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2. Check your email and locate the confirmation email. Click on the Confirmation Link in the Email to Complete Your Sign Up.

3. Complete the following sentence: “I need (insert God’s name you would like to win here) skin because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for MMOBomb with. This is really important, if you do it with another email you won’t be eligible to receive your prize.

We’ll select the 30 lucky MMOBombers on July 20th, 2016, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

Share if you like this giveaway!
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This code contains the following items:

• Alternate skin for 1 of three gods.


1. Codes are limited to one use per account.
2. Codes can be used on PC or Console, but if you want to redeem it on consoles you have to wait until the Mid Season patch comes to your console. If you redeem your key on your PC, you only get the skin on PC.


SMITE is a third person MOBA published by Hi-Rez Studios. Unlike other MOBAs, SMITE places the camera in a third person perspective behind the god. This allows for a unique playing experience since a player can only view what is in front of them, allowing an enemy to sneak up from behind for a gank. Players must also use the mouse to manually aim all their abilities and auto attacks.


  1. I need Fenrir skin because i am pretty good in him and would like to get a skin from our savior MMOBomb 🙂

  2. I need Skadi’s skin because I love playing as Skadi and it would be nice to play if i have a good skin for Skadi

  3. Hello! I would very much like Jing Wei The Oathkeeper me very intrigued her water magic and passive ability to fly ^_^ Would like to Jing Wei Reborn skin I love her smile! green and brown is simply the perfect combination to make her look perfectly <3

  4. i need fenrir skin becuse he is one of my favorite gods in SMITE i really want the skin becuse the skins for gods i like in the game are exclusive and i cant get them so i want this skin.GOOD LUCK TO EVRYONE 🙂

  5. I need skadi skin because she is my favorite hunter and I can’t afford to buy skins. This would be an amazing gift for me and the most fun hunter in the game.

  6. I need Skadi skin because she is the coolest hunter of them all and I really would like to have a skin for her. ^-^

  7. I need Skadi skin because she brought me back in Smite when I was drained out by it. She’s just so amazing and fun to play with

  8. I need Fenrir because he’s one of my favourite God’s to play in arenas and he’s AWESOME and I’d want Fenrir to be my first skin.

  9. I need (Sun Wukong because I loved all his Chinese movies and tv show and love to smash with a 17,550 lbs staff) 孙悟空=Sun Wukong

  10. I need Erlang Shen skin because lets show the others that Sun Wukong is not the only one who transforms in the battleground. Lets bury ’em all in the arena. For the Empire!

  11. need Fenrir’s skin because he is one of my favorite gods to play as, the skin looks amazing, and i don’t have any nice skins for him.

  12. I need Fenrir skin because when i play a god, i like to imagine that different skins are different stages of the god – every skin brings a growth of the power to the god. Fenrir is one of my favourite gods and i need this skin so i can proceed from “the lowest power level” (which is standard skin) to the over 9000 level which is the Metal Carnage skin! I think that the skin i want is a perfect bridge between the standard skin and the Metal Carnage skin, becasue it has a few metalic elements – a stage of upgrading a normal wolf into full machine wolf!

  13. I need Fenrir skin because he is my main and he is super fun to play.
    Also everyone knows that SKINS GET WINS!!!
    (So can I please get the code for the Fenrir skins)

  14. OH SHI WADDUP! I NEED skadi skin becuase skadi and her trusty wolf is my main ranged attacker. You know what people say; Skins get wins. PLEASE could I get the skadi skin.

    Much love.

  15. I’d like to win Fenrir’s skin ’cause, how else can you create a Ragnarok if not with those powerful iron claws.. lol

  16. I need erlang shen cuz i call him “the new god” cause the name is impronunciable, but i don’t know how i will call him at the next god release

  17. I need Fenrir skin because i am very strong god , and i want this skin. And another . All skins . Give me anyone and i can get you my Greatfull Book of Gods . This is highest reward in the world . Good Luck!

  18. I need Skadi skin because I like my woman ice cold like herself plus the fact that she fights with a loyal wolf by her side makes her one interesting woman to fight besides on the battlefield.

  19. I need ski patrol skadi skin but i have currency issue where i would have to spend 100 Trinidad dollars for it because of where i’m from

  20. I need Skadi’s skin because I just bought her to learn play her and I think this skin whould be perfect motivation to main her

  21. I need Fenrir skin because…i want him,because i like to play assassin and he can do Michael Jackson’s dances 😀

  22. I need fenrir skin because it looks great and it was one of the first gods i ever played and it would be awesome to continue jumpscaring my opponents on the battlefield, but with a new and fresh look 😀

  23. i need skins because fenrir is my favourite god to play with and skadi is pretty bad ass too as for shen its always nice to get a skin for another god i own other than that i’m out of gems and its a game i love to play

  24. I need Skadi’s skin because i wrote a poem about her <3
    Skadi's heart is cold as ice,
    she can play, but she ain't nice.

    When you see Kaldr, you better not cry,
    cause it will be too late to say your goodbye.

    When you see her in the jungle your better start running,
    cause then you know – winter is coming.

  25. I need Erlang Shen’s Skin because i have played with his kit on my friends account and i find it fascinating. The way you can combo all your moves together can be a very annoying threat to the enemies.

  26. I need ERLANG SHEN skin because i dont have this god, and he looks amazing with that skin, an i want to play with him

  27. I need Fenrir skin because is my favorite god in SMITE and my first god that i bought in game,i have a lot of fun to play with him! Give me Iron Maw skin to keep Fenrir’s fang away from you!

  28. I need Skadi skin because it is one of my favorite goddesses and I want to continue freezing and biting my enemies

  29. I need Erlang Shen skin because… it wo uld give me a new oppurtunity to play the game and its a small stone into making me want to play the game actively again.

  30. I need Erlang Shen skin because it adds on to my collection of gods to learn and master plus i would love to win one of these giveaways also!! Good luck to all!

  31. I need Erlang Shen’s skin because he is a new god and i am eager to play him, mainly because even though he can be played as a warrior (sturdy defenses) he is fun to play as an assassin as well, and it is most probable that this is how he will be used, as it happened with nemesis (started off as a warrior but she was later on classified as an assassin)

  32. I need Skadi skin because i never have enough gems or money to buy them and always seem to have horrible luck, this skin will make me very happy

  33. I need Skadi skin because… I’m a huge fan of the norse culture, I really like this one in particular. Hail Odin.

  34. I need the Shen skins because i have fun in this game but i dont wat to pay money for a online game and the next is when i can win a skins so why not try it 😀

  35. I need ERLANG SHEN skin because he is 1 of 10 china god i love most . with great skill set Hi-Rez make for him , i can show my playskill with other player and let them see how powerful ERLANG SHEN (because some stupid play just keep say “Wukong it’s better then ERLANG SHEN” , with your key i can show them who is the best , Wukong or ERLANG SHEN

    -Some Word for MMOBomber : i did’t say i don’t like Wukong , i have really great time when play with him . So hope nobody miss understanden what i say here . it’s u still think wrong my word , i sorry <3

  36. I need Skadi skin because I’m always on the hunt for a new look when I’m playing my favorite gods which are always hunters and it’s about time I win something!!

  37. I need Erlang Shen’s skin because spears and turtles and dogs and that color scheme of gold, purple and cyan? How is it not effin awesome? 😀

  38. I need skin for Skadi, because she has incredible mechanics with her wolf i don’t own her but i want to and coming with and her coming with an epic skin would be even nicer!

  39. I would love Fenrir’s skin because I would love to have a nice skin to enhance my aesthetics while playing.

  40. I need Erlang Shen skin because he is a new character that i don’t own and i’d like to test him. Also the skin isn’t that bad just for a recolor! Maybe after trying him in some games he’ll be my new main? Who knows? We need to check it! 🙂

  41. I need the Iron Maw skin for Fenrir because i love the god and to play with it but i have no skins for it and wining it would be a realy nice change

  42. I need Ski Patrol Skadi because i love this skin. It makes me happy and i have the same dog at home. His name is Cairo.

  43. I need Erlang Shen skin because, God because it is very rough and it would seem at least a second warrior. VVGL all

  44. I need Fenrir skin because it looks awesome and it looks better than the other 2 in my opinion and i plan on playing assassins in the future 😀

  45. I need Fenrir skin because he always was my favorite and ever since i got banned on my main account on smite for no reason even though i paid moeny for gems and stuff i’m now trying to get back to the game and trying to gain what i have lost. and it would be a great help if i can wien not just fenrir but at least all 4 skins but even 1 skin would be appreciated.

  46. I need Erlang Shen skin because hes the newest god joining smite so i would like to give him try + i love how everyone is alling him : Her long schlong xdddd

  47. Hy please send me one key im love that game and im a youtuber and record this game everyone :3
    my favor character Fenrir *p* *-* pls only one key need :3

  48. I would like to get the skin to Fenrir because I really like it and to me it looks very sweet. I know it’s weird but it is similar to my dog ​​xD

  49. I need Frostbound Skadi skin because I adore Skadi and her whole kit. It would be awesome to have a good skin for her.

  50. I need the Fenrir skin because I have almost all of his skins and that skin is the only one that I don’t have.

  51. I need the Fenrir skin because my fiancée is infatuated with smite and I would love to enable this hobby of hers that we share. As they say happy wife happy life!

  52. I need Skadis skin because I love playing adc and playing with skins is much more fun but since I don’t have money to spend on skins I don’t have many skins so I would be really happy if I got this one. 🙂

  53. I need a Skadi skin because everyone wants a new set of clothes before going hunting in the mountains and skiing.

  54. I need Erlang Shen skin because after capturing a Dragon and re-routing a river is hard work, a new set of threads is the least that can be asked for.

  55. I need Fenrir’s skin because Ragnarök is around the corner and I want to look my best for when I kill Odin

  56. I need Fenrir Fenrir skin because … is a very good god. Easy, and Hard. You can go jungle and assassin. I love wolves and Fenrir very easily surpasses

  57. I need skadi skin because… I begin on Smite and i like skadi.
    I need fenrir skin because…. This god is beautiful.
    I need erlang shen because… Is the new god, i really want to play it, and who knows, maybe do my best.


  58. I need Fenrir’s Iron Maw skin because the skin looks awesome, I love the colors! 😀 Also it is the closest to Ragnarok 🙂

  59. I need Skadi’s skin because i mained the crap outta her when she came out and got my first penta kill with her ^^

  60. I need Skadi skin because… I really like her as a character since she was made I kinda came back to Smite and since then I’m here….. its no secret among the people that I like hunters but I preffer to have good background story with them and Skadi’s story is pretty good and she is a fun character I don’t say easy but fun and thats what I’m looking for in a character (besides the good background story) and I like Snowy White Wolves as well so with her I could only just win!
    I see her as a beautiful huntress of winter and her attitude is just lovely (I mean what we hear at her voicepack) and while she is a special snowflake in smite she also a character who can kick some arse if needed and I just love characters with animal companions and the fact that sometimes (in her trailer and at the victory screen) she even showes off how much she loves her wolfie just makes here character to be more lovely and showes up that (even if others may look at her as an ice queen) she does have a caring personality and I like characters like her

  61. I need the fenrir skin because I do not own fenrir and I would love to not look like a scrub anymore 🙂

  62. I need Iron maw Fenrir because it’s a wolf and still considered a doge. The grey color matches well with the armor making it a must need for Fenrir players

  63. I need Fenrir’s skin because I really love him and I don’t got that much money to buy gems and things like that, just enjoying to play 🙂

  64. I need Erlang Shen because then I can trick my enemies into thinking I’m good, but I am in fact the worst player EU.

  65. I need Erlang Shen SKIN Because it reflect the mighty of journey to the west drama when he challenge the mighty Sun Wukong . Only he have the ability to have that power to matches with Sun WuKong! I would like to use this skin to show that this skin is made for something and not just for show or looks. It reflects how strong it is and not to mess with him! So whenever people see or know about the drama “Journey to the west” – sunwukong they will also know how Erlang Shen look like and so Erlang Shen have his own story too and people will start or know more about him!

  66. I need Skadi skin because… I don’t have any skins for her and I like to be able use her more with a nice skin

  67. I need Skadi skin because I’m collecting all the female characters and I like using skins for a show-off.

  68. I need Skadi skin because i don’t have a good skin for her i wanted to play her but without that i just didin’t feel like playing her, becuse i suck at playing hunters, the other reason is i currently don’t have the money to buy one .

  69. I need Fenrir Skin, because it’s my favorite GOD, and with that skin i’m gonne rip all the other gods aparts whahahahahaha

  70. I’m a daily Smite player on Xbox One and I’d love to have any of these skins. Skadi is one of my top three hunters, Fenrir my second best assassin and I’ve yet to play the new god Erlang Shen, but would still appreciate a shiny new skin to utilize when he’s finally released on Xbox One! Any of the three skins would go to good use and I would be eternally grateful if I were to receive this gift! Thanks! I <3 Smite!

  71. I need Fenrir skin because I’m always pick him each match and i have 3 Penta with him. My main my best champion of the game but i dont have skin for fenrir … now. Thanks

  72. I need Fenrir skin because i want to try out playing as a Big Bad Wolf (Lana Del Rey reference – pls don’t hate me 🙁 )

  73. I need SKADI skin because i have every god in the game but i dont have any skin and i love to play with SKADI she is my goddess and she is very cute and fluffy

  74. I need (insert God’s name you would like to win here) skin because ERLANG SHEN, SKADI, AND FENRIR best of the gods!!!)

  75. I need Iron maw skin for Fenrir because i do not have that many new skins for my Gods, also i like wolves. its really hard to get exclusive on giveaways when you do not see them or know about them until its to late.

  76. I need Erlang Shen skin because… I would love to get into Smite after a long time away, and I would love a little bit of a welcome back, also after buying the all gods pack, and gems to support the game.

  77. I need the Frostbound Skadi skin so I can embody the baddest bitch in the North as I bury all of my foes within the Winter’s Grasp.

  78. I need an erlang shen skin cause i need to look good whilst i feed so i can say to people ‘this isn’t my main’

  79. I need Erlang Shen skin because seems to be an amazing god to play with friends and carry all the game haha 😀

  80. I need Iron Maw skin for Fenrir because I’m a new player here in Philippines and I’m really enjoying the game and I think I’ll be able to enjoy it more with some changes on the gods. 😀

  81. I need Fenrir Skin because It is a skin that isn’t one of the default unlockables that anyone can get from a few hours of gametime, but doesn’t also require years of work or be a billionare.

  82. I need Erlang Shen because I need a God that I can feel useful with plus I have never won anything before.

  83. I want fenrir skins because its a dog and i love dogs… wait erlang shen has a dog? AND SKADI? … well… i want any skins because free skins are wud for life.

  84. I need skadi because her ice blue demeanor reminds me of the feeling when losing a 1 hour plus conquest game knowing I’ll never get that shred of my life back …. then remembering I have no life anyway lol

  85. I need skadi skin because she is hands down one of my favorite gods and I have her rank 10 so I’m just trying to have a collection of skins to choose from so far only have her winter skin, diamond, and ski patrol it would be nice to at this new skin to the list also

  86. I need skin for Skadi, because she is incredible hunter and this is skin really suits her!
    And I am a typical girl, so i want a lot of dresses for my favorite god <3

  87. I need Fenrir’s skin because he is my main since he comes out and I don’t have skin for him. That’s sad because it’s like 3 years …lol

  88. I need Erlang shen skin because i love ariors and especially him, but the default skin isn’t good, and i would like ti be able to change it 🙂

    • I need the fenrir skin because i main Him like how the skin looks and how his kit works please send me the skin

  89. I need Fenrir because I’d like to get better with him and main him, and what better way to start than with a new awesome skin?

  90. I need the Fenrir Iron Maw skin because Fenrir is my favaorite and main god, also i have all other skins so it will be nice to have a full set of skins for my favorite god.

  91. I need the Illustrious skin for Erlang Shen because he is the best of 3. If i get the Fenrir I’ll bring The Ragnarok,. If i get the skadi I’ll bring the Ice Age again. But if i get Erlang Shen i will work with in Circus to make money and Fun 🙂

  92. I need skadis skin because I need a new skin for her so I can keep playing her and get to level 10 mastery and have more fun with new skins.

  93. I need the new skadi skin because recently I haven’t been able to get gems and or double favor with the smite events because they either call for you to have loads of friends or hours of free time to get any gems, and making only 50 gems a week is so frustrating with it being impossible to get anything when so many cool skins come out each patcb, skadi is my favorite hunter and I haven’t gotten a single skin on her, hope I can get a code.

  94. I need any skin, because im trying to collect them all. However my preference would be Skadi as I play her most often.


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