You’re probably not going to see Sequence Storm news all over the place, but that’s because the rhythm racing game from indie developer Special Magic Games has been quietly chilling on steam for a little while now…as a buy-to-play game. As of this week, that’s changed. The game is now available as a free-to-play offering.

Free-to-Play players will be picking up a ton of free content and difficulty modes, but not the full story mode as you’ll only get Act I and II for free. These additional DLCs are pretty cheap though (on sale even more right now) if you want to support the title and they are not necessary to get a LOT of time out of the game if you don’t want to pony up some money. What players who download the free version get is 28 tracks that can be played in the arcade, 28 story mission, 10 trial sequences, arcade leader boards, a track editor, and the steam workshop. The rest of the game’s story continues in two of the available DLC packs, the Act 3 and Act 4 expansion packs. All the other packs include new tracks and soundtrack items as well as cosmetic things.

Sequence Storm also included a TON of accessibility options for users that need them or just want to make some game changes. These options even include the ability to allow blind users to play through audio cues rather than visual cues.

Since we all know Magicman is pretty big on rhythm games, I’m almost willing to bet you might see him trying this particular item out on the MMOBomb stream at some point. That is, if we can get him to leave Rocket League alone for about five minutes.

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