War Thunder Closed Beta Giveaway
MMOBomb.com and Gaijin Entertainment are pleased to present our users with a invite to War Thunder closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

War Thunder is a free to play aviation combat MMO by Gaijin Entertainment. Players can pilot a variety of fighter planes from the WW2 era as they engage in unique missions in huge detailed environments.

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War Thunder First Impressions Video:


  1. I wish this will not be pay to win like world of tanks, also ballance is so shit in game, ALL ANTITANKS IN GAME ARE USELESS, no one playing them in tournaments, parties with more antitanks always loose, they cant ballance a shit, shit devs world of planes also (facepalm) , too greedy fags, good to know shitty tanks ar dying!

  2. Free stuff is a joke. Half trained crews, half built planes…against the premium accounts who have everything. It so deliberatly stilted against free users, the free stuff is offered just to provide the premium accounts something to shoot at.
    And…no joystick support.
    This is a flight sim? A flight sim for sissys maybe, who cant handle an even playing field.

  3. so i played it for a while got to say it was nice for a while but the planes all seem very weak your plane could die in 3 shots so it seems if you loser a wing bombers seem very usless half the games you go in

  4. Hi all
    The give away was good for people that dident was in the closed beta when you use the key you get 2 gift planes unlocked, that you can play when you start the game. So is a good deal from mmobomb thanks to them.

  5. This game looks like a copy of World of Warplane but with a UI and gameplay polished. Is matchmaking like world of warplanes or you get in a game a lot faster?

    • Sorry but War Thunder blows World of Warplanes completely out of the water. It is so much better game it’s not even comparable. It really looks like Warplanes team does not know what they are doing.
      I’m a level 14 in War Thunder and it’s a QUALITY game. I love World of Tanks, but World of Warplanes just plainly sucks.

  6. I have already signed up for this game and they gave me a beta key straight away. When I saw the first look I knew I would love it so you are a bit late mmobomb…

  7. You don’t need a key to play. Just register and you’re automatically in the beta.

    @montiblanc < I second what he said.

    Not to forget, there ARE premium airplanes that have better stats than rest of the other airplanes.
    – Ranking up is very tedious unless you pay for double XP.
    – Using the default free airplanes are totally useless against other higher ranking airplanes.
    – You start a PvP match with 3 BASIC airplanes (Unless you buy more slots), after getting shot down, you are then unable to use it for the whole round. After 3 deaths, you sit out and wait for the round to end (10 – 15 minutes avg.) or quit and join another match (to only die again and again).

    If you are expecting flight controls like Ace Combat or even HAWX, you will be greatly disappointed (not that I have a problem with it).

  8. wait for game, get in 1 shot dead respawn 1 shot dead repeat over and over

    boring shyt game to me = uninstall

    liked star conflict soooo much better i think its a thousand times better than this, altho i got bored of that too ~_~

  9. Uhm.. what? do you even need a key to register? this game has been in open beta for months now.

    It is actually a good warplane game, the combat feels very nice… the visuals can be VERY pretty on high. The only issue I have run into is the incomplete models for some planes. Why add so many planes when you haven’t even fine-tuned the rest? A few specific planes are like flying bricks, they can literally take a mountain of damage and have no engine/wing/fuel issues. Other planes can take only a couple of hits before fuel starts leaking out.

    But really, I see improvement.. especially if they add a more persistent world-combat system.


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