After about a year of unrest revolving around accusations of sexual harassment at Riot Games — and their efforts to handle it — it seems a few things are coming to a close.

Yesterday, Rioters Against Forced Arbitration announced via twitter that the class-action discrimination suit filed against Riot was being settled. While other arbitration is still pending, the organization is calling this move a “huge victory for women in games”.

As with most settlements, this one still has a process to go through, including being approved by the judge. And, considering all the issues that have plagued Riot regarding these issues, there’s likely a hell of a lot more to be done before things are settled. But, this is a step in the right direction.

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  1. I doubt there was harrassment. My brother works for a game/media company (and has a lot of high profile people pass int eho ffice time to time). They have never had any moral issues in the office.
    Last meeting, the overseeing board did a QandA, and they say “When are you guys getting a more transgender inclusive environment”?
    So you see, the liberal brain washing in video games is real, and goes on hard core behind the curtains. People are getting black listed and certain states push it really hard like California (most hosting states) and any other heavily influences lib tard state. Pretty scary. literal brain washing


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