Check Out The Demo For Upcoming MOBA/RPG Project Apidom, Launching Today

It’s a MOBA/RPG that features 3v3v3 arena battles and character progression in a post-apocalyptic world.

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Itching for a new MOBA to play?, the developers of the social platform (of the same name) for gamers, has announced the release of a public demo for their game Project Apidom. It’s a MOBA/RPG that features 3v3v3 arena battles and character progression.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where three factions — Techs, Brutes, and Remains — compete for power. The Techs possess advanced technology and agility, the Brutes have unlimited resources, and the Remains can perform elemental magic.

To avoid the destruction of civilization caused by the discovery of hibernating Ancients, the Tech and Brute factions created Apidoms, mechanical vessels for consciousness, and moved to the Breach, an empty void beneath reality. Now, the Apidoms return to the surface of Pangea in search of resources and items to eventually fight back against the Ancients.

In terms of gameplay, players choose an avatar from one of the factions and jump straight into the fray. They face minions and compete to capture the Treasure, which grants resources for item crafting, weapons, armor, and experience points. The demo release will include features such as the Brute and Tech factions, functional minions and Osir (subject to improvements), Treasure capture without items or resources, a selection of unlocked items, three weapons, five armor sets, and various abilities for use in matches.

Project Apidom’s demo will be available on Steam starting today.

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