You can earn stuff as you play Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. I know, this comes as a major shock, but maybe you want to know just how quickly you’ll earn those rewards and what they’ll entail. If so, the guys behind the game have posted a video today that lays out the daily progression system for Gwent.

Daily rewards will increase in difficulty — i.e., number of wins required — and decrease in reward amounts in each of four tiers. The reason for this, as explained by Lead Programmer Jason Slama, is so that players with less time will still be able to progress fairly quickly and keep up with players who have tons of time to play.

There are also bonus rewards present in the first three tiers that grant players smaller rewards, consisting or ore, scraps, or a card, when they reach win milestones in those tiers. Finally, there are the GG rewards that hand out a little bonus ore or scraps to your opponent for congratulating him or her for a good game. Who said being a nice guy doesn’t pay?

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  1. This is just pathetic. So they make the game even more about grind and actually say how they do it to help new and players who do not have time to play?!

    no wonder i hear so many times how developers are lowest life form.


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