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Rider of Icarus fans have a lot to look forward to, according to the most recent Dev Blog (due out tomorrow) for the free-to-play game. While there are, of course, a plethora of bug fixes on the horizon, the major things highlighted in the blog are new dungeon content (solo, high-level, and ten-player,) and a new area for players to explore.

The dungeons begin with a new solo dungeon for players of level 35 or above. In the Lair of Ienos, players will fight to remove Ienos from Parna’s Coast before he gathers enough rare familiars to take back to Grand Warlock Goraktus of the Fallen Legion. This dungeon scales, making it ideal for players of varying levels. Players who complete the dungeon successfully will have a chance to tame one of two heroic or elite familiars chosen randomly from a selection of critters.

The next dungeon, Tritael Rift, is for high level Riders. Here, players can take on Supreme Commander Izhora and stop him from gathering enough souls to create an army. This dungeon is strategy heavy, so players will need to watch out for the mechanics.

The final dungeon is a 10-player affair titled Gusting Isles. This dungeon tasks players with stopping the titan Trauna, who has been released from his prison.

In addition to the dungeons comes the introduction of a new area known as Tritael Rift. This area is hotly contested with the Fallen Legion and Tempest Dragons trying to create an explosion that will destroy the world.

More information on all of these things, as well as the upcoming bug fixes is available as part of the Riders of Icarus developer blog.

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  1. i joined riders of icarus even though its just released and i hit the max level cap which is currently 35 in 3 day and half ALL solo and i even completed 80 achievements and ive completely tamed all the common/elite monsters by day 4 + one heroic ( garme ) and let me tell you this : this 4 day that im talking about is actually the hours i played as it is shown in my character profile!
    exactly 4 day 15 hours!
    and i left the game yesterday because I JUST CANT PLAY ANYMORE because it has nothing to do once you hit the cap
    no more quests .. dungeons and all dont mean anything really why would you make a better gear when there isnt really anything to do ?
    idk why but i just cant spend more time in it anymore
    and that makes me sad because i really liked the gms and support , they are polite and respond fast and understand your problems…
    i think the problem is with game … its literally too fast paced that leaves you with nothing to do all of a sudden
    but let me tell you that BEFORE hitting 34 you REALLY ENJOY playing the game and leveling and even soloing everything was very fun and lovely experience.

  2. Why do people think increasing levels is what should come next, you know that the game can work well with no level increases right? increase gear level, skills maybe, more content. But that requires creative, out of the box thinking which not easy to achieve…its just easier and more lazy to just add more levels. Also locking content behind a specific level is a cheap move.
    Lazy greedy developers.

    • True but I always see MMOs hang around levels 30-60 I wanna see something new bring it to level 100 or higher. I actually got ideas of what should come next but it’s 99% chance a majority of the MMO industry will refuse to do it because lack of funds or they aren’t as big as blizzard but I got some fantastic ideas I’d like to see I might even try to build an MMO myself since I know what it takes to be a developer.

  3. The game is not pay to win,its a pretty good game,but the only classes that you will have fun with are mage and priest,others are just a real CLUSTERFUCK.

    • P2W? Really? Have you actually downloaded the game? There is nothing in the store you can buy that gives you any advantage, mostly cosmetic stuff, a 16 slot bag, heal potions, but really nothing that changes the game play other then VIP. Which gives you a pretty standard increase in XP, mount XP, a taming point refill once per day, access to the bank and auction house from anywhere and a travel pass.

  4. I got so bored with this game once second area came out and cap raised to 35.. It was fun at first, but just cant get back into it. Nice try..


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