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Triad Wars is an online open-world combat adventure game where you experience high-octane violence and non-stop martial arts action as the #1 badass in a hard-hitting Hong Kong Cinema-styled world of crime.

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2. Click on the big yelow button at the top, and copy your key. The key will be temporarily saved for you, so you can go back to this page later and get your key back.
3. Login HERE using your Triad Wars account or create one.
4. Start the game and complete the Tutorial (Stops after you receive the “Meat Cleaver” in-game favor).
5. Open the in-game HUB, select and open the Store from the HUB.
6. Click the “Redeem Code” button at the bottom of the main store page.
7. Paste or type the code you received for your vehicle from MMOBomb into the field provided (Cut/paste is the ideal way to do this to prevent any errors).
8. Visit any garage in North Point to select your exclusive vehicle and start driving!
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10. Enjoy the game! Have Fun!

If you have questions or feedback, check out the forums at http://www.triadwars.com. See you in Hong Kong!

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1. Each account can only claim 1 code.
2. Each code can only be used once.

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  1. well for those who think its a single player game, you just haven’t gone far enough in it yet. I have spoken with the developers and they are on the verge of making it massive multiplayer. remember when you all started with the Beta testing it came up with doing a co-op but was locked? well you have to get a higher reputation level to unlock that ability and get more of the map unlocked as well. I may be a level 16+ in there but I enjoy the game. If for any of those who have not been on it since the beta testing, you should have already a beta tester Lamborghini looking car that is silver with Beta tester design on it. if you have it, the developer thanks you for testing the server and completing the experience survey. As said in previous comments, all people have their own opinion. you don’t have to put your two-sense in with negativity about who thinks what. just be yourself (a great video gamer).

    Also, new unlocks have been coming especially with placing ambushes on people and partnering up on raids, just keep playing and earn that reputation.

  2. Everyone has their own opinions but lets get some things in order. Not everyone can just up and buy GTA it cost money, GTA is a great fun game if YOU like that sorta of type that it is. GTA has hackers like EVERY other game. APB is great too but again hackers and if you like the sort of game. Triad Wars is nothing but a reduced version of sleeping dogs imprinted with a Facebook like style where you fight AI controlled versions of other players and do the same quests over and over till you’re out of energy or w.e for the day. Honestly, best thing here is just give everything a try before see what you like and thats that! and Remember “To each their own”

    P.S: I think this game is crap though, seriously.

  3. I have played this game but it got boring after a week, here is why I quit:

    1. Basically its a single player with someone’s character is AI controlled.

    2. Jobs are boring and repetitive.

    3. offers nothing really it just seems like a little mode from the sleeping dogs game.

    Advice: buy GTA 5 on pc and have fun

    I do not recommend APB because it is pay to win and G1 treats customers like crap. ( personal experience)

  4. This game is some high quality garbage if your into playing first person clash of clans by all means go ahead and enjoy.

  5. I was lucky enough to get into the beta so I can tell this: don’t bother playing as it’s repetitive as hell. Besides raiding other players’ turfs and managing your turf, there’s nothing to do. If you’re into highly repetitive gamplay, go ahead and and play, I won’t judge you.

  6. Thank you, for the key hope this game comes out well so I can look cool in a few years with this car no one else has.

  7. Really really a nice car, I’m playing with this car, I think it is cooler than my character’s first jeep, thank you MMOBomb ^_^

  8. If you played sleeping dogs then you already know how it feels.
    Otherwise, if its still under NDA, thats all i’m going to say. You can check out the game play and stuff on you tube otherwise.

  9. the game isnt out yet and people already trashing it i would love to see the game they made 😛 it is a really fun game if u ask me it could use a gfx update but im not sure they r going for that cuz people with lower end pc’s can play this game

  10. This game is terrible and no one should bother playing this trash when GTA:V is out and APB reloaded is out too. APB is not as good as GTA:V but it’s free and better then this crap.

    • Man… I’m sorry but u r an idiot xD
      This category is far away from GTA V, just try it. it isnt the same. Ohh and one more APB is really good but GTA V ? I dont understand why peoples like it so much…

    • I wasn’t going to say anything. But did this fool really say APB is out so play it? ROFL, apb is a terrible hack fest game. And GTA IV has horrible customztion and the storyline and characters is horrible to. Get lost clown

      • What are you talking about? I think you’re mixing up Sleeping Dogs and Triad Wars. Unlike sleeping dogs Triad wars has nooooo story beyond you’re a small time thug building an empire (that’s it that’s all) and you have to pay for each customization and clothing item with real $$$. 40-100$ to buy enough gold to unlock a decent amount of stuff/clothes/customization/cars (that’s about the same price as GTA V except it’s Sleeping Dog DLC that’s being marketed as MMO sequel). GTA V has 80 fucking main story mission (not counting the side quests), superior graphics, air planes and helicopters, first person cameras, real online coop and pvp, a map that’s 5 times the size of the SD HK (the complete, not triad war’s north point). I love SD and am enjoying TW but it’s a cash grab.


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