When an MMO has a stress test, you could say that its servers are “under siege” from legions of rabid players hammering away at them. For Conqueror’s Blade‘s upcoming test, the “under siege” concept takes on a double meaning — not only will the servers be under attack, but there will be a literal in-game siege going on as well.

Starting Oct. 26, players who have purchased a Founder’s Pack or been selecting for the beta for Booming Games’ medieval battle simulator will be able to participate in a “Siege Test” of the game, trying their sword hands at the Siege of Augolia. Publisher My.com promises “more diverse scenarios” running from Nov. 2-4, along with additional tests, so players can try out diplomacy, guild functionality, and the game’s economy.

You can still get into the action by purchasing a Founder’s Pack (starting at $14.99) from the Conqueror’s Blade site. And if you want a little more information before you buy, check out my sneak peek at the game from a few months ago.



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