (Thor, Medusa or Vulcan) because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 15 lucky MMOBombers on April, 15 (2015), we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.
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Lucky Winners:

Coming soon on April, 15 (2015)

– Randomer
– mk17009
– Alonso
– Eric2580
– buggy
– lexie65
– sadra

– crilens
– Anovultion
– Candy
– WeilerOriginal
– Gar.Goyle
– BeXWolf


Results may take a few days to be announced after the end of the giveaway.


  1. I want Medusa because is the god to i allways want in the game from the start, i am a big fan from this mitology

  2. I would like to be Vulcan becasue he uses fire based attacks. Fire is my favorite element and he also looks AWESOME. Besides I want a new god to take me to lvl 30 that i can also enjoy playing as. 😀

  3. I want to be Vulcan so i can burn my victims with my cannon and give them a false escape and as they run away i will crush their dreams with my artillery and laugh all the way back to the shop with my new pile of gold. >:D

  4. I want to be Vulcan because i love his pure destructive power with his ult and the turret which gets me alot of kills

  5. I want to be Vulcan because I want to visit Active Volcanoes around the world.
    V – Vesuvius (Italy)
    U – Ulawun (Papua New Guinea)
    L – Lakagigar (Iceland)
    C – Cotopaxi (Ecuador)
    A – Avachinsky-Koryaksky (Russia)
    N – Niragongo (Democratic Republic of Congo)

  6. I want to be Medusa because I am a huge fan of geology. She can turn anything into….
    M – Marble
    E – Epidosite
    D – Diatomite
    U – Umbalite
    S – Sandstone
    A – Argillite

  7. I want to be Medusa because when I look her goldy eyes, she makes me rock hard, if you know what I say… ;P

  8. I want to be Thor because he is one of my favorite and I don’t have one skin of thor … I only have the voice pack so I want to have at least one skin of him.

  9. I want to be Vulcan, with the War skin and the reason is that I love vulcan i lately got into him and i want to master him up to X and atm I have no skin for him and it would be nice to get Vulcan war skin for free. (why I should get it… I mean i want it prob. as much as everyone els do that likes vulcan so I am not any special but it would be nice if i get him)

  10. I want to be Thor because dad would give me a raise on my allowance, but I have to baby sit my brother. And its annoying because he keeps touching my stuff.

  11. I wish to become Medusa so that I may strike fear into the hearts of enemies with my…. STONY GAZE! Hehe… see what I did there?

  12. I want to claim Vulcan and his exquisite skin because I am personally really fond of ancient Rome, especially their Gods, and seeing that I really admire fire and forge-related things, Vulcan has by far become my favorite playable God in Smite.
    I would love to see myself roaming the battlegrounds in this particular and very in-context outfit for Vulcan, and show off to my clan members and real life friends!
    It would be a great pleasure to be able to crush enemies with Vulcan’s viscous hammer, and launch a few missiles as a bonus!

  13. I want to be Medusa because she’s like my sister but better… because she hides that ugly face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. I want to be Medusa because I can see her true beauty behind her mask. <3 I love her lore btw, I recommend to read/watch it 🙂

  15. I want to be Vulcan because if I ever play as Vulcan, somebody should call 911 because I’ll be fire burning on the battle floor.

  16. I want Vulcan due to him being very interesting in the Roman pantheon(Also in his Greek form) and he sounds like he would be a very interesting character to play in Smite.

  17. I want to be (Thor, Medusa and Vulcan) because …. As this might Thor i would be able to beat chops all day long .. a Medusa pretty Medusa she would can those chops turn to stone Than Vulcan would have his ammunition ;p

  18. I want to be Medusa because having dreads makes me think of them being snakes and also I am pretty new to the game and would like a nice new god to show off.

  19. I want to be Medusa, because i have phoby of Snakes and i want to beat that phoby so i’m gonna play with her and start to love snakes.

  20. I want to be Medusa because I want to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies while I help my teammates to victory.

  21. i want to be vulcano because the fire in my vains scream with anger, my hamer wants destroy my enemies, mi prostetic leg wants to kick my oponents. to fulfill my destiny. to become legend.

  22. I want Medusa and Vulcan because I need new gods to play since I have kinda run out of gods that I actually enjoy playing

  23. When the Gods of Rome ride chariots across the sky, it is Vulcan that made them. When they reach for weapons to wield in battle, it is Vulcan that forged them. When the very earth rumbles and mountains erupt in searing flame, it is Vulcan’s rage that burns. Smith of the Gods, Vulcan crafts with fire and forge as an artist would with paint and brush.

    As an infant, so hideous was Vulcan that his disgusted mother, Juno, cast him into the sea from the heights of Mount Olympus. So great was the fall, it smashed one of Vulcan’s legs, a wound from which he would never recover. Beneath the waves, a sea nymph, Thetis, rescued the child-god and raised him as her own. As Vulcan grew, he ventured to the surface and discovered fire and the art of smithing. His natural talents emerged and he forged wondrous jewels for his adopted mother.

    Summoned to a gala on Mount Olympus, Thetis wore Vulcan’s glittering gifts, but when Juno discovered Vulcan had made them, she jealously demanded he return to Mount Olympus. Angrily, Vulcan refused. In his stead, he sent a magnificent throne of gold and gems that imprisoned Juno when she sat upon it.

    For three days Juno was so entombed, and would have remained so had not Jupiter, Vulcan’s father, interjected. To Vulcan he offered an exchange, Juno’s freedom for the hand of Venus, the most beautiful Goddess of Love. Vulcan agreed.

    Though his vengeance was served cold, the fire of spite still burns in Vulcan’s chest. Unable to truly forgive, he loses himself at the forge. None of the wondrous chariots, jewelry or weapons he crafts can ever fill the hurt in his heart, but each one is worthy of a God.

  24. I have want Vulcan since I was nine years old. I loved Smite so much. I had all the Hi-Rez merchandise and games. I pray to Vulcan every night before bed, thanking him for the life I’ve been given. “Vulcan is love,” I say, “Vulcan is life.” My dad hears me and calls me a casual. I knew he was just jealous of my devotion to Shrek. I call him a noob. He hax me and sends me to sleep. I’m crying now. My account is banned. I lay in bed, feeling cold. A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me. It’s Vulcan. I’m so happy. He whispers in my ear “This is my game.” He grabs my laptop with his powerful Vulcan hands and flips it open. It is ready. I turn my computer on for Vulcan. He slaps my hand away It hurts so much, but I allow it for Vulcan. I can see my computer glowing as my eyes start to water. I grab my glowing laptop. I want to help Vulcan. He roars a mighty roar as he un-bans my account with his love. My dad walks in. Vulcan looks him in the eye and says “You Vulcan’t hack.” He smashes through my window.

    Vulcan is love. Vulcan is life.

  25. I want to be Thor because he is part of Marvel superheroes characters, and he is really respected, much studied part of mithology. He is very unique God in Smite with unique playstyle. He is 2in1 God, tank and damage, he is OP even if not fed, and his father is Odin the Allfather, which says everything. He was my inspiration from my early age, there was a lot bullying in my school on a lot newbies, so I always felt strong when I knew he “exists”, I always had his little figure in my bag as protector from everything. Thor is my mithologycal inspiration. Thanks Thor, I dont care too much for that giveaway I just wanned to share my opinion and let yoh know how much can something that yoh dont knkw thaz exists inspire you and make you stronger! 🙂

  26. I want to be Thor to bring the wrath of Valhalla upon my foes and to have that glorious electrifying six pack, ladies looove them shocky abs.

  27. I want to be Medusa because i love how the designers recreated the deadly gorgone, and i really want to play with her. Lurking in the arena and petrifying minions xD

  28. i want to be Medusa because she needs love and i got the love sun glasses so i can stare at her beautiful eyes all thanks to Aphrodite

  29. i want to be vulcan beacuse that skin is awesome and so good god to play.and medusa cuz who doesnt wants to make stones out of enemies and be the god of stone 😀

  30. I want to get a skin on Thor since it was new and very nice skin,and I hope to become the happy owner of this beautiful skin!

  31. I want to be Vulcan because I wanna be able to yell out “Erecting A Sentry!” as soon as the team fight starts.

  32. I want to be Vulcan because he is bald and cool, also he has a robot leg and hand which makes him cooler, also I wanna win something :3

  33. I want to be Medusa, because she is the new god and i love the story of Medusa, she’s a very interesting god

  34. i want to be medusa beacuse me and my friend are playing all the time and every time that new god come out we say who buy it and now its my turn to take medusa i would like to get her good luck everyone.

  35. I want to be Thor because…
    Come on who don’t want to be a God of Thunder.

    When he thor throws Mjolnir forward noone can deny his power.
    Great char

  36. I wanna be Vulcan so I could 420 blaze it in game , and if I will succeed doing a 420 blaze it I will open my smite clan and own noons . thanks mmobomb!

  37. I want to be Medusa because i think she is maybe one of the strongest hunters in game with her ultimate skill she can really have big contribution in team fights. And i main hunters in Smite

  38. I would like to play as Medusa because who doesn’t want to turn a god to stone and kill them in the form of a snake!

  39. I want to be Medusa because there is nothing like being a serpent woman with a poison bow to battle against other gods

  40. I want to be Vulcan because I want to rain hell over my enemies.He is one of the most fun gods and I’d love to have a skin for him.

  41. I want to be Medusa because she is op and is a new god and i like her ult it makes the enemy a stone statue of you kill them

  42. I want to be Meduse because i would like you to look at my beautiful eyes during the battle and feel humiliation because it is a beautiful statue now!

  43. I want to be medusa because I would love to have free statues in my yard. I would like to be terrifying too! Mwahahahaha.

  44. I want to claim Vulcan and his exquisite skin because I am personally really fond of ancient Rome, especially their Gods, and seeing that I really admire fire and forge-related things, Vulcan has by far become my favorite playable God in Smite.
    I would love to see myself roaming the battlegrounds in this particular and very in-context outfit for Vulcan, and show off to my clan members and real life friends!
    It would be a great pleasure to be able to crush enemies with Vulcan’s viscous hammer, and launch a few missiles as a bonus!

  45. I would love to have this amazing god due to all the fun that she allows me to give. I’ve been playing Smite for over 2 years now and I’d like to say that Medusa has made this spark in me light on fire. Having this god would be awesome and I hope I win! Thank you

  46. I want to be Thor because he is so expensive and i cant buy him just i want him to much plz give me the codeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  47. i want to be medus so i can show of my dreadlocks of snake while hissing the song i whip my hair back and forth

  48. i want vulcan beacuse is the best skin iv seen for vulcan im glad he got a skin whic it represents him soo yea good job hirez keep up whit these skins

  49. I want to be Medusa because she can suck off a whole room of dudes, or give you head and eat out your ass at the same time… BONUS!

  50. I want to be Thor because he is using badass hammer called Mjolnir and his damage when throwing it is really superb.

    • I want a suit on the Thor because I love them to play and he’s very strong character and very nice site ^_^

  51. want to be (Thor, Medusa or Vulcan) because… To make things clear If i could get just one character with skin than I would choose Medusa without any doubt Medusa Is the character that I’ve awaited to smite and I always hoped to see her in game and I always hoped that with her I can payback Athena I heard Medusa’s story before and it was nothing new to hear when at the god reveal it has been introduced but Now that she is here I would be more than happy to have her In game finally I’ll be able to give her a path to redemtion or a path to revenge but I would payback Athena anyway of course Artemis will always be my favorite Godess in Smite but still now I just want to see Medusa in action of course I would be happy to get Vulcan as well because he always looked so amazing and he always looked like the guy who actually able to take care of every enemy in game sadly i never had the time to get him and Thor well I actually have Thor so I would only get a skin for him if I would choose him well he was my 2nd character that I’ve managed to get in smite at the closed beta and he is still my 2nd main character and the reason is because there was Hades as well so yep he is still much more op like character in game so i have my own reasons why Hades is my 1st main character…… but if I would have to choose between Medusa or Vulcan or The skin For Thor well I would have to choose Medusa

  52. I want to be Medusa because i want to poison everyone while slithering away form my enemy. She is an ideal God to dominate the arena.

  53. I want to be Thor for he is the almighty god who may be more developed than other gods, skill-wise. The character art for Thor is extremely well done and I expect for it to be the same on the game. I have always wanted to be Thor ever since he was released on the game. Gameplay with Thor must literally be “lightning”.

  54. I want to be Medusa because i like her and i played her free and was really OP and thats the only and last god i need to master.

  55. Best controls, other mobas unplayable with mouse only controls, anyway all mobas sux because of repetetive one map pvp over and over and over, pure boredom, zero rpg elements, all shit u level or buy u cant keep, repetetive boring SHIT for brainless!

  56. I want to be Vulcan because he is one of the most amazing god because he use explosive which is one of the most amazing skills and heavy artillery. So i really want Vulcan.

  57. I want to be medusa because i want to have that ssssssssssssweet sssssssswaggish sssssslither of hers.Not even Agni can handle that much sssssssssswag

  58. I want to be Medusa cuz even though Athena cursed her to become ugly, i want to give her justice by playing her nicely.

  59. I want to be Vulcan because he is the God that grants all other Gods their main weapon. Without him, the Gods would be hopeless against attacks from the titans. Without them, they wouldn’t be able to control their respective elements. And finally, without Vulcan, all of the Roman Gods would not be able to participate in the SMITE game. Also Vulcan is the name of Spock’s race in Star Trek so that’s cool.

  60. I want to be Vulcan Because he would be a totally new experience for me considering i never played him before. He also looks amazing i like the way his style look because its very steam punk like.

  61. I want to be Thor because, Thor is my favorite god in SMITE it’s my main god, and also iv’e got three masteries with him and this skin is soo epic and i want it.

  62. I want to be Vulcan because his ability to deal with the mechanics of complex systems like the integration of the steam flux in the… STOP! Hammer time!

  63. I want to be Vulcan because, his Tier 2 skin looks absolutely stunning. I really like the mechanical look on him and his body is like made out of meteors. I also like his Loading Card, it kind of shows how superior he think he is.

  64. I want to be Vulcan because he is one of most fun gods to play in Smite in my opinion and can be very versatile and take tany roles on the battlefield .
    I love his new skin , it makes him look ready to face any challenge in that gladiator skin .

  65. I want to be Thor because he is my favorite god in the game since he was first released, i just love his ability set. And also i really love the Thor movies and imagining being him through the game is literally “godlike”.


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