has teamed up with United Front Games to giveaway Early Access beta keys for their upcoming sandbox action game, Triad Wars. To get your code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out!

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Triad Wars is an online open-world combat adventure game where you experience high-octane violence and non-stop martial arts action as the #1 badass in a hard-hitting Hong Kong Cinema-styled world of crime.

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How to get and use your Key:

Please read and follow the instructions bellow:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Click on the big yelow button at the top, and copy your key*. The key will be temporarily saved for you, so you can go back to this page later and get your key back.
3. Register for the Triad Wars Beta HERE, You don’t need to confirm your email or take the beta survey, please proceed to Step 4 after creating an account.
4. Click the link HERE to install Triad Wars.
5. Login using your Triad Wars account (if you’re already registered for the Closed Beta, this will be the same username and password created at Registration)
6. Enter the Beta Key when prompted (UPDATE: Be sure to remove any spaces from the front of the key when cutting/pasting as that will trigger an INVALID KEY error message)
7. Let the launcher finish downloading the files and applying the patches
8. Start the game, Triad Wars is currently under a NDA so please don’t post screenshots, video, or livestream the game at this time.
9. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
10. Enjoy the game! Have Fun!

*PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT Steam Keys

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Triad Wars is currently under a NDA so please don’t post screenshots, video, or livestream the game at this time.

Need Help?

Having problems with your key? Please visit our help center HERE.


  1. got them in mail i dont need them so enjoy

  2. i give my key, if that does still work, because it’s 64-bit only, i can’t install

  3. add me vampai52299 these r 5 give away beta keys, feel free to use

  4. Here guys, have more keys:






  5. sooooooooo….. played this so called “mmo” debacle known as triad wars lol hahhahahahaa no… it’s sleeping dogs, fb edition.

  6. Ey when in the installer it says wrong password or username iv checked it 10 times now everything is as it should the mail the pass everything matches but still no luck

  7. This is what happened
    i donwload Triadwars setup

    and click on Install and he say to me Setup Failed

    one or more issues caused the setup to fail. please fix the issues and then retry setup.

    0x80070661- the installation package is not supported by this processor type. contact
    your product vendor.

  8. Really is a lot of dumbasses on the nternet nowadays can watch a screen and click but not read your mammas must be soo proud hehe

  9. OMG! This is an absolute fail…. When i downloaded it i expected an APB like game, but its much worse…. Sleeping Dogs run 40 fps on max on my PC, this runs 19-25 fps and random lags in it i know its beta, but good lord its just boring….

  10. Seems to me basically a Sleeping dogs skin over the mighty quest for epic loot base building / raiding with a small city map for instance navigation. I don’t expect to see anywhere near the level of multiplayer action you will see in APB. There are some technical aspects of the game that ugged me too. but under NDA I cant really go into them and hopefully they will be smoothed out as beta continues

  11. after you instal the game log in in the launcher and place the beta key that was given to you after you do that the download beging

  12. cannot instal this on win10, some sort of admin rights are required for installation to work and cant give them to the app, so screw this

  13. followed this game for a while its ghonna be really interesting to see what this game will have to offer, see u on the streets.

  14. Won’t connect. Given it all my network security info and no dice. Won’t or can’t connect. Easiest step was uninstalling it. Moving on!

  15. im getting sick to death of companys throwing around MMO, when this game is the furthest thing from an MMO u can get, if anything its a single player game with fighting other peoples AI randomly, this is starting to get far to common in the industry and needs to end, MMObomb shouldnt even add this garbage on there site, ITS NOT AN MMO and before you guys start saying i need to play it first, i just got done playing for 8 hours, and uninstalled the game is so bad i dont understand why anyone cares about it, i rather go play real sleeping dogs, at least the fighting didnt feel like clunky bullshit. MMO my ass…

  16. Where do i download the god damn launcher jesus christ, i went on their website and it’s rlly rlly messed up, i can’t find it there, please any leads!

  17. It’s a dirty you get the key and the site has nowhere to turn, says that you’re still a candidate for the Closed Beta and the launcher’s okay to login. What is the error? The Square-Enix can answer?

  18. it starts very badly … barely play launch the site and the game is in maintenance that seems interminable.aucune information are we in total blur.
    when connect you are told that the password is not the right n. no anxiety c is the mainteance. but all the same to launch in time for maintenance immediately give the level of inteligence from the program. hat. his bad start very poorly

  19. This game is “online” but u cant play with others on the map. the map is v tiny beside Sleeping dogs, still it’s on a place from the same map, same vehicles, guns. U can only attack other players turf and even then u play vs AI.

    Here is my other key i got, i am so dissapointed it would have been great if u could play with others.


  20. Nice launcher guys, except I can’t DO anything, it’s too big for my screen and I run 1366 x 768 resolution, the button i’m supposed to click is down past my toolbar. at the bottom of my screen. help!

      • I am going to agree with the get a new monitor thing. If you are still using a screen at that resolution you probably also have ridiculously outdated hardware as well. I haven’t seen a monitor under 1920×1080 in like 5 years at least except decade old leftovers places can’t get rid of.

        You can get decent 1920×1080 monitors dirt cheap nowadays and should stop expecting games to continue to support archaic hardware by default.

  21. thanks for the key. mmobomb! everything working
    is this game for multiplayer? can i play with my friend on this beta?

  22. Hooray output will !!!, siphoned launcher, then went to your account via the launcher then there was a field where to enter the code!

  23. I do not see where to enter my code, can someone give a link or show where to add the code?

    Я не вижу куда ввести мой код, может кто даст ссылку или покажет где ввести код?

    • скачай лаунчер, начни устанавливать игру
      когда залогинишься в лаунчере, тебя попросят ввести ключ )

  24. Ok guys, here are a few things to hopefully help you guys out.

    1. On Step 3 where it says “proceed to step 2” they meant “proceed to step 4” it’s a grammatical error. You put your beta key in after you install the game, register, and login.

    2. If you are having troubles with your key, try making sure you only copied the key itself. A major error can be that when you copied your key to paste it, you copied an extra space on accident and didn’t notice it.

    3. NEVER give out any of your personal or account information, regardless of who someone claims to be. If you have a legitimate problem and want technical assistance, either email the MMO staff asking them what to do, or email the Square Enix or Triad Wars staff and ask them for support. People in the comments can state they are anyone and be very convincing, so please be careful with what you say to others and what you tell them.

    I hope this helps some of you out.


    • While I do not know for sure, I would say expect to lose your progress. Again, I am not certified or in a position to give you a definitive answer, however, in the FFXIV beta, we only got to play one weekend at a time, and then we lost our stuff and had to start over at the next closed beta.

      Hope this helps!


    • The beta doesn’t end. We’re live now and will not be taking the game down except for patches and updates.
      Thanks for playing.

    • In a manner of speaking, yes.

      It is based off of Sleeping Dogs, which was put out to compete with GTA. However, as pretty much everyone who played it agreed that it was significantly better than GTA, they decided to not only further it, but to put it’s sequel out as a PC exclusive MMO. So think Sleeping Dogs, as an MMO, with way more stuff to do and turf you can take over and lose, as well as being able to start your own gang or join another.

      Hope this helps!


  25. My key worked just fine, just had to remove the space at the beginning.
    Logged into my Square account, Registered for Beta, Downloaded Launcher, Logged into Launcher and entered the key.

    Thanks again.

  26. Hi.

    I’m the Community Manager for UFG and I’d like to get more info about what’s happening with the Beta key you’re having problems with. Could you please email us at Community (at) TriadWars (dot) com and let me know your Square-Enix account, the email you use to log into Triad Wars and the Beta Key.

    We’ve got some extra keys here for anyone who has been affected by this issue.



      • We would like to find out why some people are getting the error message so if you could contact me that would be really helpful. I have a replacement Beta key for you too.

        • While I doubt you are who you say you are, the reason people seem to be having a problem with their keys is having a space somewhere in it from over copying and pasting.

          If you truly are who you say you are, you should post some form of proof so that people may actually contact you.

          I would have expected MMOBOMB staff to make a post about it if this was legit as well, which I have yet to see.

        • Community Managers don’t post on forums etc. other than their own forums. In your case you must remain on the Square Enix forums. Nor does an employee ask for login details. An game company, especially a community manager has some form of receiving details without contacting a player. Don’t believe this guy.

    • OMFG! SO MOUNTED SON! I just tested it for like couple hours this game is gonna be a straight up block buster bros !

    • I am going to assume you tried it on steam, this isn’t for steam.

      I assumed this as well and jumped the gun on grabbing one before i found out it wasn’t for steam. They really should put a note about it not being for steam higher up on the page. Here is my key for anyone that wants it.


      • Hiya. I think you need to download the game and then there’s a prompt on the launcher to put your key in (after the download finishes).

        Hit the link from Step 4 above and you should be in good shape (pasted the link but got flagged for moderation)


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