Star Trek Online Suit Giveaway
MMOBomb and Perfect World Entertainment have teamed up to give our users a free in-game item for Star Trek Online. Get one of the four different Star Trek Online costumes that reference various generations in the show’s history. To get your code key you just need to click on the button below.

Star Trek Online is a free to play 3D sci-fi MMORPG based off the popular Star Trek Franchise. Fans of the original series will enjoy strolling through the Enterprise, participating in PvE ground combat, and waging war in PvP tactical ship battles.

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Visit
4. Create a free account. Already have one? Please log in.
5. Once logged in, click the “My Account” link at the top of the Star Trek Online homepage.
6. Once in your “My Account” portal, click the “Redeem Key” link.
7. Enter the key in the field and click ‘Submit’.
8. If you have not done so already, download the game at, install and log in.
9. You can claim your promotional items through the in-game C-Store, under the ‘Appearance’ tab.
10. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter or sign up for our daily newsletter, it´s free!
11. Have Fun

The Key Includes:

This key contains 1 of 4 uniforms:

Star Trek Online First Impressions video:

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  1. Spyro01234 on December 3, 2012

    Thanks MMOBOMB, I am going to give it to my brother. He Realy likes that game, But Colud You do a Battlefield Heroes giveaway?
    Thanks for the code! 😀
    I hope i am not asking for too much…

  2. unheard on November 28, 2012

    code not working here also 🙁 please fix this,

    • Klaive0 on November 28, 2012

      Um I went though all this, and went to redeem My Key and it said it was already redeemed.
      not overly upset about it, but disappointed.

      • mmobomb Author on November 28, 2012

        The key will not work if you already have the suits.

  3. rikkie123 on November 27, 2012

    thanks for an already redeemed key….
    nice way to get people to register for nothing.

    • mmobomb Author on November 27, 2012

      If your code comes up as already redeemed, that usually means that you already have that item.

      • Nerian on November 27, 2012

        Happened to me when I was given the TOS uniform XD
        I already had the TOS Bundle LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  4. derkesthai on November 27, 2012

    It says the key was already redeemed 🙁

  5. Juggggernaut on November 27, 2012

    Thank you MMOBomb for all!!!

  6. Comm.Xander on November 27, 2012

    Thank you 😀

  7. AdmiralSirJohn on November 26, 2012

    Already used. 🙁

  8. SGT.James on November 26, 2012

    The beta key you entered does not exist. Please check the key. If the key you entered matches the one given to you, please contact whats this about

  9. Bluedragon76 on November 26, 2012

    Works great here, thanks 😉

  10. admiral spencer on November 26, 2012

    the damm keys does not work, just like the one from last week too, it keeps saying they have been redeemed, but i have never redeemed for these outfits before, im guessing must be a bug in the system

  11. pooponastick on November 26, 2012

    “This key is already redeemed”………….. lame.

  12. Trebor Notlaw on November 26, 2012


  13. vali on November 26, 2012

    thanks…it works !

  14. sigmaceti on November 26, 2012


  15. arsenalrich on November 26, 2012

    True, I do have a couple of the items already but not all of em. Was just hopeful of one I havent got.

    Erik, you’ll find the item available in-game at any of the tailors or as an advanced feature when you set your character up for the first time. Is a good game as long as you dont mind grafting for items. That said graphics are very good and certain mission areas are superb – Breen and DS9 space in particular.

  16. Erik on November 26, 2012

    Hmm. So I linked my perfectworld and cryptic accounts and signed in, redeemed the key…when to the c-store and went to appearance….not sure where to find my item. That said, I’ve not created a character yet, but should that matter? Please advise?

  17. Retrozombies on November 26, 2012

    thank you

  18. Mark on November 26, 2012

    If your code comes up as already redeemed, that usually means that you already have the item.

  19. Thomas on November 26, 2012

    Yeah it really sucks wen they pass out keys for the same 4 uniform parts and every one of them gives the same one.

  20. arsenalrich on November 26, 2012

    Got my key but told ‘This code has already been redeemed.’

    Anyone able to help?

  21. AhaA5 on November 24, 2012

    can’t patch the damn game. = =
    i got the same problem when it 1st launch f2p. is it ip block? cuz i can play firefall just fine.

  22. mjaybird on November 23, 2012

    I calmed the suits but my account doesn’t show that I have them

  23. slicknick0711 on November 23, 2012

    thanks for the key cool game

  24. Fieel on November 22, 2012

    My key was already redeemed, what a bullshit.
    I even tried to make another account to find out if it was just one, but the other key was already redemeed too.

  25. Keyworks on November 21, 2012

    It said the key was already redeemed when I went there. And it won’t let me make a new key.

  26. Bomber4Life on November 20, 2012

    Keyz for days Thx You!

  27. hawk on November 20, 2012

    Thanks for the key 😀

  28. Vegetto on November 20, 2012

    First!, thank you.