If climbing up the ranked ladder bores you, and Arena has gotten stale, Hearthstone will soon have a new challenge for you to try. The Heroic Brawl is coming soon, tasking players with building their best decks and taking on all comers in an Arena-styled competition with big risks and big rewards.

To participate in a Heroic Brawl, players will need to build a single Standard deck that cannot be changed during the length of a Brawl. Then, just like in the Arena, they’ll play until they beat 12 opponents or lose three times and collect their rewards, which can be significant: “50 packs, a heap of Gold, piles of Arcane Dust, and three golden Legendaries sit at the end of the 12-win rainbow.”

With greater prizes comes greater entry cost: Access to a Heroic Brawl will cost 1,000 gold or $9.99. You can compete in multiple runs, though the blog article doesn’t state how many. The Heroic Brawl will take place over the typical time frame of a normal Tavern Brawl (typically Wednesday through Sunday) and Blizzard will monitor the feedback to determine how to bring the Heroic Brawl back in the future.

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  1. ….WTF
    Why pay to play this mode. Just play rank its the same thing.
    The rewards is also shit, if u can get 12 win u don’t need those packs.

  2. was excited until i saw the details..yikes wtf. $10 to play??? thats insane

    the pro people that have thousands of coins and every card that exist will do well but everyone else is shafted as usual.

  3. Now this is why I like blizzard entertainment. I know they make mistakes time to time but they aren’t like all the other BS companies who make garbage games. They are one of the few companies who actually put effort into their games which is why I wouldn’t mind playing some of their games. I’m not saying all their games are good in my opinion but the ones I like would probably be the ones I’d play. And for the people who say it’s not possible to play hearthstone without spending irl money then sucks for you because it is to possible if you actually put effort into the game and customize your decks.

    • Your forgot to add s/
      At least I hope you are not serious. The whole game and people behind it is a joke.

      This new mode is pathetic. It is added to milk stupid people from their gold or money.
      In this mode that you pay 10 bucks to play or 1000 gold if you do not win at all you will receive one pack.

      Achieving 12 wins would be extremely hard ( it is not like arena ).

      This update just shows that activision/blizzard has become one of the worst gaming companys.

      • Also I don’t think blizzard is one of the worst gaming companies. I like WoW and maybe overwatch but that’s about it but I don’t really get no problems from their support team or the company. But when or if I come back to WoW if it’s still around I just hope it stays that way. Unless another better MMO just as good as WoW comes around.

    • I don’t understand what you mean by s/ but I am serious. And I honestly think the new game mode isn’t a joke. Some things in life isn’t free some things even ingame like tournaments or areas but not everything you should have to pay a registration fee to join I like this idea because it let’s players know everything in life isn’t free even ingame you still gotta pay.

      • Look, I do not mind to feed some occasional troll but you are really sad.
        You post those silly stupid things how activision/bliizard is a great company everywhere. That copmany is one of the worse ones and their HS games proves it. It is all and only about money.

        I hoped you where just some troll but it seems you are a really sad and lonely and desperate girl/boy.
        I feel very bad for you but I will have to stop feeding you. I even wanted to make you my pet but you are not good enough even for that.

        Take care my sweet child and try to ask for help. You need it 😉

        Thanks for reading bye bye

      • I don’t understand how you think I’m a troll? But I’m serious about what I said in my posts above. Also I never said they were a great company but they are one of the better companies that publish/develop games. I actually like hearthstone and enjoy playing it and I can get by without spending a dime on it and I’m sorry if you don’t know how to play without spending a dime but it is possible. I don’t think they are one of the worst companies and I don’t think they are the best company ever. But all I’m saying is I believe they are one of the better companies that publishes/develops games.

    • This is just a simplified version of automated tournaments from MTGO. You pay a ticket price and the game creates brackets, prizes are awarded at the end depending on how you placed.

      I was expecting Blizz to add this a lot sooner.


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