MMOBomb has partnered with Digital Extremes to bring our members an exclusive gift key for Warframe, the key will unlock a Dragon Mod Pack along with 75 Platinum (in game currency). To get your code key you just need to click on the button below. Get your key now while supplies last!

[popup url=”https://www.mmobomb.com/keygen/generate.php?str=VEpxMitoVHQxWTBZODlXUFVMakJXZz09&get=1 ” height=”300″ width=”300″ scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]Get your key[/popup]

Warframe is a cooperative free-to-play online action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Join your friends in player-vs-enemy raids across the solar system and master the power of the Warframes.

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How to get and use your Key:

Please read and follow the instructions bellow:

1. Log in to your MMOBomb account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE.
2. Click on the big yelow button at the top, and copy your key. The key will be temporarily saved for you, so you can go back to this page later and get your key back.
3. Sign into your Warframe account or create a new account at warframe.com
4. Visit Warframe.com/buyplatinum
5. Enter your code in the Promo Code field
6. Download/Start up Warframe
7. Make sure you never miss a giveaway, follow our updates via Facebook, Twitter!
8. Enjoy the game! Have Fun!

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This code contains the following items:

● Dragon Mod Pack
● 75 Platinum (in game currency)


1. Each account can only claim 1 code for each Gift Pack.
2. Each code can only be used once.

Gameplay Video:

Need Help?

Having problems with your key? Please visit our help center HERE.


  1. you have time to read and delete comments but don’t have time to fix keys that were given out that were broken? really mmobomb i thought you be better then that.

    a giveaway is just that a giveaway not a im sorry but your gift is not valud. personally i find that inexcusable and bad costumer service. please fix my key that i was given. unless your to lazy to even do that.

    • Thats cute “bad customer service”. I’m sorry is this site something you paid for? Something that provides something more than just information with the occasional giveaway? No? Thought so. Grow up, sometimes things go wrong but they gave EVERYONE the same opportunity. Just because you got an invalid key you think they owe you something? Bad news, the key was used probably not by you though, so get over it? Thats like yelling at a cashier they have to honor an expired coupon when they don’t. This isnt a place of business. Its an informative website that has a forum that is 100% free to use.

      My code worked though, so thats my salt to your already deep wound.

  2. I think keys disappeared so fast because people were claiming more than one key on same account after they got Invalid Key, i managed to get 2 keys and both said alvredy reedemed…

  3. i think someone honestly had bots claiming the keys. because those keys went incredibly fast… and im talking within minutes

  4. Is everyone playing dumb here at mmobomb or wtf, you’re not gona say anything about this?, like we’re working on the issue at the moment, or we care for you fks.. keys stiil aren’t working…

  5. Кто как лох не успел?
    Я как лох не успел. Жизнь-боль, по-другому это, блять, не назовешь :’с

  6. Im so tired of seing Warframes gameplay that is 2 years old. This gameplay was of update 4~5. Now its update The game now looks nothing like shown in this video. Why cant mmobomb guys make an updated video on a game at least once in 2 years? -_-

  7. *sigh* I can only hope one day there will be a giveaway for a game I play that would appear when I’m awake in Europe…

  8. You guys need to handle giveaways better, especially for games as popular as warframe. I’m personally not bothered by this but many are. Due to high traffic your site slowed down immensely and even crashed at one point. By the time it fixed all the keys were gone. This leaves a sour taste in my mouth. If youre going to be doing giveaways for a popular f2p game i suggest you handle your entire process differently and better next time. 75p and random mods arnt anything to get in an uproar over (unless youre some new player thats like 15 yrs old), but the entire process of this giveaway was crap.

    Handle it better MMOBomb.

  9. You guys better post new keys and u better be ready for mass conections on ur domain cus this is WARFRAME! A freaking AAAAAAAA game, more ahead on goodness than any other game on earth!

  10. Key worked for me, got my 75 plat, and my friend’s key worked for him too. However, I don’t see any dragon mod pack in my inbox, and my recent mods aren’t showing anything I’d expect to come out of a mod pack.

  11. it seems someone was faster than us all (5k ppl) and redeemed faster he is now richest guy in wf yay
    them hacks tho, amazing, -claps-

    • MMOBOMB you better watch your back… You’re dealing with deadly ninjas… You don’t wanna see thousands of ’em upset with your site or you will screw Digital Extreme image… You don’t want that… Look after yourself, He’s coming. I can already feel his presence… *Statics and Dark blinking screen*

  12. Oh I got a Promo Key. Oh no! its invalid some one has used my free key that I worked so hard to click the button on and waited 10mins to pop out! its a conspirice agisnt gamers I tell ya! Why have you forsaken me intenet why!

  13. Thats not fair. Site takes too long to load and the keys are used already. Not again mmobomb. I know that ur trying to be nice with the giveaway but if they dont work then get new codes.

    • they aren’t being nice, they are using clickbait to build ad revenue and promote site traffic to look appealing.

      • Exactly.. 1 in about 5 giveaways work and 3 out of 10 are even worth going to and logging in for. But that ad monehhhhh and site stats ftw.

  14. Amazed this garbage heap of a site keeps getting promotional deals. yet again MMO bomb fakes its code counts to get advert traffic

  15. Same thing. I got in when it had 190 left, got an already used key. Clicked the button again after it said 0, got the exact same key.

  16. seriously guys… after all the waiting, because of this slow site… you give me an invalid/already redeemed code? im very upset… u.u

  17. All out of keys, now i know why. So many people kept asking again again and again because it is so slow and i just got the email 40 minutes ago it lagged to tell me out of keys

  18. Since so many people myself included invested alot of time trying to get these codes which didn’t even work are you planning for any compensation to the large amount of people who didn’t received their promise reward?

  19. So im trying to use this and it says I already have a key….athough i never recieved a key….and from the looks of it even if i had I would not have been able to use it. anyone know how to fix this?

  20. Same as all the rest – tried code, was invalid. I retried several times, literally received the same code over and over again.
    Pretty sad, guys.

  21. the website is very very sluggish and i have a 50 mb connection! plus none of the code even work i tested like 3 of them now and they don’t work at all

  22. All these folks say they get a used key…
    Just hit the Give key button again. I got like 5 different keys and at least one of them worked. Can only use 1 per account so I can only verify that I got 1 of those 5 to work.

  23. it’s about warframe giveaway, i got a working key and it gave me platinum but nothing about mod pack, i checked everything to see it didnt get any mod pack. could use some help!

  24. As I was registering, I was looking through the site and though it might be cool. Then I get my key and BAM! Invalid Code. No offense MMOBOMB, but if you can’t get a simple giveaway right then why would I trust you with anything else? Quite frankly, this pissed me off and I do not plan to ever return here.

  25. I see that we all have the same problem when it comes to redeem the code. anyone know what is happening?

  26. I don’t get it.. i click on get your key, but instead of getting a KEY!.. i just get a small window pop up?.. which is also blank and can’t get the key ._….?

  27. three different accounts (1 previously existing 2 new) and several hours of headaches and slow pages only to get the message that my key is invalid because it’s already been redeemed 3 different times. Is there somewhere I can lodge an official complaint?

  28. Wonderful. My code has apparently already been redeemed, and trying to get a new one just gives me the same code, over, and over, and over. Guess I’m not getting free shit.

  29. already redeemed, but hey what else can you expect from a page with such loading times, got nothing to do today so i thought it was worth a shot, but yeah shitty page, shitty promotion

  30. So yeah, it seems there are more than 2500 keys left YET I get a key assigned to me that’s already been redeemed.. Wut?

  31. Your Site is bullshit and not working, your giveaway is bullshit and not working, and your keys are bullshit and not working.
    Pathetic crap wasting my time, i better get those 75 plat i wasted hours on your loading shit

  32. this suck ive been trying to get to the page wich took me more than an hour and after the page did load i got kick in the nuts and got a code that DOEST WORK FIX IT!!!!!!!

  33. this suck ive been trying to get to the page wich took me more than an hour and after the page did load i got kick in the nuts and got a code that DOEST WORK FIX IT!!!!!!

  34. Got my code and says it has already been used. This is upsetting since I got a key that someone else has claimed. Please fix this, since your page says there are 3831 KEYS LEFT!

  35. Got my code, but it was already redeemed by someone else because the site runs like a 56k modem submerged in molasses.
    GG, no RE.

  36. This doesn’t work. I’ve made a second account (just in case) and I get the same message:
    “Invalid code, it has already been redeemed.”

  37. Hey guys! So I activated the key, I can see my platinum gone up, but how do I open, or rather where do I access that Dragon Mod Pack? Is that thing supposed to resolve automatically or something?

  38. Sad I didn’t get my key =/
    When I clicked the button it said “You already have a key, Come back when you really dont have one.”
    And I only just tried a few minutes ago.

  39. I used the code and got the platinum, but I have no idea how to activate the dragon mod pack. Do they automatically open, or do I have to use them?


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