Gun Interactive Discusses Upcoming Changes To The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

Game duration extension, stealth tactic promotion, spawn cooldowns, ability alterations, and more.

Matthew D'Onofrio
By Matthew D'Onofrio, News Editor Posted:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Community Check In November 2023

Gun Interactive’s Cid & Matt provided a "Community Check-In" via Twitch, discussing upcoming changes to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game.

The primary focus is on enhancing gameplay by extending game duration and promoting stealth tactics. Scheduled for November 28, a patch with new content will be released, introducing alterations such as a 60-second cooldown on victim abilities post-spawn and adjustments to Bubba requirements without changing basement or family spawns.

Also, noise will trail victims briefly, and Johnny won't leave footprints while crouching. And there will be an immediate exit upon walking through an exit gate to prevent unsportsmanlike behavior.

Additionally, the cook's ability draining issue will be addressed, curbing detection spamming. A comprehensive perk rework is underway too, evaluating and potentially adjusting all perks.

Nancy and Danny are set to join the game soon as well, bringing new perks. And despite no major skill tree changes currently planned, they intend to enhance diversification within existing paths.

Finally, while cosmetic mixing isn't actively worked on, feedback is considered. Player rank won't return to lobbies to combat dodging, and more skins, including Cook and Hitchhiker, are on the horizon. The new map, "Nancy's House," is also in development.

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