Conqueror’s Blade is set in a pseudo-historical, medieval world, but it’s about to get even more old-timey with Season V: Legacy of Fire. Booming Games and My.Games just revealed the new season’s theme, which focuses on the empire that ruled the land before the current bands of warlords and their little kingdoms took over.

A new region is being added to the game for the first time: Anadolou, which lies to the south of the southwestern region of Ungverija, where “players will be able to retrace the steps of a reckless campaign that sparked the rise of the Anadolou Empire.” The militia in that region sports weapons that use the incendiary liquid known as “hellfire,” including “flamethrowers and handheld explosive projectiles” wielded by the season’s two new units.

The new season will also come with a new battle pass, offering weapon skins inspired by these new units and their homeland; we’re guessing they’ll have a fire-based aesthetic. More details regarding the next season of Conqueror’s Blade will be revealed over the coming weeks.


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