has teamed up with Hi-Rez Studios to give away closed beta keys for Tribes Ascend. We already offer up to 100 beta keys but fortunately we have more 300 code keys to offer. The number of keys available is very limited so you need to be fast. To get your closed beta key you just need to click on the button bellow. Donโ€™t miss out on this offer.

Previous Tribes titles have been played by well over 1 million gamers. Tribes: Ascend continues this tradition, delivering speed, verticality, vehicles and feature fast-paced, jetpack-enabled multiplayer combat.

How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Go to and download the game client.
4. Follow the prompts and create an account or log in with an existing one.
5. Enter in your beta key.
6. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, sign up for our daily newsletter, itยดs free!
7. Have fun!

Tribes Ascend First Look Preview


  1. i have allready a beta key but the game graphics are al little bit too high
    this is my computer status”
    Acer Aspire 5742
    intel core i5-450m
    15.6 hd led lcd
    intel hd graphics
    4gb ddr3 memory
    640 gb hdd
    this game has normal as the lowest graphics settings wtf why not minimun or anything else? wtf ive you can help me plz plz already ty

  2. twiter-asokolic8 and my user name on is ante200 im true mmobomber i come on mmo bomb evrey day i hope to get my key cya

  3. Guys i got a key for the tribes beta on facebook easy no trolling the

    Just type this in search

    Tribes Beta Key Giveaway

    follow the instructions.

  4. I waited this game a lot of time and when it comes, i learned we need to give money for i. I shocked. When u give me a free key my dreams come true. I registered, Like u at facebook ( Anil Ercan ) and joined to newsletter please give me one key ='(

  5. You guys are getting worked up for nothing. This game isn’t bad but isn’t GOOD either. It’s really impossible to kill anyone, the reticle is too small, it’s hard to aim cause people are jetpacking and skiing pass you at like 190km/h. So yeah :/ Thought it was such a good game until I got a key…

  6. Ok i just have one key now and like 3-5 ppl want one what i say is that if you get a key from me could you use it and send the two extras to me so i can finsh this prob thanks.

  7. Recived my key faster from Hi-Rez than hoping to get one here for those who don’t know yet with each copy you get an extra key at least I did with my copy

  8. it’s good when the publishers of the game send you a key through email. Especially when you never even requested it xD no begging for me haha

  9. Im actually doing a key giveaway on my Youtube channel ! The channel name is “LoadingScream”. Look it up if you still dont have a key ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. i know i an not different all other player but i have nothing to play now i would like play tribes i didnt get in to other beta would like enter this one play send me a key

  11. Idid everything the instructions said, subcribed on youtube facebook, PLEAAASE i need a key!!!
    tribesnext is not working on my pc anymore!!!!!

  12. Plz o pleasseeee i neeed a key or ill die i want to play that game SOOO MUCH i want a key soo much i hopee i geeetttt onneee because i done all things anddd i allready installed the game anddd i watched the video over 1mil timees i hope i get key

  13. If you get an e-mail from me i forgot to mention my mmobomb user name which is maxv008, same as my twitter, i dont want to clog your inbox with another e-mail, i hope you see this, and please let me win. It would be amazing to be able to play ascend.

  14. ok guys you really need to understand this and read the desription u have to mail MMObomb saying the sunject as a true MMobomber now here is the best bit

    read the very botom sentance infact here its here for yous of ur 2 lazy

    “Weโ€™ll randomly select 100 lucky members to join in the Tribes beta. Weโ€™ll be picking and notifying the new recruits during this week via email.”

    that means they will pick 100 random winners it dose not mean u send the email u get the key please think before u say its comin sence

  15. i really want tribes acend i dont have a good job (i get paid minumum wadge) i work at a factory for mantinence i and i really need this if i had it it would be all i have :'(

  16. Hey Mmobomb,
    i just subbed on youtube (mrtoysoldier007) on facebook,
    i also recieve the newsletter! it’s great…
    but i also wanna ask you can i have an key i play tribes my whole live and really wanna test the new ones too so..i Kindly ask you mmobomb can i get a key plz…thx


    • I really hope u get one Ikkuh ur gr8.
      Ikkuh is a kindly ones he gave my ones his account on a online game whit a high lvl and its my best friend in real life hop u get one Ikkuh ( ps. ikkuh plays from his 8years the tribes games )

  17. Gratz to all who acculy recived a key seems that there is no advantage if you did this before 24h of this post I am waiting for days now to recive this key I wish i could buy Tribes Ascend I played Tribes 2 but I do not have a credit card ๐Ÿ™ idk why eavry single things wants credit cards this days

  18. can i have now my key ? pls my english is not so good sorry
    i give my email i think and i wait and wait i only got mails on my email with the name (new comments) pls 1key for me pls ! 1of15 PLS… O_O

  19. Please, please send me a key mmobomb ๐Ÿ™‚ I watched every your video like 20 times ๐Ÿ™‚ I want this game SO BAD so PLEASE send me a key! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Thanks for the awesome giveaway guys. I entered and followed all the instructions, looking forward to playing the game when it releases if you do pick me or not :D!

  21. Already did all of these and post a comment here but post isn’t here … like u removed it or whatever. I just hope you will send 1 betakey to Croatia =) greetings


    May you plz pass the beta key to me sir? *CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP*

  23. followed all instuctions and hope that i ll be one of those lucky beta testers since love beta testing and participating to new mmos ty a lot for the chance you gave us mmobomber regarding if take key or not keep up good work guys!!!

  24. I hope I’ll get a key,though I am a new member on the site but I have subscribed at the youtube channel long ago. Really looking forward to this game ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Well gratz to the people that acculy got the key I have senden my email around 23h after this post was created and I still did not recive anything else but spam of new comments on this post my email is filled with that spam and I have to delete alot and all I didn’t subscribe to is facebook becouse I do not use it and iTunes becouse I do now know how to subscribe there etc.

  26. I like many others do hope to be able to join in on the fun, tho even if I am not picked I will be looking forward to the day it becomes open so we can all play.

    • want my black light account i’ll give it if u give me ur tribes acend beta key i did everything and didn’t get the key i also didn’t get it fron the past weeks i went on beta giveaways :((((

  27. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key. Give me the key.

  28. Hi MMOBomb. I did all the following that you listed. I subscribed on youtube, I am a member, I emailed to you, I followed on Twitter, and I liked on facebook. Please email me a key PLEASE! I can’t sleep because I am too focused about Tribes Ascend. Thanks

  29. Well, I finally sent all my info in. I hope i’m selected, would be so awesome to get into beta testing ASAP! Thanks for giving us the chance!

  30. well ive been a member of mmobomb since it first started im pretty active on teh forums i follow and suscribe to all their pages(youtube, facebook etc.) so i am a true mmobomber

  31. I gotta head to school, but thanks again for the Blacklight key. Hey mmobomb, mind sending me a Tribe’s key?:o One key won’t hurt. well hope so..

  32. MMOBomb !!! Please, let me have a beta key for Tribes Ascend! I’m a true fan of the game and MMOBomb! I was dying to play this game since January! PLEASE, IM BEGGING YOU GUYS!!!

  33. Just signed up, hoping I can get a key. On a side note, this site has some mmos and stuff i never heard about, I’m going to have to stick around since yall seem to get the 1up on other mmo sites.

  34. why i didn’t get a key? i subbed in all,the keys are already over? i really want to play this game,please MMBomb,if have keys left,can give me one?

  35. Ive done all these steps and havent recieed a beta key, are there any more? Being a big fan of the Tribes franchise, I would really like to try it out! *** Forgot to put name….

  36. Ive done all these steps and havent recieed a beta key, are there any more? Being a big fan of the Tribes franchise, I would really like to try it our!

  37. WOOO! GOT A KEY! Thanks a lot mmobomb. Just played a few rounds and this game is awesome (though the spinfuser is hard as hell to use).

  38. Aw, I’m an active mmobomb user too. Got a lot of games from here. The whole key stuff thing hates me, not once I got a key for any game so guess Imma wait for it when it becomes f2p.

  39. Gratz to all people who recived it I will not recive it eaither way it’s always the same I don’t get picked ๐Ÿ™ if it’s becouse I didn’t make acc and click like on facebook specialy for mmobomb I will be very angry on facebook I allready hate it quite very much

  40. Well… Didn’t got It, didn’t got it… Thanks for the other giveaways mmobomb, <3 you!

    Blacklight: Retribution closed beta key made my day very much! Such as Tribes, but I didn't got the key as I said… Well Good game and playing to those who got!

    Cheers! =)

  41. I did what I had to do now I am waiting I will be realy hell of happy if you chose me I folowed on twitter and subbed on youtube I do not have facebook becouse I dislike it

  42. Just as a precaution I would not give out this information to any website.
    Take it or leave it, but sending in my usernames for FB, youtube and twitter? No thx.

    doesnt sound legit

    • Yes, dont give any info to websites, and never give any passwords.

      For this giveaway we just ask for the usernames to confirm if the member is a true MMOBomber. You can find more info on our Privacy Policy page.

      • Hey MMOBomb i sent you an email for this with a lot of detail containing my account names and more then 1 YouTube account that is subscribed and about the review i wrote on iTunes..

        The email is like an essay sorry if i put to much in it

        Btw MMOBomb is the way to go ๐Ÿ˜€

        Thanks for the chance to get better keys for this game you will make some people very happy good luck all.

  43. I am a true MMOBomber –

    I hope you see the email i sent you all the things you say give you more chance i have ๐Ÿ˜€
    Really hoping for a Tribes Ascend Beta key ๐Ÿ˜€

    MMOBomb = Awsomenes!! – MMOBomb is BOSS! ^_^

  44. wow I didn’t see this last night this was on my list of must play games sigh probably lostmy chance to get a key hours ago…… least after the beta most of the serious bugs will be worked out……….back to Global Agenda

  45. MMOBOMB OWNZ,thanks for the key guys, i will keep supporting mmobomb,as i did with freemmogamer,u guys are awsome!

    ps*tnx for the key the game is awsome

  46. I hope I get a Beta key. I have been waiting for this game a while. It looks awsome! If I dont get a beta key, will the game become playable to people even if they didnt get a key. Thanks!

  47. well no more keys today i guess i can wait as long as i get a key im happy but pls pick me im a known forum user im a true mmobomber i believe when i sent the email i didnt mention that i was suscribed to youtube mmobomb page

  48. ssshh! again i was camped in my email w8ing for response, and i got like meh i got one! but then i saw it was the newslater,cause i have subbed in ur old site too the,so i get all the newslatters 2 times,so u understand i know the whole history of site,and definatelly appricate it <3 :p

  49. yarr! mmobom pls check my youtube @TekGR
    i m so active there,and commented in all ur mmo bomb weekly vids,they are awsome!i m not so active here in the site ,but i m definately on facebook and on youtube,IMMA TRUE MMO BOMB GUY,so i hope i get one key for this badass game!

  50. haha! I later today got an email from mmobomb and i thought it was my beta key for Tribes and i was like very hyped till i read that i could join the giveaway xD

  51. aff every1 got a key but not me xD bad luck the first time some1 gived me a key was to play blacklght: retribution and was last week and game its awesome,
    and please i want to try tribes, and can u give us more informations about Ghost Recon Online i never received a key

  52. wow this game is booring as shit
    played 2 hours and its more like p2p , like everything must be buyed
    u got only 2 free classes playing on 2 free maps on & on
    waste of time oO

  53. I’ve been checking out MMOBomb forever now, I’m always on this site and Youtube. I just don’t do the social network stuff >.<

    Good luck to everyone! Cause I sure hope I get a key! ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Awesome giveaway!
    I’ve been disappointed that I wasn’t invited to this closed beta, so this is another chance for me to step into the Tribes universe.

    Long time UT/Quake player. Can’t wait for this!

  55. This game really looks so awesome, very nice graphic and the weapons look really cool.
    I can’t wait more to try it out. ๐Ÿ˜›

  56. I never registered but I have been on this website reading article for a while now but I would love a beta key too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Please I’m a huge tribes fan

  57. at the moment i am trying all beta games in the weekend i played Blacklight: Retribution
    and now i want to try Tribes. i think i will love this game well im sure

  58. got my key ! ty ty ty <3
    anw kinda bad time of launching a game
    BF3 , MW3 , DCUO , BlackLight Retribution were released

    and they all are great games

    • Blacklight.. I might understand… How come the rest?

      It’s okay BF3 and MW3 are FPS games too.. but they have a way too diiferent gameplay overall so I don’t think it would hinder Tribes to catch his target audience.

  59. Sent you and email and followed you EVERYWHERE ;D God, i would love to play this game ! I much preffer it over over the hyped BF3 and MW3…It just seems like so much fun !

    • It seems like a ton of fun. I don’t know if you played tribes on PS2 with the Weight classes( light medium heavy) but that was my favorite game on PS2…until I broke it then I started playing Rachet and clank. 2004 how much i miss you. </3


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