Netease and have dropped information on yet another race in their upcoming MMO Revelation Online. This week, they’re highlighting the Ursids — a bear-like race from the mountain-forests of eastern Ausgyth.

The Ursids live in harmony with the wooded lands they inhabit, taking only what they need via fishing, hunting and harvesting. They lived in high numbers of huts and caves along the southern precipes of Snowpine County and trade with their neighbors, the southern merchants of Ausgyth for things like honey and smoked fish and over time built a hub of commerce — Bearwold.

Unfortunately, the hub attracted some of the more unsavory types — as trading areas are prone to do. These individuals promised the Ursids things such as unlimited honey in order to lure them to human settlements where they would become slaves — resulting in their population shrinking.

Now, the Ursids have started to speak up and fight back.

More information on the Ursids and other races found in Revelation Online can be found on the game’s site.

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