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Turbine keeps cranking out Dungeons & Dragons Online updates, with the latest, Trials of the Archons, sending players off to Shavarath, the Plane of Eternal Battle. We’re betting it’s not a diplomacy mission.

In addition to Shavarath and the celestial Archons themselves, there are a number of other additions and tweaks coming in this update, as well. There’s a new Monster Manual volume, so you can keep tabs on everything you’re slaying, and the Flawless Victory Bonus isn’t nullified by an allied character or hireling death. Finally, for you inventory-management lovers (like me), you can now craft directly from your shared bank… or you will, after a scheduled hotfix.

Trials of the Archons is free to VIP players. You can read the full patch notes here.

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  1. ALl one must do is play DDO, they have done a great job and while like all games it has its flaw, out of all MMORPG’s I have played it is by far my favorite.

    • What’s the problem with paying? You get certain amount of content for free, for the rest, you have to pay.

      I never bought a game in my life, just recently I got the Standard Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online, and I will be getting the upcoming DLCs, great game, totally worth it, but I wouldn’t buy VIP/Premium access for a game that’s so-called F2P, because they usually aren’t worth it, meaning that if they went “F2P”, they are desperate to stay alive, which isn’t a good thing.


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