Update 0.10 is coming to Magic: The Gathering Arena on Dec. 13, and the top story is a rework of the ranking system for matchmaking. Developers Nate Price and Chris Clay talked about the changes in a video uploaded today, which outlines the much-requested changes.

Saying that currently, “rank doesn’t really matter,” Clay outlined the process of ranking up, and it follows the traditional expectations: starting off low, winning matches and then facing a tougher climb as you rise to (hopefully!) mythic rank. There will be two different rankings, one for constructed and one for limited, and at the end of each month-long season, you’ll get rewards based on your rank.

As for matchmaking, your rank isn’t the only thing that matters, and casual modes will use a different kind of matchmaking. We’re sure nobody will ever complain again about getting matched up against a superior opponent, because that never happens in a PvP game, even ones that have been out for years.

Also revealed in this video: the game will now be playable in Russia, while limited formats will see Ixalan cards added to the mix around the holiday season (sealed) and early next year (draft). Finally, when this update hits, you won’t be able to migrate your beta account to the full release, so update your client now if you haven’t done so since the game’s launch.


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