DC Universe Online’s newest episode, World of Flashpoint, is now live across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Inspired by the events of DC’s “Flashpoint” comic book storyline, the new content is free for all players, which is something new Dimensional Ink Games is trying out and may do more of in the future.

In World of Flashpoint, heroes and villains will encounter alternate-universe versions of many of the iconic DC heroes, including Thomas Wayne’s Batman and Emperor Aquaman as players “experience the realities of this alternate timeline and witness some of the most essential moments and challenges while striving to set things right.”

World of Flashpoint includes a new duo, new alert, and two new raids, as well as event-level versions of content for players level 15 and up, so even characters not at the level cap will find something to do. Gear rewards will be based off the Heat Wave and Doomsday bosses. Learn more about the update on the DC Universe Online site.


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