Warframe Closed Beta Key Giveaway
MMOBomb.com and Digital Extremes are pleased to present our users with an invite to Warframe closed Beta test. To get your beta code key you just need to click on the button below. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Warframe is a free to play sci-fi co-op TPS being developed by Digital Extremes. As a race on the brink of extinction, players wield powerful suits the Tenno called warframes.

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How to get and use your Key:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Copy and paste your key to a safe place as you may not be able to retrieve it once closing your browser.
3. Go here to Create an Account or to Finalize your Account if you reserved on Warframe.com previously (note: please use the exact same email address and alias you reserved earlier)
4. Check your email! Warframe will send you an email with a link that will authenticate your account and bring you to the BETA KEY ACTIVATION PAGE (note: check your junk folder too)
5. Already fully registered? Log in and visit www.warframe.com/activate to activate your Beta Key.
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7. Have Fun!

Warframe First Impressions Video:


  1. привет.ребят подскажите как скачать ключ для активации установки игры warframe

  2. Krl eu presciso dessa porra de ky pra joga mas a porra da caralhada do site esgoto as key seus filho da puta da pra coloca denovo?????

  3. I have only just signed up after a mate persuaded me to give it a try cos he’s been playing it for weeks now. Are there any beta keys left? Please can I have one Lapk :).


  4. WTF .. i played 5 days then this morning it does a simple update and BAM -.- i can’t play anymore cuz it keeps saying that i insert the wrong password , even if i didnt change anything . After this i Changed my password 6 times and it still says the same thing .

    • On the desktop shortcut, Right click and go to open file location……..The file should read “launcher” run that file as admin ^_^

    • ha ha ha ha…. ho ho ho…. uh huh…. This game does not support team work and in fact it does the opposite with lag problems you get when joining a game that has random people.

      3 friends on skype is okay but 3 or 4 in a public game it gets laggy as hell and lacks any reason to worry about enemies would normally force team work. The game gets really nerffed when it lags so everyone starts using there sword.

      Single player is going to be really hard to the point of damn near impossible; but that’s only because you need to more ammo. When you have 2 people or 3 people you can just bum rush the enemy and not worry about team work at all.

  5. This game is so repetetive. All the time we go in the same ship.Only thing that changes is postion of rooms. New planet again same spaceship. 3 mobs to kill all the time. Really dissapointing. I did think there will be open spaces tons of enemies to kill but this is like minigame you repeat over and over again.

    • So i personally look at it as this is right now less about content and more about fixing the engine.
      That being said you are right this could get dull fast.

  6. Hi, i’m having trouble. So i get all my accounts set up and enter my beta code to activate the game. Then i download the .MSI file (I hate those things but oh well.) and run the installer. now i’m at the launcher and i guess about half way though it keeps resetting the download to 0. i”ve restarted the launcher and i think i will do it again.

  7. I can’t create an account on their website. I don’t know what to do to fix this problem that occur. I’ve used several different browsers but nothing is getting better.

    Help me!

  8. Alias is username right? So I enter my alias but then it said “this alias to reserved with another email address”. But I enter the same e-mail. Anyone can help?

  9. Why can’t I start up the game? It doesnt get past the update screen. It doesnt update at all. Before it use to give me some kind of pop up error but now it just does that. Can someone help me?

  10. I have my key, but everytime i try to log into the page, it says my email address is unkown? it is definately the right email, so i don’t know why this is happening?

  11. can someone tell me why i cant make a private game with a friend ?
    it says we are both offline or sth like that when i look in the contact pannel

    • Your not the only one that is having that issues me and my wife are having the same thing too I sent a ticket on the same say you post this on here and the funny thing is that it’s the same day that me and her got the beta keys and started playing it also

      Digital Extremes who is the Dev of Warframe sent me a reply to my ticket asking if we can try and get this figure out together cause there having a issues trying to recreating it so if you’ll like you can Email me at DiablosF1@hotmail.com and with you and your friend and me and my wife and the Dev working together we might be able to get this fix

  12. Alright, I have done everything the “how to” tells me to do. But Warframe still says I’m pre-registered and I have to wait for an email. Well I still don’t have an email. And it’s still not working.

    Some one please help me out!

    • Same here im having the same problem. I’ve wanted to play this game since i saw the first trailer last year now I’m F***ing eager to play this T_T………….

  13. si alguien sabe como usar el beta code porfavor que me diga que ya tengo hasta el juego descargado pero no puedo jugar alguien que me ayude porfavor

  14. поцанчики можете дать ключик я просто ступил .взял вкладку с ключём закрыл ,а второй получить не могу.((

    • It matters on which server you are in. If you are playing on a South America server then you are not going to have to many people to play with. Try to go in options and choose North America or the next place closest to you so that there is less lag.

  15. I Don’t need this one, I already have it, so… Take it. 😉


    Great Game by the way. 😀

  16. Screw this broken system. The button doesn’t do jack shit but force you to register and nothing happens when you go back again.

    • I take that back. The page is bugged out and only works if you comment… the key appears then… fix it. I didn’t get a key months ago because of this

      • The system is working, but right now lots and lots of users are getting keys at the same time. We still are improving our system to be flawless, so please be patient.

  17. wtf is this. I am clearly logged in but it still says I have to log in to get the key. Says theres 2000 something keys left so wtf is this.

    • Your warframe will reset when the game is going OB so that there is a fair start… I know it sucks but you will know the game better when it’s going OB.

    • The graphics are awesome man my system in a P.o.S compared to some and i can run full setting with little to no issues. Have you installed all the lasted drives and kept your system clean and up to date?

    • First of all I have to thank MMOBOMB for introducing me to this amazing game, I really love it… It is just flat out.. awesome…

      Secondly the graphics do look like Mass Effect, but there’s no other possible comparison…….. Mass Effect 3 clone? Nope not that simple, I speculate with Kimwer… Not even sure that you’ve played the game.

    • Yes it has that 1-4 online coop play…doesn’t make it a clone. It actually has more features missions maps and all around things to do than ME3 online. I personally played ME3 online every weekend challenge and in between, since i got this game i haven’t even touched it. The weapons modding and upgrading is more in-depth and you don’t have to buy these frustrating packs where you have to pray that your getting what you want.

  18. been waiting on verification Email from warframe.com so cant get into beta.
    been checking my inbox and spam to see if its there but not yet

  19. what the heck? i made a account and pre-registered. but im unable to enter my goddamm code. i have to make a new account but it remember my e-mail, but not if i lost my password. that’s just crappy!

  20. Why cant i log in even with my old email says this email is pre regestered you have to wait for a beta key even when i try to get forgoten pasword it says this email isnt registered try re registering same.So i dotn know whats the problem here.

  21. Wow. You can’t just copy and past the code to the Warframe site you have to actually type the code or it doesn’t work.

  22. Please help me I thought that copying key,but when I went in to activate the key is not inserted (not copied) when he moved back to the site again, I think the key will not show and do not know what to do now

  23. Thanks for the key.I entered the key i downloaded the game and made an acc and entered to play i started my first mission and my opinion is the following

    This game is good its different from what i’ve played till now but u CAN NOT do a mission(even the 1st mission i did)alone because ur ammo won’t be enough to kill all these soldiers i personally entered and played the mission then i found some other players who were doing that mission and crashed in the middle of the mission out of noowhere(or spaamming E which is meele attack makes u crash)i relloged but i couldn’t do it cause i kept dying or running out of ammo.1 more thing i dislike is that dying and ressurecting has a limit u can’t ressurect only 4 times and then u gotta buy ressurects(i am not sure if u die once ressurects are out if u fail the mission or just ressurect at start but either way its bad cause u gotta rekill all the mobs till u reach the point where the mission tells u to go)also the weapons really cost a lot of in game money but just a little real money and i am afraid that it might become pay to win.Thats all i had to say hopefully its a beta and those things will probably change but as the current state of the game pretty much thats it i really liked the game but the random crashing made me completely uninstall it cause of that crash i technecly lost my 4 teamates who were helping me in the mission.I will probably reinstall it when it goes OB or live as for the rest of u guys who are playing it if u don’t have crash issues then i suggest u keep playin it and have fun thats all from me 🙂

    • Ive done all the missions in Mercury by myself, and i never run out of ammo. It might seem like it has pay to win properties but once you get rolling its super easy to make credits in this game(i find anyways). What system specs do you have because Im running an AMD e-450 APU radeon hd graphics with 1.65gz and i can run full setting with little to no lag and haven’t crashed yet.

    • Dude i’ve done the first two planets by myself, you dont just use ammo you use melee as well…..and you get ammo from containers. Don’t buy ressurects they replenish after the day….I wasted my platnium on those

  24. When I went to the link to activate my beta key I tried logging in with the account I already made and it keeps telling me that the email is pre-registered and I must wait for a beta key.

  25. this must be a real early. The game looks like it might be pretty cool but after completing some level where all we had to do was run through it no killing anyone or nothing it got all black then I got stuck in some room where I couldnt get out. There were no doors it was just weird. So then I just tried to end game and it wouldnt even let me do that it kept just comin back to the same window I had to Ctrl, Alt, Delete out lol

    • It’s early but not that early… Open up a support ticket at support.warframe.com and we’ll help give you something to shoot and slice.

  26. Who the hell optimized this game.
    You. Are. A. God.
    Anyone who manages to make a game this beautiful run on highest settings on my toaster deserves a medal.

  27. I hope those extra upgrades are available without paying. I just took a look at the possible upgrades, and the list was doubled with awesome stuff when you hovered the paid features.

    I hope this isn’t the makings of a Pay to Win game.

  28. for those who doesn’t have a key. CF00-4363-F337-3C16

    and for the ones that read about the bugs and stuff from other players , dont get fooled . i’ve been playing this since the day it became beta and that was like 2 months ago. the bugs are bugs but they aren’t bad. u can play full game without too much problems. have fun see u in game

  29. i just clicked for a key and it said that the page couldnt load, and when i went back to the page to click for a key it said that i had already clicked for a key?…is there anyway i can be emailed my key?

  30. hmm He tell me my Grafics is to low xD i have a Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT

    and this here is what the game want

    OS: Windows XP SP 3 or higher
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 or AMD Athlon x64 4000+
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3600
    DirectX: 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 1 GB free HD space whats wrong xDDD

    • 1st) Dont start it under Administrator mode!
      2nd) When you go in the launcher, there is a little cogwheel at the right hand corner. Click it and disable DirectX11. Restart Launcher and play 😉

      Happened to me today. Been playing the whole day yesterday, started as Admin now and I got this error. Fixed it the way I posted above( not sure if the DirectX11 disabling is neccessary tho).

  31. It’s kind of misleading, but to register you have to click the link and fill in your email/user name/password AGAIN, even if you’ve already signed up for a beta key a while ago.
    It looks like you’re actually creating a new account when you click the above link, but you are infact just confirming the one you’ve already made.
    Hope that helps some people.

  32. not exactly sure how im supposed to activate the beta key. Everytime i try to login it says my email has to have a beta key email from warframe.

  33. Downloading at the moment. Seemed awesome from the 1st trailer they published. Still it seemed for single-player-ed than an online game and it would be a revelation at how the multiplayer experience will be.

  34. Jezz here come all the newbies , just so yous all know the game is full of bugs etc etc the game is meant to be tested not taken as the full fledged game , at every major game update they reset everyone so you lost all your money/warframe/weapons etc etc however unlike most F2P games they give you a starting amount of platinum witch is their premium currency in game

        • Just face it you were wrong they proved a point and you had to be the last one with a statement so you can show off your genius keyboard skills and your process of thought. Clap way to go. There he is………..! The biggest douche in the Universe!!!!!

          • “The biggest douche in the Universe[insert unnecessary number of exclamation points here]”, huh? Only one who I see acting as a douche is you. So you must’ve meant yourself!

            You see, you don’t understand the definition of a “major update”. Look it up.
            Also, I so wish there would be a rating system, I’d so downvote your comment.


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