MMOBomb and Digital Extremes have teamed up again to give our users 10 Bundles of 1000 Platinum ($49.99 value for approximately $500 in to celebrate Warframe Update 9! Platinum is Warframe’s premium currency used in the in-game market. To get a Platinum bundle, you just need to follow the instructions below:


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How to get free Platinum:

1. It´s easy, you just need to Register on MMOBomb and follow us on social networks like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter (if you don´t have an account for example on Twitter, it’s ok).

2. Visit the Warframe official site and create an account. Signing up for Warframe is an important requirement for winning, and please make sure that your account has been activated.

3. Complete the following sentence: “I love Warframe Update 9 because… ”. Leave your sentence in the comments below, please make sure you use the email address you signed up for Warframe with. This is really important, if you do it with another email we cannot enter your prize.

We’ll select the 10 lucky MMOBombers randomly on July 21, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please check your accounts.

Lucky Winners:

– nathan
– LGKZioHitman
– TinyXD
– Unsane
– qwestt2
– Huntcameron
– Grevesz
– brendan lewis
– Ivailo1st


  1. I love warframe update 9 because captain vor has returned for his vengeance and the game is going to be even more epic and with 1000 platinum i would rule the battlefield and my dojo which is one of many things i love in this game. 🙂

  2. I love Warframe Update 9 because of new Ancient Infested look,now Ancients looks like real creepy monster and not like fluffy pillow 😀

  3. I love Warframe Update 9 BECAUSE THEY FINALLY GAVE ME DECORATIONS WOOO!!!! And I like the UI updates and the new Orokin glowing light pillars, they’re sexy

  4. I love Warframe Update 9 because it add so much more stuff into the game, the new bosses, helmets and even the drop rate is much better! The raptor looks amazing , the 5 news weapons(Bronco, Fang, Paris, Braton and Orthos) as well as the expansion of Orokin Void Map! The Jet Wings, and the Koi Tail look amazing too, and so does the Mechhead mask! The shotgun Sobek and the throwing stars Hikou are sick! So is the clan pistol Spectra. And one of the best things, the AURA mod system!
    That’s just a few of all the things that were added, changed, fixed or improved! Thank you for doing this giveaway, and thanks to Digital Extremes for bringing us this amazing game!(and the giveaway by teaming with MMOBomb).

  5. I love Warframe Update 9 because in this Update there are more weapons for me to play with, a new warframe that I can buy and toy with, new gamemode, new mods and many more awesome stuff to interact with.. This update is truly an awesome update.

  6. I love Warframe Update 9 because…Warframe will be more enjoyable and worth the wait and there will be more bad-ass and I get to see how awesome Digital Extremes Ltd. gets to be with every new update! 😀

  7. I love Warframe Update 9 because… There not only just a lot of new (epic) weapons, but for now on game provides to player more hardcore style, now you feel that there is no genoсide of Cropus, infested, or grineer. Nightmare difficulty provides totally hard mode AND challenge to player, so its now totally fun to play. For now on its better to say that i’ve just love Warframe as one of best game in my life.

  8. I love Warframe update 9 because it expands on the content which we already have and the new warframe. Having the open up new areas is really essential to keep it from getting stale.

  9. I love Warframe Update 9 because:

    1: They added a new waited Warframe, and finally Europa won’t be “The planet without a boss”.
    2: They added that “Nightmare” mode, and finally some player have a hard challenge.
    3: Captain Vor finally have challenge killing him, before it was the lamest boss ever.
    4: They made that you can buy some materials on the market AND they raised the pick up count on rare materials (for example, I got 3 Control Modules).
    5: They raised the lvl of every stage a lot, another challenge.
    6: They made the Artifacts be “Auras” and now you can upgrade them!
    7: The new “mapping” on the stages and that scene when you vote, it’s the coolest thing i’ve ever seen!
    8: The new custom helmets.
    9: The new weapons and mods.
    10: The new Void Boss and modes.

  10. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the idea of the game, I like the story and the game also, I have saw only videos of this and I’m ready to play this game for sure!

  11. I love Warframe Update 9 because it’s really awesome and badass, and i have more weapons to kick new bosses asses.

  12. I love update 9 b’coz of the new helmets , the new warframe ‘NOVA’ , the new boss ‘Raptor” , the new design for the planets , the clan decorations , the weapons , the drop rate and what not….. Everything has become so much awesome !!! 🙂

  13. I love Warframe Update 9 because finally my clan which has less than 30 members can build something without grinding for days for the resources.

  14. I love Warframe update 9 because now it gives us a lot of weapons and new equipment and new gear and introduce us to the new warframe Nova which is really cool and helpfull and they upgraded the interface and solar system setting and added new improved mods as well and THE GAME BECAME BADASS

  15. I love Warframe Update 9 because i’m in love with the ninjas <3 it is the closest game i've ever played were i forgot my life completly was just carried away in one of the most epic world yet ( together with azeroth offcourse)

  16. I love Warframe Update 9 because it is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very COOOOOOOL.

  17. I love Warframe update 9 because new tanno warframe (Nova), new solar system look, new in planetar look new misson waiting system. new dojo staff. I realy like this update because is soo cool.

  18. I love Warframe update 9 because it’s keeping my friends and I playing such an incredible BADASS game! New weapons, new maps, and damn the new NOVA warframe! So much content!!!! LOVE IT!

  19. love Warframe Update 9 because it brought old players that stopped playing game back.. The community is still large but for the past few weeks It has seem like alot of players have stopped playing.. Myabe they were just playing games or just to busy.. Since this update went live so many people of have been pulled back into the game.. I love… Faster que times is always good….
    The Nova Warframe is really nice…. I can’t wait till I get all the blueprint compnets and craft this.. may take forever but I will keeep trying.. Wish I had some store currency so i can get her….

  20. I LOVE warframe update 9 because it has brought some kick-ass additions that raises the bar to new heights in the PC gaming community … (been closed since update 1:P)

  21. I love warframe update 9 because its so awesome game with incredibly strong mods, and its so amazing, but i canno’t afford it, because i don’t have money.

  22. I love warframe update 9 because…

    Who wouldnt want to be a space ninja!? Every ninja needs a dojo, now you can!
    Warframe is a AAA title, and to think its free-to-play as well!

    Update 9 brings a whole new spectrum to Warframe, from physic modifying warframes to powerful bosses, Warframes got it all. What are you waiting for!? Stop reading my comment, grab your guns and ill see you in the battle.

  23. I love Warframe update 9 because of the revamped boss Captain Vor and the new alternative helmets! And more Mods!!!

  24. I love Warframe Update 9 because it adds more weapons and mods. Update 9 also adds a new warframe, and made the maps so much more interesting. But the main reason I love Update 9 is because of the nightmare mode. The new nightmare mode tests your abilities, and you get rewarded with new awesome mods if you pass it!

  25. I love Warframe Update 9 because it gives some new amazing updates and makes game more interest, thats why i want to get this free items and then go rock in the game.

  26. I love Warframe Update 9 because it took an epic game and somehow made it even more epic! The new solar chart, helmets, lobby dioramas and Raptor boss are extremely amazing and make Warframe the best Free-to-play MMO ever!

  27. I love Warframe Update 9 because the new solar system UI is much more clear and when you click on a map and you see your wrframe posing there is just EPIC!

  28. I love Warframe Update 9 because… well… it makes it less grindy and more fun, also because it balances the whole dojo thing with small and big clans, and of course the new weapons, warframes and UI are great and always appreciated. Thanks for the game, keep it up.

  29. I love Warframe Update 9 because we got new frame, new weapons, new deco for clans, new gui, new bosses, new frame .. wait .. also enemies seem slightly more challenging, which is always fun. And also a new frame which I can’t wait to unleash upon my puny victims!

  30. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the new UI’s, weapons, helmets, and new void missions which made a Warframe a better game 😀

  31. I love Warframe update 9 because of all the new features and i love the way Ash’s”Blade Storm” animation looks like now :D.

  32. I love Warframe Update 9 because i’ve played warframe when it first came out last year and its been an awesome time to see the game progress this far.

  33. I love Warframe Update 9 because it improves the Dera and adds a Braton prime which the favourite weapons of me and my clanmates 🙂

  34. I love Warframe Update 9 because i can kick the hell out of %&/ with a new warframe, mods and weapons, while i %&/( rule the %&7 %&/ game!! just freakin love it!!

  35. I love Warframe Update 9 because. this update will not only bring joy to a former noob such as i but it will ensure the success of warframe career i mean what more can a ninja ask for weapons,gear,warframes,

  36. I love Warframe Update 9 because. this update will not only bring joy to a former noob such as i but it will ensure the success of warframe career i mean what more can a ninja ask for weapons,gear,warframes, success in private dueal the whole nine yards

  37. I love Warframe Update 9 because now my friends and I can finally build structures in our dojo without sacrificing exorbitant amounts of resources.

  38. I love Warframe Update 9 because new Void Key hell of hard figth my way through and all boss and minions got very strong and nigthmare mode is good but at time it gets very hard for new player like me and i hate new aura systerm they need change that new mods are rarely seen but increase of drop rate of mats will help me build my weapon but i would like more help so i would mean a lot too mean if i win this giveaway

  39. I love Warframe Update 9 because done a lot of work and I really like NOVA and I am sure that far surpass 10 update 9

  40. I live update 9 because… It now gives a little more variety with the aura mods and now the awesome new clan holo signs! Gonna look great with the insignia of The Murderous Raging Pandas!

  41. I love warframe Update 9 because…. There’s actual storyline into the game now, improvements in clans and more activity to play together and work together in dojo. New and fresh added to solar system to make it more smooth and easy to work with.

  42. I love Warframe Update 9 because the game just got more challenging with the increased level of mobs for almost all planets and Nightmare Mode, woah, it is challenging. The new addition of the new prime weapons and especially Nova and not to forget more awesome mods too made this update awesome for me. I also like how they made Vor more awesome and Raptor, the new boss, damn he’s cool. The new UI is also awesome, looks great !

  43. Also they have chnaged the tutorial area and based it on the story. There is a scene before you start your tutorial and then the scene continues to one of a Tenno (Excalibur) that has awoken from a cryopod. Lotus guide you through the tutorial to escape eventually you run into Captain Zor and he destroys you but then other Tennos come to your rescue and saves you from Captain Zor. Thats when the real game begins! 😀

  44. i love warframe update 9 because the new weapons,maps and warframe means the game is alive and kicking and the release of new things its more reliable and frequent then any other online mmo out at the moment.

  45. “I love Warframe Update 9 because я обычный русский парень который хочет выйграть в этом конкурсе и получить ценный приз ” ))))))))))))))))) non-english))

  46. I love Warframe Update 9 because…to be honest I should hate it. New Warframe, more weapons, more mods, and more Grineer procedural modules. So now you have better stages and more stuff to make and test. I don’t think I’ll have enough free time.

  47. I love Warframe Update 9 because the changes they made to Vor. I really like the nightmare levels because they were fun to play with my dad. The new antimatter frame is pretty cool and her abilities are neat. I like that they made it a little more challenging in the game.

  48. I love Warframe Update 9 because my clan has been waiting for new content for a long time and now we get dojo scaling, nightmare missions, two new bosses (Vor is completely new), new mods, new orokin missions and a new frame at the same time! So far, now that scaling was implemented, we built 5 rooms and an entirely new floor plan now that we don’t have to save every little scrap 🙂 We can finally have a good chance at building our dojo how we WANT it and not how it has to be to be able to afford it AND the new throwing weapon is awesome (Hikou)

  49. I love Warframe Update 9 because De made a very huge leap in progress with this update as well as listened to their user base for the needed changes. Regardless of the small issues that are currently in place, the overall changes are wonderful.

    The new nova frame looks wonderful and the clan changes work wonders for the smaller clans as a whole. The UI is classy and the upgraded grineer ships are fantastic. I enjoyed Vor at lvl 103 and 125 lol that was boss. The new mods were a nice touch to combine slots together in a unique way.

  50. I love Warframe Update 9 because nova looks like such a badass! anti-matter manipulation is something fresh and new to the pallet of powers i wonder if i can get my hands on nova if i can get this platinum :3 and i love mmobomb <3

  51. I love Warframe Update 9 because clans of various sizes are now more able to create and advance their dojo, and the new Nova frame is a nice change of pace from the other warframes.

  52. I love Warframe Update 9 because ninjas in space totally needed shurikens! More ninja weapons is never too much for a space ninja =)

  53. I love Warframe Update 9 because… I actually don’t. New design is good, though. I like it. But gameplay got a bit confusing…

  54. I love Warframe Update 9 because I think it will add enough new content to keep the game thriving and I hope that this wonderful game will continue for a very long time because it is honestly just a very high quality game.

  55. I love Warframe update 9 because it brings the game more to life and competes with the PS4 graphics and proves that gaming on PC is much more fun i love the cinematic, the new frame the new Aura system witch makes the frames more specialized ,the new ships and the void modification Warframe can’t be stoped anymore its becoming an icon in the action online games and the best part is the weapon buffs and drop rate increase works like a charm,I Love You WarFrame!

  56. I love Warframe Update 9 because added new prime weapon (melee and fire) , new simple weapon , because added new mods, fixed bugs , of new warframe , because added new gaming mod of void tower example (defence mod), because added new helmet of all warframes in special I like new Excalibur helmet, because added new visual effect of energy to all warframes and add simple effects, I like update 9 because added added new infestation mobs, because added new options of solar systems and because changes artifact systems in aura systems.

  57. I love Warframe Update 9 because… I have personally been apposed to proponent followers of the lotus who declare tenno to be peacekeepers… Therefore i shall inherently declare all who are not tenno to be enemies of the illustrious lotus regime.. and must be swiftly disemboweled so that their gastrointestinal fear, may be removed from sight.

  58. I love Warframe Update 9 because they added tons of new content like nightmare mode so that I can be challenged. The extra stuff u can do to ur dojo


  59. I love Warframe update 9 because of the reworkings of certain core game mechanics including drop rate, as well as the implemented strategy included with new weapons and a new boss.

  60. I love update 9 because it finally gives us smaller clans to have a chance of building stuff that and along with new gear to farm for and a new warframe to keep you entertained for many hours , with that in mind and the ever expanding solar system , new maps and bosses are added to make a hole new fun situation

  61. I love Warframe update 9 because my lvl 2 friend and I went to murder commander vor and he stomped us extra hard cause we didn’t think he’d ever get so buff’d, must be dem space gyms.

  62. I love WarFrame Update 9 because Warframe is pretty much the only game where you’ll find space ninja, insane moddability… and a shit load of awesome weps.

  63. I love Warframe Update 9 because … it improved considerably the overall system interface, so called even more attention on its system of planets and their new mission map mode with a mission previzualizar system with an animation 3d more in line with the mission music, the lighting was improved, the nitides, color, warframe improved in many respects moving us to continue playing it ….. tennos greetings ….. enjoy the update 9

  64. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the new warframe Nova, she’s really cool. The map expansions are going to be helluva a lot of fun to explore along with the change to the Dojos costs. My friends and I can now really work on our dojo, thank you so much! :3

  65. I love Warframe Update 9 because they added a nice, new, shiny frame, as well as shinier weapons, an even shinier UI, and for Christ sake, they made it HARDER, and HARDER is GOOD, because now the game is FUN and CHALLENGING.

  66. I love Warframe update 9 because I am in a few betas and this is by far the least laggy and the most updated and hotfixed consistantly of all of the betas I have ever been in and this latest update is just another nail in the coffin of doom for the other games 🙂

  67. I love Warframe Update 9 because…well the game itself is just sooo awesome 😀 update 9 just redefined its awesomeness …new content omg that makes soo excited ^_^
    new prime weapons…time to get more warframe antimatter (nova) just looks absolutely cool well the game itself is just absolutely cool…map expansion,new UI ,new mods,new helmets,dojo decorations,nightmare mode,etc……….. that’s a lot of new contents…i just love this game and update 9 redefined its fun to the next level…:)

  68. I love Warframe Update 9 because it brought a lot of new freatures and items like a better star map which helps the player to navigate quicker through the star map , a better clan and dojo managment , the aura mod system , some new map expansions for the Grineer Galleon map , and of course the new weapons, helmets, mods, bosses and the new warframe Nova.
    I actually love every Warframe uptade since the time I started playing Warframe (which was around Update 5) because it adds a lot of new stuff that improve the game and make it better and more interesting to play.

  69. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the new star map, damn does it look nice. Also hurrah for design council’s first Warframe, keep it up guys!

  70. I love Warframe Update 9 because it upgrading the already epic space-ninja’s come on its already bossness of ninjas and the coolness of space the upgrade that and well its touched by GOD!

  71. I love Warframe Update 9 because there is some lore and story coming into the world, which is a huge step in the right direction, also, the new Warframe and weapons show that the developers are doing a tremendous job keeping up the quality and uniqueness of the game.

  72. I love Warframe update 9 because it is Pack with awesome newly released characters and id really really the mod system aswell,the developers did a great job and they should Keep it up!!!!

  73. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the new frame and new potentials.
    Let’s face it, games are meant to be fun and Warframe is possibly the biggest fun you can have these days in gaming. And imagine such potentials can get even bigger!

  74. I love Warframe update 9 because there are new weapons, new solar system interface, Artifact become Aura and now can be fused, New awesome Tutorial, Vor is now really challenging, New frame, Nova, her frame seems so smooth . . ., and the new scoped pistol with insanely rare drop !

  75. I love warframe update 9 because it has features that makes the game more amazing! The new mapping system brings you to a page where they show how the bosses looks like and it even features your very own warframe. Plus the dojo now has added decorations to make the dojo stand out from the rest. The series II helmets were the things that I have waiting for the most, the new and incomparable design brings new changes. Not forgetting the new warframe, nova, that the design council has been hard at work to plan out, thus new warframe not only has supportive skills such as Black Hole, it also has an explosive new attack called molecular prime which allows nova to clear the battlefield more quickly and more efficiently.

  76. i love warframe update 9 because: whats not to love about it i have played warframe since beta when there used to be a skill tree instead of the fusion system and at first i didnt like the fusion system but later on once i figured it out i realised how awesome it actually was and how much it actually helped and finally update 9 came and wow what an awesome update it was new helmets for my excalibur my own unique helm SWAG OVERLOAD, map expansions, SWAAAAAAAG that means even more fun than what the game already is and believe me it was already fun a new warframe that means all the people that have all warframes 30 they dont have to worry about being stuck becuz theres a BRAND NEW 1.

    its just insane to not love it.

    let us always play warframe with a smile on our face and love in our hearts.

  77. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the awesome new war frame nova, the new GUI for the solar system, the new aura system, the new prime weapons, the new tutorial design, the new look for captain vor, the new raptor boss, and the better drop rates.

  78. I love warframe update 9 because:
    1. new 2 in 1 mods
    2. new prime weapons ( especially braton prime and paris prime)
    3. rare mats are now easier to obtain ( no more long hour grinding )
    4. clan resource requirements for building are scaled according to clan size ( a good news to small clans out there)
    5. Nightmare mode and ofcourse Nova

  79. I love Warframe update 9 because of the amazing new community Warframe Nova that as a Master i was glad to take part of it’s making and the resources being easier to optain.

  80. I love Warframe Update 9 because of adding more content aswell as giving more reson for people to play and making me telling my friends to try it

  81. I love Warframe update 9 because there are new warframe animation, cool display of the planets, and because update 9 is part of Warframe

  82. I love warframe because its the best games of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And with all the updates, its gets better and better. Cant wait for the next update.

  83. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the Dojo resources scaling with the amount of members aswell with the decorations Aswell with the expansion with the Grineer and void maps.

  84. I love Warframe Update 9 because its very different from other games and there is a lot of things you can do and it makes the game challenging and fun!

  85. I love Warframe update 9 because it introduces us to the lore behind the game, which already appears to be deep and intriguing even with so little revealed.

  86. i love Warframe update 9 because Warframe new update is adding new stuff to a already epic game makes it better more updates means more stuff more places more everything and that a better thing more the better and they take care of all the bugs 😀

  87. I love Warframe Update 9 because unlike most MMO’s, it didn’t get worse after the update. Warframe just keeps getting better and better.

    Keep it up.

  88. I love Warframe Update 9 because I get more badassery every time I play, the new weapons and mods, and finally the new and awesome Warframe Nova!

  89. I love Warframe Update 9 because more mission = harder gameplay, harder gameplay = more fun, more fun = Happy Gamers.. xD

  90. I love Warframe Update 9 because it’s a really great game with good graphics and a great FPS game. i personally like to play this game more than i do with other FPS such as blacklight, just a new change of pace for sci-fi game for me. I build on skills and being better player in these types of games. That’s why i love this game! 😀

  91. I love Warframe Update 9 because… the new tilesets include more parkour elements, new mods, and Hikou-throwing stars!! 😀

  92. I love Warframe update 9 because I get more badassery every time I play and the better weapons+mods and finally the beast warframe Nova!

  93. I love Warframe Update 9 because the updates to UI, tutorial, arsenal, etc made the game that much more enjoyable and pretty to look at.

  94. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the active developers who follow the mantra of players making the best video games. The update has added a lot of content which ensures the game progresses in a better direction, and all this is because of the close knit relationship between the developers and the community.

  95. I love Warframe update 9 because it has repetitive grindy levels and the same re-used handful of boring enemies!


  96. I love Warframe Update 9 because each update develop this great game that started from scratch, and more and more keeps giving us free awesome stuff that you don’t find anywere else.

  97. I love Warframe Update 9 because… It brings a whole new LVL of adventure and difficulty (hard mode) All these new updates bring a ton of goodies (especially dual mods) included in them and this one is one of the best! Love what they did to just about everything in the package! *crossing fingers* hope I win I could really use the plat!

  98. I love Warframe Update 9 because im not gonna lie i always love warframe and is not a update thats gonna make the game better or worst it’s the first game that offer me only fun not alone but with my 3 top best friends .THANKYOU WARFRAME <3

  99. I love warframe update 9 because smaller clan resources are scaled properly now. Small clans don’t have to worry about using 3000 ferrite, 5 forma, or 50,000 credits just for a small hallway. I like that they added more lore to the game which makes the game more interesting to play. Nightmare mode is pretty decent and a lot more rewards to gain from the void. Although these are great a lot could have been more better and given more though such as artifacts converting over to auras which require a pre-determined polorization slot and warframe power points. Beta is beta so things are subject to change in the near future, nonetheless constructive criticism is always welcomed.

  100. I love Warframe Update 9 because the new weapons and warframe and the new boss Raptor is really awesome and the drop rate is much better

  101. I love Warframe Update 9 because by the new weapons void missions improvements and new alternative helmets for each warframe

  102. I love Warframe update 9 because, it shows they actually care what we say and are putting are funds to good use to create a better game and make everyone happy.

  103. I love warfame update 9 because nova has finally been released. Also all the new feature like buying certain resource with plats. I also was extremely happy about the new aura (artifact) being able to lvl up.

  104. I love Warframe Update 9 because the had new techniques and new moves for Captain Vor. A new warframe has been released called Nova 😀 NOW WARFRAME HAS OVER 3 MILLION PLAYERS!

  105. I love update 9 because they are increasing the replayability of the game by adding SO much stuff, i.e. new warframes, weapons and tile-sets.

    Along with those changes also come changes to dojo’s, previously I thought that having 1000+ people in a dojo would be very system intensive, but now, not so much.

    And finally, to test your skills, they’ve added in yet another boss!

    Even you I do not win the giveaway I will still support digital extremes for years to come hoping that this becomes a very solid game…

  106. I love Warframe becuase it is THE FASTEST, BEST LOOKING, MOST FUN 3rd person shooter on the market to date……. and it’s FREEEEE!!!!

    • I love Warframe Update 9 becuase it is THE FASTEST, BEST LOOKING, MOST FUN 3rd person shooter on the market to date……. and it’s FREEEEE!!!!

      *edit auser of the Update 9 part…… oh yeah, and the new interface RULES!

  107. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the great spanking new content that is added. More variety of weapons, new Warframe, sleeker interface, annoying bugs now fixed. If anything, it is the weapons that appeal to me the most. A new bow, throwing weapon, and fist (& boots for KICKING!)…more fun for me.

  108. I love warframe update 9 because the game has always been sovereign. Graphic quality, texture, sound and much more and that surprised me since the time when I participated in the closed beta. There are missions in various maps that really is to respect. Every update I find myself even more. Excellent game!

  109. I love Warframe Update 9 because it added even more variation and made me want to play the game even more than i already am.

  110. I love Warframe Update 9 because the game gain new level of awesomness, It smashes other games with just one hit. I love Warframe Update 9 because I was born to play games, I was born to play for my whole life….

  111. I love Warframe Update 9 because of the improvements in balance and drop rate most of all. The new UI it’s awesome too.

  112. I love Warframe Update 9 for it’s new galaxy map look, new game character and weapons… It gives a better feeling while playing the game

  113. I love Warframe Update 9 because it gives me confidence in saying this game has the potential of being one of the best f2p offerings for years to come. The sheer size of the update, the amount of content in such a small package leaves a palpable sense of what a developer can do when they have complete control over their product. Digital Extremes has been nothing but impressive in their interaction with it’s players. Update 9 exemplifies what a company looks like when it truly and honestly cares about it’s player base’s concerns and ideas. Nova a warframe designed by the players for the players. The dojo scaling for varying sized clans. The expansion of the void. The first steps in feeding us lore. Buffing older weapons and warframes. So many things changed because we as gamers have asked it of them and they responded. I love update 9 because it shows DE cares about what we want.

  114. I love warframe Upd. 9 because of the powerful new mods,nightmare mode adds extra challenge,the new weapons are nice,new ancients in void look so cuddly and the new prime weapons look awesome.

  115. I love Warframe update 9 because this game keep improving things by listening to his community and this game will live forever if they continue this way, keep it up ! 😉

  116. I love Warframe Update 9 because the new weapons are awesome, the new dojo decorations are BA, and new boss fights + map expansions always = more/better gameplay ^.^

  117. I love Warframe update 9 because every time theres a new update, it makes the game better and I am able to play it more and more because it’ll be more fun 😀

  118. I love Warframe Update 9 because it fixed some of the glitches that have been killing my enjoyment since update 8.

  119. I love Warframe Update 9 because …what is there not to love i want to have babies with this game … the game it self is EPIC …the devs are doing epic job … every update u get even more that u would expected

  120. I love Warframe Update 9 because the new Prime weapons, specially the Paris which it’s my favorite weapon in the game and the new Ash’s Bladestorm animation!!!

  121. I love Warframe Update 9 because the new weapons, warframe, bosses, tileset(maps), difficulty, weapon and maybe warframes buffs and a lot of changes to missions including the addition of Nightmare mode.

    Also like that Rifle Amp can add 45% damage and Siphon is pretty damn good.

    So far so good with this update. Still a long road ahead. Hell, in the future I shall love the update that brings Warframe to PS4, more on that in the future,but it’s a brilliant move such as more stable platform for low end PC users, less latency, more people, etc.

    Splendid work indeed. The amount of devotions to fans is amazing and the polish and dedication.

    Nice work on the Foundry and on the Planets display and missions display. The symmetry is just perfect and how they rotate around the sun, brilliant. Great idea putting names next to planets and putting ship model next to missions. Thats a great preview and a great way to choose where to fight and to know whats to come.

    A lot of work put into this update. he layout of the missions and planets looks so professional and slick and the screen during countdown to mission is just superb.

    A lot of great things in this update. Don’t let the naysayers stare ya wrong. I won’t say it’s perfect, but I won’t say it’s horrible either. gotta be real, every update has its downfalls,but it’s the good things that truly shine.

    Greta job. 🙂

  122. I love Warframe Update 9 because finally another female warframe Nova (and of course as all the other females, it is extremely overpowered). The new shotgun is pretty decent but im still loyal to my faithful Hec. The new map looks great, though it did take me a few seconds to realize how to navigate it. The throwing stars are my new favorite weapon because of its insane fire rate and its decent damage.The new Elite enemies add more difficulty and make the game a little more exciting but all they are just the same units with more health/shields. Finally defense void missions, YAY! Also the new prime weapons look amazing, although i havent been able to make one yet, ive seen them in use. Also we finally got some new helmets for the warframes. Hunting for these new mods that we released is also alot of fun. My personal favorite part though was the new nightmare challenges, its really demanding and even my level 30 warframes are having difficulty with it. The new bosses also look cool but i havent had time to fight them yet.

  123. I love Warframe Update 9 because the game is really innovative ! keep the good work ! i am having a blast with my friends <3 😀

  124. I love warframe update 9 because i love warframe and i play it alot so it would be awsome if you helped me out! 🙂

  125. I love Warframe update 9 because it offers a way better gaming experience due to extension of graphic design and the ever expanding storyline with the incredible cinematic scenes added on. Not to mention the increased graphics of the warframe abilities and the movements of the grineer, infected, the anciants and other creatures in the game. I don’t think it could get any better

  126. I love Warframe Update 9 because it makes the game even more awesome and fun and enterasting a big THANK YOU to the guys who made the game.
    P.S:this is the best game i’v ever played!!!

  127. I love warframe update 9 because Iike the great work that Digital Extremes’ guys are doing to refine this great game making it a wonderful free-to-play gaming experience which can be compared to most expensive and last generation level games.

  128. I love Warframe 9 because of all the epic updates, such as new maps, new weapons, and bug fixes. But my favorite thing that happened is the new Tenno, Nova. Many thanks to the developers of Warframe for creating such game, and update.

  129. I love Warframe Update 9 because there are so many secrets in the void awesome new weapons(PRIME) 😀 and i just really like the game in general now i just like it even more!!!!

  130. I love warframe update 9 because of the new weapons, Nova and most of all the System Screen, where we select our missions. By the way, my birthday is on July 22nd, amd winning the platinum on the 21st would be the best present!!!

  131. I love Warframe Update 9 because the new weapons, equipment, and content will bring more joy to my late nights. My birthday is on the 21st! Possibly the best birthday gift ever. 😀

  132. I love Warframe’s update 9 because of the scope of their ambitions with additions like the Nightmare mode for more seasoned players, new mods, the expansion of the void, the aesthetically pleasing animations that flow from the very talented team at DE, the new array of weapons and the additional warframe Nova but most of all because this latest update reiterates the fun factor that is expressed in this awesome sci-fi Space Ninja Hack and Slash we all love.

  133. I love Warframe update 9.0 as there is now so many more players making the game so much more social and fun and with an all new ‘Warframe’ NOVA and new map expansions the game is becoming absolutely fantastic!

  134. i love warframe update 9 because i love this game and every new update is just something for make it better, this time, warframes and weapons, what i were waiting for!

  135. I love Warframe Update 9 because the new layout is FREACKING awsome, drop rate is now much better e i can do a lot of diagrams for FRECKING weapons, and i can beat bosses (the new one too) like a FREANKIGGG BOSS. s2

  136. I love Warframe Update 9 because… Becuase DE did all this just to make a warframe for my clan sentinel Nova. And I was able to get it. THankx DE.

  137. I love Warframe Update 9 because the nightmare mission add SO much to the game. The rewards are great and the conditions add some variety to the missions too. Not to mention the dioramas make me crap my pants!

  138. i love warframe because it’s a game that is unique in many ways. If you play warframe then you know what i mean.


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