The Lord of the Rings Online‘s version of Halloween, the Harvestmath Festival is back in today’s patch update. You can sample the conclusion of the Quest of Eerie Acres quest chain by speaking to Bingo Baggins, and an “enterprising hobbit” named Begonia Grubb is starting a new festival tradition, Treats or Trickery. All of the previous years’ festivities are also still on display, with new rewards, so you can check them out while also sampling the new stuff.

The patch notes have lots of other notes, including a surprising amount of notes regarding doormats. They can now be rotated! Unfortunately, one known issue is that you can’t place a new one unless you’re wearing a Festival outfit. Also, 11 1/2 years after first checking in, Gandalf’s and Strider’s rooms in the Prancing Pony now have labelled doors. I used to always get those confused — a case of one who was wandering actually being lost.

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  1. LobsterMobster on October 18, 2018

    I like Halloween in games, it is very fun. How long will the Halloween version exist?