Thing’s are looking pretty good for Rogue Company, Hi-Rez’s new shooter. In fact, even though the game only recently entered open beta, it’s already beating the player count of every other game on the company’s roster. According to a tweet from Hi-Rez Co-Founder and CEO, Stewart Chisam, the game’s player count has been steadily increasing with approximately 2.5 million new players since open beta kicked off.

Interestingly, this tweet was posted yesterday (October 4), at which point he stated that 25% more people played the game than had the day before. That number knocked the player count up to a point where it’s 50% higher than Smite, Paladins, or Realm Royale on any give day. It’ll be interesting to see if that number continues to increase and by how much it will continue to beat those games.

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  1. Honestly my friend showed me rogue company a few months back and I’ve been playing it since. I predominately like first person gaming and will play SOME third person games if it fits the Bill. RoCo takes the cake for me as introduces so many aspects from gaming that we know and love and it creates I think gaming gold, as I said I like first person gaming, but playing RoCo is a breath of fresh air for me. It definately has a zest to it which draws me in, whether that be the culmination of multiplayer mechanics with a dusting of battle royale or the shoulder swap mechanics I just think it’s a very well rounded game and it could very well compete with AAA companies in the near future. Hi hopes for Hi-rez with this gem.

  2. I couldn’t get into the 3rd person perspective for a competitive shooter… it just feels out of place and not as immersive as even the oldest, worst and clunkiest 1st person shooter. IMO, 3rd person works for games like Defiance, Warframe, Division, etc. where there is also some PvE content alongside and PvP is not the main focus. If the game is 3rd person and doesn’t have any PvE content, I just can’t get into it.

    I tried playing it twice, but each time I uninstalled after about 10 minutes, also the whole Battle Royale mechanics with dropping from the sky and incapacitating opponents before killing them only makes this even worse and more unlikable for me.

    • @Allyynd i dont think you understand how being in 3rd person helps add to the character of the game, being able to “three peek” corners, having that be apart of the game play is huge, because everyone can do it and its a base mechanic, unlike in destiny where people emote or sword hilt in trials to get this advantage, learning how to position your body relative to the cover around you adds to the skill gap, and that takes some time to learn, def more than 10 mins, also the dropping in mechanic, is meant so that you can watch where the other team is headed, and maybe fake out the other team, this again adds to the skill gap, but another massive thing to consider is that is a heavily team based game, and there’s really no way to carry teams consistently, unless you play lancer and all you do is flank and dismantle teams, you cant really carry… but i digress, get some friends to play with it is much more fun to play with friends although, as a high skill player, i do enjoy playing strike out alone and playing lancer or scorch just to try and drop high down games.


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