The Aurora World Exclusive Majinn Pack Giveaway and GBE Games have teamed up to give our users 5 Exclusive Majinn Packages ($150 value for each, $750 in total) for The Aurora World! The Majinn Packages are quite valuable, with all Majinns available for sale plus ONE exclusive Majinn that is not open to public (White Tiger, Ilta, Zeik, Rabbit). Plus a Majinn upgrade pack. To get a package you just need to follow the instructions below.


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How to get a Exclusive Majinn Package:

1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and follow us on social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (if you don´t have an account for example on Twitter, it’s ok).

2. Visit the The Aurora World official site create an account and play the game. To win you need to be at least at level 10 since that’s the minimum level to use the package. level 10 is an important requirement for winning, you just need to be level 10 by the end of the giveaway, which is April 15.

3. Send an email to with the subject line “I am a level 10 MMOBomber and I want the Majinn Pack”. In the email please include your The Aurora World username, MMOBomb username and email.

We’ll select the 5 lucky MMOBombers on April 15 , we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please check your accounts.

The Aurora World Gameplay Preview:

Lucky Winners:

– Kiki
– Arez
– SleepyNC
– Chu
– Raiden


  1. Hellooooo MMOBOMB have you forgotten about your contest??? ….Seems like it. Just pick some people or Call the contest cancelled or something this is getting rediculous. I know your short staffed now, but cmon this is absurd, it would take like 2 minutes out of someones day to do this drawing and send 5 Emails. Its gonna be May soon Jeeze.

  2. It took a few days to post the winners after the Warframe giveaway, too. They’re probably waiting for responses from the winners that they emailed. Need to confirm that the winners are actually going to claim their prize, and this one might also take extra steps to confirm that they met the requirements in game.

  3. I agree something just don’t seem right about this. I bet the ppl who actually play the game won’t be the one’s who win!

  4. I wonder if they postponed the drawing. Hmmm I was hoping to find out at least who the winners are. Good luck to everyone, I hope I get a winning notification XD

  5. what do you waiting for ?!! , announce the winners , theya re many that download the game and make lvl 10 chars just to have a chance for win the pack and wont play then exchange for other game etc WHYYYYY you soo SHIT

  6. Hope to see an Email in my inbox naming me a winner sometime today I wonder when the drawing is taking place today. Anyways, Ill keep my eye on my Email. Hope to win XD. And yeah thats cheap trying to download it the day before just so you can get a free gift. Leave it to the people who actually play, dont be stingy like that if you dont even play the game thats so cheap.

    • -.- ” downloading it now, hopefully i get lvl 10 before tomorrow ” i wish you to cant download in time cuz your not real player of TAW and will waist the chance for someone that realy play this game for wining

  7. I would love this Majinn Pack because I loved playing this game in closed beta. i have a level 37 on there and wanted to go further but the grinding was painful. With this Majinn pack it would be alot easier to get up in those 40+ zones and very helpful in the long run. This game defiantly has replay value worth.

  8. This game is awesome level system is good and the minigames are fun

    Im lv 27 and have 4 Maijinns (pets)

    Majinn Functions
    Mount – When a majinn reaches level 20, it can operate as a mount to help its master travel faster.
    Battle Companion – As a majinn levels and gains
    experiences through battle, it’ll be able to learn attack skills to
    better assist its master. With its “soul capture” ability, a majinn can
    absorb an enemy’s soul to increase its special skills.


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