KOG Games, the team behind Elsword, has announced that players can now sign up for the upcoming Closed Beta for HeroWarz, a new free-to-play RPG featuring an anime style look and an in-depth hero cultivation system. HeroWarz will also have its own stand-alone MOBA PvP experience called “Arena TV.”

Dive into an ever expanding, in-depth, story-driven character lineup and prepare for action-packed battles like no other! HeroWarz isn’t just for RPG and action gamers. Enter: Arena TV, the standalone PvP element of HeroWarz. Arena TV will be a stand-alone, MOBA based PvP environment that promotes competitive, fast paced action with a character lineup that goes even beyond that of what’s offered on the RPG character lineup.

While the Closed Beta date could change, the current target for testing to begin is May 18th. You can sign up here but not until 1 PM Pacific time.

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  1. The game looks promising but the keyword here would be “KOG Games”. Its better to avoid playing games from these guys unless you have a deep pockets and are willing to spend money.


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