MMOBomb and Mad Otter Games have teamed up to giveaway a gift pack (The Blessed Harvest Pack) for the MMORRPG Villagers and Heroes! To get your code key you just need to click on the button below. Get your key now while supplies last!

Villagers and Heroes is a free-to-play MMO game in which players experience the thrill of battling monsters, the satisfaction of tailoring an exquisite robe, and also the pleasure of building friendships within a friendly community.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Click on the big yelow button at the top, and copy your key. The key will be temporarily saved for you, so you can go back to this page later and get your key back.
3. Go HERE and enter your email address and a password
4. Enter your Key into the Harvest Pack box
5. Press the “Play Now!” button
6. After a few seconds, VHSetup.exe will download automatically (if it does not, then press the green “Download Now!” button).
7. Run VHSetup.exe and follow the instructions. This will install the full game, with the Blessed Harvest Pack automatically unlocked!
8. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
9. That’s it, enjoy!

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This code contains the following items:

The Blessed Harvest Pack: This contains the Fall Harvest outfit plus two Autumn Hats and the Pilgrim’s Hat. It is also filled with savory goodies: 10 Buttermilk Breads, 10 Cornbreads, 5 Cornucopias, 5 Pumpkin Pies, and 5 Turkey dinners.

Villagers and Heroes Trailer:



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  1. hazy10 on January 24, 2015


  2. Distinct on January 19, 2015

    My key here: KFUB-XGW6-5QPB-SIXR

  3. JohnX on January 19, 2015

    Tried doing the steps, but it says key not valid.

  4. MMO on January 13, 2015

    i not need this IASV-POZQ-Q9BS-SNPW

  5. Zmeey on January 9, 2015


  6. Jay on January 7, 2015



  7. Nick on January 6, 2015


  8. Metalharpey on December 29, 2014

    its not workiing :/

  9. Eposin on December 23, 2014

    sorry i was reading the other key instructions

  10. Eposin on December 23, 2014

    I can’t get this code to work on steam. what gives?

  11. Len on December 9, 2014


  12. 123 on December 8, 2014


  13. Pelé on December 7, 2014


  14. Sphaz on December 5, 2014


  15. Smiler on December 4, 2014


  16. fromhelll on November 30, 2014

    I played this a couple months ago, I read the description on Steam, and the game seemed pretty damn interesting, but pretty soon after I started playing I realized it was just awful and uninstalled it immediately.
    The best way to express my opinion of this game is by telling you this short story…

    When I was a kid, me and a friend were trowing rocks at each other, and I saw this round, soft, perfect looking rock, so i picked it up and when I was about to trow it it crumbled between my fingers, it turns out it was a little sun-dried turd, I tried washing my hands, but no matter how much I washed my hands they never felt clean.

    That’s the same feeling I got after I played this game.

    I would love to tell you that that was the only time I accidentally picked up a turd, that would be a lie, but that’s a story for another time.

  17. jihad on November 30, 2014


  18. lucas88 on November 30, 2014

    7S49-IZPO-0TSZ-YBI4 no sirve para steam mentirosos

  19. crow on November 30, 2014


  20. Black-Sparkle on November 29, 2014


  21. pantyhoseking on November 29, 2014


  22. stilqn on November 28, 2014


  23. Fearless78 on November 28, 2014


  24. ViciousInc on November 28, 2014


  25. TheGameGod on November 28, 2014


  26. drew on November 28, 2014


  27. iliarakov on November 28, 2014


  28. andy on November 28, 2014

    Too bad its not for steam 🙁

  29. Karl Savant on November 27, 2014

    Is there a particular reason it keeps telling me the code was used, yet nothing on the account?

  30. hovsep56 on November 27, 2014

    is there by any chance a pack to make this game less boring?

  31. op on November 27, 2014

    Just looked at gameplay video, good look giving away those keys.