Win 1 of 500 Skyforge Gift Pack Keys has granted MMOBomb 500 Skyforge Gift Pack Keys with in-game items to give away to our readers. You can score the Soundweaver Pack, Boiling Blood pack or the Cold Flame pack. Please note this keys are for the NA region only. To enter you just need to complete the easy tasks.

We’ll select the lucky MMOBombers on February 05, 2019, we’ll be picking and notifying the winners via email, so please use a valid e-mail and check your accounts.

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How to win a Key?:

You must complete the actions on the top of the page. Hint: Get more entries by completing all of the actions!

This Sweepstake contains the following:

You can score one of the following packs:

⦁ Soundweaver Pack
– Soundweaver Class Unlock
– 3 days of Premium Subscription

⦁ Cold Flame Pack
– Ignitia, Astral Flame
– 300.000 Credits
– 7 days Premium subscription
– 3000 Knowledge of Enemies

⦁ Boling Blood Pack
– Yarm, Astral Forge
– 4000 Victor’s Medals
– 10 Stimulants

How to use your key:

1) Head to the Website.
2) Log into your account
3) Open the games menu in the top left hand corner and select Skyforge
4) Click on your profile link located in the middle of the screen
5) Select ” Redeem Promo Code”
6) Enter Promo code and select “Activate The Code”


1. Please note the base game Skyforge is required to play this DLC content.
2. The keys are only good for players playing in the NA region.


Skyforge is a free-to-play action MMO in which players receive the gift of immortality and enlist to protect their home planet – Aelion. Surrounded by other planets, Aelion is under constant threat of invasion. These otherworldly conquerors have attempted to seize and enslave Aelion’s population and eons of failed invasion attempts have left traces of strange alien technology and magic, transforming Aelion forever. Led by their great guardian god Aeli, the citizens have learned to use these technologies and magic against their invaders. Before his departure into realms unknown, the great god managed to share part of his life essence. This power would be passed on to Aelion’s most worthy daughters and sons to forever protect his beloved planet. And you have been chosen.

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  1. moochie k on February 14, 2019

    cool. won with 3 entries.

  2. Grinchy on February 7, 2019

    I won but I didn’t get a code

  3. Dante Mouzed on February 6, 2019

    Got a Key MYSFA34635U7WLW7Q9UDWQHJP

  4. Edward on February 1, 2019

    Too bad they ruined the game turning it into a dumbed down console casual

  5. jim on January 30, 2019

    me to I would love to have it

  6. heroesangels on January 30, 2019


  7. J on January 30, 2019

    Here’s hoping, been wanting to try that Soundweaver class!

  8. hojjat on January 30, 2019


    • Lei Hng Wei on January 30, 2019

      “NA region only.”

      • V on February 6, 2019

        I was able to use my code for my EU account and got the items in game as well.

  9. Cesco on January 30, 2019

    No thanks