Hearthstone legendary quests

We’ve seen a few of the new legendary card type, quests, for Hearthstone‘s next expansion, Journey to Un’Goro. Today’s dev blog goes into a lot of detail as to how quests were created, as well as spilling the beans on a few more of the set’s ultra-powerful cards.

Quests started as cards you would hold in your hand until their requirements were met. Unfortunately, that felt a little too “unavoidable” for your opponent. In their current incarnation, they’re played around your character portrait, like secrets, though they can be seen by both players. Even something as simple as their mana cost — zero or one — was a point the dev team had to work through to get the best results.

And those results lead to some pretty insane effects, like 8/8 minions for five mana that also have amazing battlecry abilities like “Set your hero’s Health to 40” or “Fill your hand with random Murlocs.” The blog also reveals the rogue secret, The Caverns Below, which is difficult to complete but makes it so all your future minions are 5/5. That’ll put an end to a game real quick.

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