Having previously been the Content Lead for Star Trek Online and the Lead Designer for the XBox One version of Neverwinter, Scott Shicoff is used to the demands of players and dealing with developmental issues. This experience is why Scott stepping in as the new Lead Designer on Neverwinter may be the best thing that’s happened to the free to play MMORPG recently.

The latest module for Cryptic Studios’ D&D inspired title, Elemental Evil, has come with a lot of challeneges. Originally delayed from its initially advertised release date, players expected the delay to result in a higher quality module launch than previous module launches. While players enjoyed aspects of the module, Elemental Evil did come with some downsides, and Scott Shicoff acknowledged these downsides in a post on the game’s website.

“We are aware that mistakes were made with this release, and for that I would like to apologize,” Shicoff wrote. “We understand the frustration and are actively working to make positive adjustments. Things won’t change immediately, but they will improve over time. Thank you for understanding and giving me the time to help identify and address the issues important to the community.”

What can players expect to change? Shicoff gave his own list of hot button issues:

  • Overall difficulty
  • XP rewards in the new zones and campaign zones
  • Invocation
  • Hourly quests
  • Zone re-use
  • Removed dungeons
  • Campaign zone levels
  • Items missing slots/stats
  • And more…
  • Looks like players at least have a lead that is willing to acknowledge some of the long running faults players have brought up on the forums. Now, we’ll just have to wait to see when and how things will change.

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    1. Here’s the problem.. today’s patch ISN’T FIXING ANYTHING CRUCIAL. This game is a pile of shit and is getting worse.

      Seriously.. it’s not like the impossible epic dungeons or all the bugs are a surprise. Pretty much every current complaint (which is being deleted or moved the the “404” thread) was brought up MONTHS ago in the preview server forum.

      This new lead dev needs to get his shit together ASAP and figure out how to fix this game before there are no more players left in it.

    2. Sadly the new module just is a big grind atm.. you need to do 16 (daily like quests) to get access to one story mission and that special quest btw is like playing a bad player made one at that.. sure minsc is really cool but i donnu something is off with this one..

      Also this expansion just feel cheese and you can easily start laughing at the sequences of story since they just lol awfull.

    3. Wow, cool. I was expecting Cryptic to just leave the game as is and keep going in the same direction. Huge props to this guy for acknowledging issues. Faith in the developer restored… somewhat.

      • 10 to 1 they will fix NOTHING and break even more stuff. the game is beyond hope. just kill the servers pull the plug. they are already half broken as they are.

        • Jack doesn’t like to lose, so see things happen. Besides, the parent company is Perfect World. This means the board of directors can send one of their top designers to help fix the game.

          • like i said. they will fix nothing. cause they are capable of fixing nothing. this is the extend of their knowledge. the game sucks and that is the best they can do. kill the servers and use them for something else. and delete the code cause it is amongst the worst ever.

    4. Yah lots of things messed up. Mobs are double hp they use to be. once you hit 60 you have to group for anything new, even with the up to 70 adjustment. Main thing that ticked me off today was now bags are boe, instead of bind to account. No more passing them on to new alts once you use them, they are stuck. Nice way to try to get us to buy more.

    5. +1 to him for admiting most just say ” we know we know ” and dont do sht he actually say it and say that he cant fix it right now but its asap.


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