Dark Blood, the new free-to-play action RPG arcade brawler published by Outspark for North America and Europe, had a midnight launch of their open beta today where fans rushed in to secure their character names and were delighted to find brand new arcade controls.

The game went live with an launch trailer showcasing rapid-fire combat, great customizations, and unlocks for playable bosses. Players can look forward to frequent content updates, and in just one week, on Thursday, July 26, Outspark will be releasing a sizable content drop for Dark Blood including a level cap raise, the grand opening of the store with premium items, and popular in-game events including Race To The Top and Fight Nights.

For more details on Dark Blood visit http://www.playdarkblood.com/


  1. this game looks so nice,,,,,, olde shcoool with new shool sidbaste so frecky kewl…so gona try it hopefully bifore guildwars2 comes out

  2. For me this game is awesome,i tried like 6 questes or so and i enjoy it,im looking after the next updates and that stuff.

  3. The graphics looks awesome (i love this style) and so does combat so i got pretty excited about this game but then i found out that classes are gender locked which is a major turn-off for me in mmo games.

  4. Haven’t been able to try the game because like many other people out there I’m getting some stupid X-Trap error. I sent a support ticket thing in but haven’t heard a response yet do to the high amount of tickets they’re receiving. I’ve read about lots of errors and bugs with this game. People are complaining that the level cap is 20 and you can only play the first act. Which can be done in about 12 hours. The only thing that attracts me to the game are the skills. They look pretty kool but with all the complaints about this game even if they are able to help me get the game working I really don’t know if I want try this one anymore.

  5. I don’t think most people will enjoy this. It really is much more fun with a game pad or joystick (think back to the Decent series.. playable on keyboard.. whole new experience with the right hardware). Ultimately, accessibility makes or breaks a game. For arpg fans who aren’t satisfied with this, I’d recommend checking out Grim Dawn (still in development, but looks very promising) and Path of Exile (currently in closed beta, open beta was scheduled to begin in August but I expect it’ll be pushed back a little bit). These two, and Torchlight 2, look to be hands down the most promising arpg since Diablo 2.

  6. game not bad with a controller with keyboard it is clunky but game not that bad combo feel ok
    its kinda street fighter kinda dungen crawler

  7. if you’r playing with keyboard then it’s going to suck but if you’ll use a joystik then it’s eaverything diffrent

  8. Tried it out… but… Those controls DX

    I just can’t stand it… I used to WASD and yeah I could reconfig the whole thing… but it would take around half an hour to reconfigure the skillslots, and everything else I screw up in the process… I’m just lazy to do that…

    It does have some technical issues also.. and there’s no Eu server yet even though it was advertised as NA – EU.

    I was interested in it but I’m kind of disappointed after trying it out. Not to mention I still have no idea what the heck was going on the first few maps. You start out in the middle of a battle where 4 heroes arrive to save the day then after beating everyone up in the castle you get out on the fresh air just to face an army of mobs which you won’t have the chance to fight with due the heroes decide it’s better to launch you into the stratosphere with their mage.

    Then you wake in the middle of a forest seeing a women attacked by stupid boars – you beat em up, speak with the women and you find yourself in the town suddenly in your standard equips and a crazy smith claiming that you are 500 years old…

    Seriously… I used to MMORPGs not having award winning scenarios but WTF was that?


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